Winter bouquet or choose the most persistent


Traditionally, bouquets are divided into two types: light and weightless (summer) and heavy, solid (winter).

Three leaders

Most «running» option for winter wedding bouquets - chrysanthemum. These fluffy flowers of bright colors not only look elegant, but also have increased immunity to frost.

The bride's bouquet

Wonderful component «heavy», as winter wedding bouquets, roses are also called. Large, juicy buds with dense velvety petals perfectly complement and accentuate the image of a beautiful bride. And, besides, they won't let you down for a walk and a wedding photo shoot on vigorous frost. Despite the widespread belief that the Queen of Flowers is especially capricious, the wedding portal advises to opt for them..

Roses for the bride

If you think that roses will be disharmonious with the gentle and airy image of the bride, feel free to choose any primroses. The delicate purple bells of dream grass, fragile snow-white anemones, and the famous snowdrops and miniature crocuses will look equally elegant in the bouquet of the newlywed. Despite the apparent lightness and subtlety, these flowers have a flint character and the same resistance to frost.

Bridal bouquet - fragility and durability in one bottle

Not a single flower

Fresh flowers are always beautiful, fresh and relevant. But the bride’s winter bouquet can equally well be decorated not only with flowers. If you set out to become the most original bride, and also with the most extravagant bouquet, pay attention to improvised materials. Juicy greens of spruce legs, mother of pearl beads, red clusters of mountain ash, silver satin ribbons, pine cones, generously decorated with multi-colored dusting. With all of this wealth, it's easy to create an impressive composition. True, it is unlikely to be suitable for the traditional throwing of a bouquet to girlfriends. Although, you can play on the fact that a bouquet lounging in flight will bring happiness and long-awaited marriage to not one, but several girls at once.

Winter bride bouquet

This does not suit us.

Orchids, callas, freesia, lilies. These flowers look very elegant, and also aristocratic. But, unfortunately, for the initial version of the bouquet, which will participate in walks, photo shoots and other movements along the snowy streets, they will not work.

Moody orchids in the bride's bouquet

These flowers love heat, and react to hypothermia extremely negatively. And if it's easier, then your amazing bouquet of snow-white lilies will begin to fade sharply and also dramatically «go bald», losing your gorgeous petals. Therefore, by the middle of the walk, the bride runs the risk of staying with a battered broom rather than with a perfect bouquet. But, if you just dreamed of a bride's bouquet of charming exotic flowers - do not be discouraged. The wedding site offers a simple solution: make a second bouquet and enjoy its beauty at a gala banquet in a restaurant or cafe.

Spare Bridal Bouquet

On the bench

Oddly enough this sounds, but the bride without a twinge of conscience can afford two bouquets. One, traditional, winter is voluminous, generously decorated with a variety of beautiful details and elements. And the second one is light and elegant, from which the arm will not fall off by the end of the evening. We hope you have not forgotten that the bride should not let her bouquet out of her hands throughout the wedding. Sign, by the way.

The second bouquet can be composed of capricious «exotic», which we talked about above. Nothing will happen to them, since you will take the second bouquet in sleek handles already in the banquet hall. And you won’t be afraid to accidentally hit someone by throwing a bouquet.