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Since each person’s wedding is initially planned only once in a lifetime, this event should be perfect. On this day, the bride and groom have a great opportunity to demonstrate their talents in the field of fine art and design. An important attribute that will require creativity to be manifested is wedding invitations. Future spouses on the design of invitations are already beginning to think after the exact determination of the number of guests and the date / place of registration or wedding.

How to make DIY designer invitations?

The most affordable and popular wedding invitations to date are postcards of various designs. Even the availability of email and mobile phones does not prevent them from leading. Ready-made wedding invitations are easy to buy in any clerical department, but they will not surprise anyone for a long time, because the design of such invitations is primitive. You can order wedding invitations at the printing house: they will be executed on beautiful designer paper, but the design still leaves much to be desired. And if you order your own design, then the price is not acceptable for all newlyweds.

Typographic laser cut wedding invitations

There is only one option left - to make your own wedding invitations on designer paper. The option of independent design and creation has many advantages:

  1. Significant financial savings.
  2. There will be no problem at the last moment with the number of wedding invitations if the newlyweds have a desire to expand the circle of guests.
  3. Own work of art will not disappoint either the author or fans, because at any time the design of the creation is subject to improvement and adjustment.

Modern technologies make it possible to gush with various ideas at every stage of the design of wedding invitations. For example, at some point, add a joint photo of the bride and groom to the design or independently draw a beautiful pattern on each wedding card or decorate it with some decorative trifle. The design of a custom-made wedding invitation should be simple and original at the same time. We offer you some new ideas for creating unique DIY wedding invitations..

Bottle with a note

For those who like to travel or are going to make a thematic wedding related to the sea, we offer the original idea of ​​a wedding invitation: a bottle with a scroll. The bottle is decorated with multi-colored paints, wrapped with thread, openwork ribbons, covered with sea sand, small pebbles or come up with another interesting design.

Bottle with a Note: Creative Invitation Idea

The main thing in this undertaking is to correctly arrange the scroll so that it looks like paper that has lain in a bottle for a long time, that is, you need it «grow old». If everything works out, then your wedding invitation for many guests will lie at home in a prominent place as a decor, and other newlyweds will take note of this design. So, to make an old scroll, you need the following elements:

  • A4 white sheet;
  • tea bags 4 pcs.;
  • twine;
  • print with print (sold in the department «Toys»);
  • lighter;
  • black ballpoint pen;
  • sealing wax or candle wax.

If possible, buy designer paper with an interesting uneven texture that resembles fabric. Then your scroll will be even more interesting. To give the leaves a shabby appearance, you need to make tea in a 250 ml mug and wait until the tea leaves cool. Then pour it into a flat container, immerse the paper on both sides and put it to dry. If the edges are torn a little - this will give an interesting design even more credibility..

To make the paper smell, add some vanilla, cinnamon or cloves to your tea to your taste. After drying, slightly burn the edges of the scroll for a larger effect, only gently. With a ballpoint pen write the original text, roll up the sheet and tie it up with twine. Melt the wax and drip into the site of the knot, and then make a stamp. Our scroll is ready!

Scroll - Great Idea for Wedding Design

Chocolate with liner

Surprise your guests with a chocolate wedding invitation that comes in a variety of designs. Important information about the wedding is placed either on the wrapper or on the product itself. The final price of the chocolate invitation will depend on the design chosen. If you want the invitation with a picture to be made on the chocolate itself, then you need to find a good candy store that can fulfill such an unusual wedding order.

Tasty wedding invitation

The second option of wedding design, and cheaper is to order new wrappers for chocolates, on which the date, place and time of the wedding celebration will be written on the inside, and on the outside - photo of the newlyweds. But an even more economical invitation design is to make the inserts yourself and attach them with ribbons to each chocolate product. In this case, you can simply download your favorite layout from the Internet, and change the standard labels to your original text.

Invitation with lace and bow.

