Blue wedding bouquet of the bride - what to choose and how to do it yourself, photo


The bride, who chose a blue wedding bouquet, knows how to create comfort and get along well with people around her. She is calm, measured, honest, trusting and has a very gentle nature. But a blue wedding bouquet should not be the only dark spot on a white wedding dress. This choice requires you to take into account some of the nuances: a wedding dress, decor of a banquet hall and other details.

Tips for choosing a blue wedding bouquet

At the wedding ceremony, the bouquet for the bride should be special. Blue flowers will become a real decoration: delicate cornflowers or cute violets, fragrant lavender or chic crocuses, touching poppies or fantastic roses. A huge number of shades: extravagant bright blue, unobtrusive white-blue with stems or diluted with lilac, burgundy, white flowers. A composition with blue hyacinths and a white wedding dress will look harmonious. To complement their bride should be blue accessories: jewelry, shoes or a belt.

Blue colors need accessories to match

Color spectrum

When choosing a color scheme, you should pay attention to the natural shade of colors, because sometimes sellers use different dyes for them. In order for the bride, who chose bright wedding flowers, to look amazing, it is advisable for her to adhere to some rules:

  • Groom's buttonhole should be blue.
  • Bridesmaids need to wear blue or blue dresses.
  • It is necessary to decorate the hall where the celebration will be held with blue balloons or other decor of this color.
  • Flower size

    Blue wedding flowers look perfect in the hands of the owner of the eyes of the same color. They emphasize the expressiveness and beauty of the look. A girl with blue eyes is better to choose small wildflowers. They will go well with a white dress in the Greek style. For brides with dark eyes, it is better to choose dark blue flowers from three large buds or large flowers in combination with small ones of a lighter shade. Decor is chosen by anyone, which depends on the imagination of the florist and the bride.

    Gentle hydrangea is a good choice for a wedding

    The presence of white color

    White and blue palette is a very expressive combination of colors. White expresses purity, and blue expresses fidelity and love. Newlyweds often choose these two colors as the main ones at the celebration of the wedding. A blue and white floral arrangement is perfect for any wedding theme. Large white roses with small blue cornflowers or violets will be the highlight of the bride's outfit. A good choice will be the design of the entire wedding in a blue and white tone, according to the china or marine theme.

    White-blue color for an unusual wedding

    What to choose flowers for a bouquet?

    Often, girls choose blue flowers for a winter wedding, diluting them with other bright flowers and green leaves. Popular flowers for the wedding day are blue irises, hydrangeas, hyacinths, forget-me-nots, lavender, delphiniums, roses and orchids. Blue cornflowers, anemones, sleep-grass in various combinations touches their beauty. Even a few blue flowers in a large white bouquet will transform the whole wedding ceremony.


    Roses in any color are very popular among brides, and the wedding arrangement of roses in blue and blue has become a fashion trend in recent years. These extravagant flowers were for a long time inaccessible to Russian brides. Blue roses were bred artificially, and recently began to be imported to Russia. To make the wedding bouquet harmoniously complement the image of the bride, florists recall:

    • Blue roses blend perfectly with the colors of blue, yellow, golden, pink, white.
    • The decoration of the wedding dress should be blue, purple, blue or white.
    • If the composition consists exclusively of blue roses, it must be diluted with inflorescences, berries, green twigs or decorative ornaments.

    Wedding Bouquet: Blue Roses


    Hydrangea is the perfect flower for a wedding. She is loved by florists for weather resistance and volume: a full-fledged composition for the bride comes out of one branch. Hydrangea goes well with all living plants, without exception, and thanks to a wide palette of shades, professionals easily perform exclusive floral arrangements. Blue hydrangea has a natural color. The flowers of this large-leaved shrub are used not only for landscape compositions, but also as the main flower in bouquets.

    Blue hydrangea in the wild


    Graceful orchids symbolize happiness and family wealth. And the blue orchid is a symbol of spirituality of fidelity and purity, therefore the newlyweds love it. A charming flower will decorate any composition and outfit of the bride. The whole charm of an orchid is that it retains its aroma and freshness for a long time, therefore florists gladly use it in wedding compositions. Blue orchids with green leaves will never be lost against the backdrop of a wedding dress, making the image of the bride bold, unusual.

    Original design composition with a blue orchid

    Do-it-yourself workshop for creating a bouquet

    You can create a wedding bouquet yourself. To do this, you will need:

    • large flowers - 10 pcs.;
    • narrow tape;
    • cuff greens;
    • fabric for decorating the handle;
    • decorative needles.

    Getting to the creation of a bouquet:

  • We will remove leaves and thorns from the flowers (we will take the classics for the wedding - roses) so that the buds form a single round shape and do not stick out. Then apply several flowers in parallel to each other. 8185961-8.jpg
  • Lay the stems in a spiral fashion, as shown in the photo. To make the bouquet in the shape of a hemisphere, at the same time form a beautiful hat in a semicircle without crossing the stems. 7253376-9.jpg
  • Tie the flowers tightly with tape or special tape in the place where they were held by hand. We make a few turns, and only then we tighten the tape node.
  • Cut the green if it protrudes strongly beyond the edges of the bouquet. And then complete it with a cuff that ties up just like the stems. 4362171-10.jpg
  • At the end, attach the brooch to the handle, and the bride’s bouquet will be ready!8866267-11.jpg
  • Photo selection of beautiful bouquets in blue tones

    Here is a selection of several photos of wedding blue bouquets for every taste. Perhaps you will take note of one of them and order one for your celebration? A wedding in blue is relevant at any time of the year: in summer it is associated with the sea, in autumn with air, in winter with snow, and in spring with sky. No matter what the wedding will be: Scandinavian or pirate, nautical or in style «Avatar». The blue bouquet of the bride will still be the main element of the celebration. Enjoy watching!

    Original and unique muscari

    Tender lavender perfect for a wedding