Blue wedding bouquet - how to choose, combination of shades, photo


The value of accessories for a wedding dress is difficult to overestimate. When choosing a flower arrangement for a bride, one must remember that she will attract no less attention than a formal outfit. The main parameters by which the accessory is selected are the colors and the style of the event. Newlyweds are increasingly turning their attention to a blue wedding bouquet. This color is suitable for any outfit and decoration of the hall..

Symbolism and meaning of the bouquet in blue

A beautiful wedding bouquet is a great way to emphasize the beauty of the dress, as well as express your feelings. Each stage of creating a flower ensemble carries its own semantic load. A good florist will pick up flowers not only based on the general palette of wedding tones, but also take into account the particular shape and preferences of the bride. The image of the accessory is largely dependent on the symbolism of the color scheme..

Flower decoration for the bride in blue and white

The blue tone itself is considered a symbol of heavenly purity, freshness, youth and tenderness. A newlywed bouquet in such a color scheme embodies fidelity, support, protection. The blue-blue flower arrangement in the hands of the bride is a symbol of family happiness and protection of husband and wife relations. If a girl chose such a gamut for her bouquet, she is patient and sensual, she will always provide support, but she also needs it. The bride with a blue floral arrangement has a calm character and devotion to loved ones.

Accessories for decorating a bouquet in blue

Wedding accessories to create a bridal bouquet

The wedding bouquet is selected taking into account the outfits of the bride and groom, the decoration of the hall, style, the idea of ​​the ceremony. They are determined with the choice after the design of the premises and the choice of marriage suits. To make the overall picture of the holiday a success, add heavenly colors to compositions on tables, use covers for chairs of the desired shades. The groom puts on a blue tie or cufflinks, the bride - blue shoes. Girlfriend dresses are often chosen to match the chosen colors..

Materials for the decor of flowers of the bride: beads, beads

The bouquet itself is decorated with accessories that add piquancy, originality to the overall image. To make the flowers look more harmonious, use ribbons, lace, beads to decorate the legs. The main thing here is not to overdo it. A sense of proportion is the key to a successful composition. Heavenly color resonates well with white. Many florists make up an ensemble of large blue flowers with the addition of small white buds. At the same time, it becomes possible to add bright accessories.

The decor of the newlywed's floral arrangement: brooch on a ribbon

What flowers to choose for a blue bouquet of the bride?

Themed celebrations are gaining more and more popularity. A wedding in blue is no exception. Choosing the shades of accessories for the outfits of the couple, you should pay attention to the flowers for the bride. The turquoise color goes well with a snow-white dress. It can favorably emphasize the figure, eyes or draw attention to the original outfit. When drawing up the correct ensemble, florists use hydrangea, delphinium, iris, hyacinth, roses or orchids. When choosing flowers, you must consider the final gamut of the bouquet.

Iris for creating a flower arrangement


It is believed that orchids are an exotic and not very common plant. But not one species on earth is not so diverse in colors and shades of flowers. Orchid is an expensive flower, so it is used to compose ensembles for solemn, significant events. A wedding is no exception. According to popular belief, these plants carry pure love, fidelity. Orchids symbolize the sun, warmth and fertility. All these qualities are appreciated by the newlyweds, therefore, when compiling a bouquet of the hero of the occasion, blue orchids will be indispensable.Exotic orchids for a wedding


You can make a beautiful ensemble of flowers for a bouquet using hydrangeas. The inflorescences of this decorative plant, which has a porcelain structure of flowers, look voluminous, so they complement the image of the bride well. Compositions with hydrangea look rich. This flower is credited with a positive aura. It is believed that hydrangea symbolizes courage, devotion, sincerity, modesty, hope. It goes well with other colors. For example, roses, orchids and lilies.

Bridal bouquet: ensembles with hydrangea


Delphinium is often used to compose an original bouquet. These blue flowers got their name because of their resemblance to the outline of a dolphin. According to one legend, the delphinium is considered a flower of love and fidelity. It was presented to his beloved by a young man, whom the gods turned into a dolphin because he created a sculpture of a girl and revived it. There is a belief that dolphinium flowers heal wounds, have life-giving power, and can be a wonderful amulet. They symbolize the gift of love and are great for weddings.Delphinium newlywed bouquets

Blue roses

Creating wedding bouquets, florists often use blue, blue roses. Such flowers are considered a symbol of achieving impossible results. In nature, there are no roses with blue petals; they were artificially bred. These flowers give people a mysterious, extraordinary. Blue roses symbolize love, admiration, charm.Fancy roses

In different countries, turquoise, heavenly color has its own meaning. For example, in Japan bouquets of flowers of blue or blue shades add a little mysticism, and in China it is a symbol of hope for the conquest of unattainable love. No plant in the world has as many meanings as a rose. The Greeks saw infinity in a rosebud, and the Romans - a symbol of strict moral culture. But in our country - this is a great choice for any special occasion, for example, for a wedding.

Photo of beautiful wedding bouquets in blue tones

Blue wedding bouquets look original if combined with other items of the bride’s wardrobe and interior decoration. First, a dress is selected, and then flowers. The shape of the bouquet depends on the figure of the girl, and the color must be in harmony with the general theme of the celebration. An ideal choice for a wedding ceremony could be a blue or blue floral ensemble. He will add tenderness and sensuality to the bride.

Beautiful brides wedding bouquets