How to find a good toastmaster?

As soon as you set a wedding date, you immediately need to start looking for a toastmaster. As a rule, professional leading weddings orders are scheduled at least a month in advance. As for the period of the so-called "wedding boom", which falls on the time from the end of spring until the beginning of autumn, then at this time of the wedding toastmaster it is better to start looking for two months before the wedding.

The sooner you start looking for a host, the more chances you have to get a real professional for your wedding who will hold your celebration with a bang.

There are several search options for the host.

The first option, and perhaps the most proven one, is to search for a toastmaster through your friends. If your friends recently had a wedding, and they were very pleased with the work of the host, then it makes sense to ask them for the phone number of the host they liked.

The second option is to search for the toastmaster by advertisement. Leaflets can be found in the registry office, pay attention to them when you apply. They are also printed in newspapers and magazines (most often in the "Services" section). In this case, you will have to spend some time calling the candidates.

Option three - use the services of wedding salons. This option is quite expensive. However, you will be able to see the master of ceremonies at work, since in salons they most often store records with several weddings.

The fourth option is to ask for help in a restaurant or cafe where you plan to have a wedding. Usually in such establishments there is a "regular" host. And you will most likely be offered it when you come to discuss the conditions for holding a wedding in this institution.

The fifth option - modern - search for information on professional leading weddings on the Internet. Search on a search engine or visit specialized wedding portals.

After you decide on the candidacy for the host of the host, be sure to find out how many hours of work he can offer you for the appropriate fee, and at what time it is better to pay him (before or after the wedding). It is also worth knowing what services are included in the negotiated fee. Perhaps the toastmaster works with the ensemble or together with an assistant. Ask the host to show you the tape of the wedding he worked for. And be sure to ask what additional “props” you will need to prepare for the wedding.

The props that the host will ask you to prepare may be different. But most often, a loaf, an embroidered towel for a loaf, coins, sweets, rice are prepared in advance. You can prepare small souvenirs for wedding competitions. Sometimes they ask to buy dummies (blue and pink), sliders, ribbons. For a toast with a wish for happiness, it is better to buy a pair of wine glasses for breaking in advance.

Here are some helpful tips on the topic.

  • It is best to negotiate with the host to pay at the end of the wedding (so you can protect yourself from fraud),
  • To negotiate with the host is better not by telephone, but in person. It is then that you can appreciate the appearance of the presenter, listen to his speech. Perhaps you will feel personal antipathy for a person. In this case, it would be better to agree with another host.
  • You should always keep a fallback handy. In case of emergency refusal of your candidate’s work (due to illness or due to some other circumstances), you may need the contact information of another presenter.
  • Be sure to call the host before the wedding and specify all the details.
  • Do not throw away the presenter's phone at your wedding. After all, perhaps in the near future your friends will have a problem who to invite to the role of host to their wedding already.