It is very simple to make the original design of a vintage wedding invitation yourself: buy a thick sheet of embossed designer paper in any size, fold it in half. Decorate the edge of the sheet with lace (glue it), attach a bow from ordinary white or beige ribbon to the lace. Attach a small piece of beads to add some zest to this vintage design. Inside the sheet write a pre-designed text of the wedding invitation.

Vintage wedding invitation with lace and beads.

For a wedding in a dance style or for guests of music lovers, design another design: an invitation with a heart and notes. This will require thick paper, a piece of fabric, ribbon, artificial flowers, or other accessories. Glue the paper envelope, sew the fabric bag, put the cardboard in the bag, fix it with glue. On paper with the image of notes, draw and cut out a heart. Stick a heart on the fabric, and on top of this design you can stick any decor: bow, artificial flowers, decorative lock, keychain.

Wedding Invitation: Design for Music Lovers

Video invitation

Recently, it has become fashionable for guests to be notified of an upcoming wedding using a video invitation. It is sometimes ordered from professionals, but as a rule, young people make videos on their own. This is a win-win option in order to surprise and delight your guests. The taste and imagination of the bride and groom will determine the choice of a unique style and decoration for your video. Making paper wedding envelopes with your own hands is not difficult if the words «decoupage» or «scrapbooking» do not make you want to look into the dictionary of foreign languages.

But what to do for those who at the labor lessons did not differ in special talents in the field of design, but would like to make their own wedding invitations themselves? In this case, the emphasis is not on physical labor, but on creativity and intellectual abilities. First you need to come up with a text that does not have to be official. Consider different ideas and take a photo collage of the best photos of your couple. In the video, romantic verses and a hooligan atmosphere will look great, the main thing is that the plot bring joy, and the heroes of the occasion play the main roles.

For the simplest video message you need text, a photo collage and beautiful quiet music behind the scenes. Moreover, the text can be voiced, or it can be an inscription under the photos. It is better if your appeal will consist of fragments of a joint video reflecting the story of your acquaintance and love. If there is no such video, ask your friend to shoot you in the lap of nature, in a cafe, cinema, parents' house, so that the plot looks interesting and real.

Wedding trailers are popular, which are borrowed from some film, where the newlyweds play the main roles. A trailer is a good idea to do as an advertising wedding announcement, for example, video style design «Mr. and Mrs. Smith». Or make cuts from various popular films and cartoons with a humorous plot, as in the following wedding invitation form:

As a ticket

Invite guests to your wedding even more originally - hand them a ticket for a plane or sea liner. The ticket template is easily done in Photoshop: the ticket picture is taken on the Internet and with the help of the program everything that is not needed is removed, but everything that is needed is added. The desired color, design is selected, the names of the invitees are inserted and the layout is printed on cardboard prepared in advance. If you don’t know how to work in Photoshop, then download the ticket template on the Internet, print and fill out the invitation manually.

Wedding Invitation: Airline Ticket

For a printed wedding ticket, prepare in advance an envelope made by yourself from colored paper. This will require two types of colored paper, an old envelope as a template, double-sided tape, a pencil, a ruler and scissors. Cut the blank for the outside of the envelope following the pattern of the old envelope. For the inside, take paper of a different color and cut the blank.

The size must match your ticket so that it fits in the envelope. To make it easier to glue the inside, it should be slightly smaller than the outside. Using adhesive tape or paper glue, glue the inner part, and bend the edges inward and glue it carefully. It should turn out a simple envelope for air - invitation, as in the photo:

Envelope for any wedding invitation

Photo examples of the unusual design of wedding invitations

Intrigue your guests and send them an interesting wedding invitation design in the form of a lottery ticket. To see the necessary information, the invitee will have to erase certain cells with a coin. For a common background, choose your joint photos or make an original wedding collage. Only to make such a design with your own hands is unlikely to succeed, therefore it is better to order it at a printing house. Check out our selection of fancy wedding invitations. We hope that some of them will be useful to you:

Wedding invitation