Where to spend a honeymoon?

When choosing a romantic honeymoon, be sure to think about what can bring you unforgettable pleasure and indescribable impressions, then share your own desires with each other and come to a common opinion. It will be just perfect if your plans coincide, and if not, someone will have to give in. Usually the bridegroom is inferior, because during the honeymoon he feels like a knight, who does not care at all what place to go on vacation, if only to be with his beloved woman. But when a resting place is of great importance to your husband, you will give in to him. Maybe this is his most cherished dream, and only in his opinion, this should be the beginning of a married life. Believe me, your approach to it will be appreciated.

So, when you finally made a decision where you still go on a romantic trip, notify your relatives. Perhaps your parents decided to make a surprise for you, and they have long been cherished vouchers for you. Of course, it would be better if such a surprise was planned in advance.

At your discretion, you can choose any type of vacation. It is important to clearly understand what exactly you expect from this trip. If any of you are a fan of active forms of entertainment, then extreme tours are suitable for you. But keep in mind that for a romantic trip this is not the best option, because in this case you will depend on the group you will be a part of throughout the trip. In addition, spending the night in tents is unlikely to be attributed to paradise solitude. This type of relaxation is ideal only when both of you are thrills. Such types can also include rafting, horseback riding, climbing mountains. The type of vacation and country of destination is selected depending on the time of year. It is believed that any of the extreme types of tour helps to experience difficulties together and get to know each other even better..

If you are a lover of a more relaxed atmosphere, give preference to excursion tours full of history, traditions and culture of your chosen place. The most popular countries and cities of Europe in our time. You can choose a comprehensive trip, which will include visits to several countries. It is better to go on such tours in the spring or autumn, so that long trips do not seem to you very tiring from the heat. For a romantic trip, Paris, Prague, Rome, Venice, London, Vienna, Madrid are ideal. If you look at something closer, then it can be Lviv, Odessa, St. Petersburg or Kiev. Walking the streets by the hands, having lunch in the street cafeterias and buying funny souvenirs will undoubtedly seem like a very exciting pastime.

Lovers of a non-binding beach holiday on a romantic trip can go to the islands of Crete or the Maldives. True, mainland resorts are considered more crowded, albeit no less attractive. So do not push Greece, Turkey, Egypt or Crimea into the background - these resort countries will be glad to see you from the beginning of spring and almost until the end of autumn.