How to organize a honeymoon?

Honeymoon can be considered the beginning of a new family life and a new stage in your relationship, and an unforgettable honeymoon will be in the form of a catalyst for all the memorable and emotional moments.

A honeymoon can also be called a period of addiction, a time of maximum sensory manifestations in a relationship. At this time, a man is biologically attracted to his spouse, while a woman is psychological. On this basis, after the wedding, when the keen feelings are especially mutual, each of the newlyweds should try to satisfy each other's needs as much as possible, forgetting about egoism and becoming much more attentive to their life partner. Try to focus your attention on new feelings that you can experience, of course, deciding to go on a honeymoon. But before that, you should carefully think about who to entrust his organization with, as this is a very important point in the pre-wedding rush. No need to delay the honeymoon. Start planning it immediately after applying to the registry office, or you can even earlier. We associate this foresight with a large number of organizational issues that arise, as a rule, during its preparation. Decide on a route in advance, buying tickets, booking a hotel, opening a visa if necessary.

Honeymoon organization can be two kinds: either you buy a ticket yourself and eat wherever you want, or trust the specialists of a travel company, having previously checked its reputation. When choosing the second option for organizing a honeymoon, you automatically remove yourself from fuss with insurance, visas, tickets, booking rooms, etc. By the way, the tour may be individual character, but at the same time it will cost much more. But do not waste time on trifles, because only once in a lifetime there is a honeymoon and you, directly, should think about what both want, and not for the sake of saving money adapt to a certain program created for everyone.

If you will choose an individual tour, then check out its advantages. To begin with, the route will be made to you taking into account all the wishes. Next, you will be given a personal guide, a way of moving will be agreed, that is, whether you will rent a car or it will be provided by the company itself. Often in travel agencies, the specialty of the driver and guide is combined into one.

If you prefer a spa vacation, then you will be left on your own. Want - you will swim and sunbathe, but want to - go on a sightseeing tour.

During the honeymoon, you can be offered a wide selection of wedding attributes, the quantity and qualities of which depend solely on your capabilities. Such attributes include fruit, wine, flowers, a candlelight dinner, a limousine, and video filming. All this, of course, requires additional costs..

Most hotels have rooms specially for honeymooners. These rooms differ from the rest in their design. In addition, they are more comfortable and further from prying eyes. Many wedding hotels provide good discounts on accommodation, give souvenirs. Just for this, do not forget to show your newly married certificate upon check-in..

Your honeymoon experience during your honeymoon will be unforgettable, depending on how many times you want to return here.