Summer bridal bouquet of seasonal and wildflowers, composition with berries and fruits, photo


Summer bouquet of the bride

Many lovers prefer to celebrate a wedding in the summer. Nature pleases with a variety of colors, gives the opportunity to celebrate this event not in a restaurant, but in nature. Another plus of the wedding at this time is the ability to create even the most unusual summer bouquet of the bride. The many flowers blooming in the summer give a fantasy florist an inspiration to create a beautiful masterpiece..

Rules for composing a bride’s bouquet

Wedding day is the most exciting, crucial moment for the girl. A lot of attention is riveted to her: to her side, hairstyle and, of course, a bouquet. A large, chic flower arrangement is not the key to success. It is important that the elements are combined with each other. The newlywed’s bouquet should not only suit her taste, she should harmoniously fit into the wedding image, match the girl’s color type.

So for girls with fair skin and hair, light, delicate flowers are well suited, and in the hands of a dark-skinned brunette, brighter compositions will look better. At the same time, they must meet the style of the wedding. For example, at a beach wedding, orchids or lilies will be very appropriate, wildflowers, as well as compositions with the addition of fruits, berries, vegetables, are suitable for a celebration in a clearing or in a garden. At weddings of a rustic or eco style, bouquets with details of ears of wheat look great.

Color designs of summer wedding bouquets

Choosing the components for the wedding bouquet, many girls focus on a particular flower. Important in the preparation of the composition is the color scheme. Summertime gives you many shades, you just need not to get confused during the selection. The color of the bouquet can say a lot:

  • Red remains the first in the list. Roses of this color symbolize love - the richer the color, the deeper the feelings of young.
  • Pink shades speak of tenderness. Flowers of such tones will add elegance to the image of the bride, add romance to the atmosphere of the holiday.
  • Blue flowers symbolize fidelity.
  • Purple color will add mysticism, mystery..
  • Light shades are a classic choice. They are a symbol of purity, innocence, honesty. White buds can merge with the dress. To prevent this from happening, the bouquet should be 2 tones darker than the bride’s outfit. But, if the bride chose white flowers, it is better to dilute them with variegated greens.

Along with shades that are perfect for a wedding bouquet and emphasize the solemnity of the moment, there are colors that florists advise against. Some countries in Europe consider yellow to be a sign of jealousy, unbelief, therefore it is better to abandon it, although the composition will look sunny and positive. Do not add maroon, navy, black flowers.

Regardless of the advice of others and florists, the bride should choose the tone, starting from her desires, taste preferences. If you hold a bouquet of unloved flowers on the wedding day just because it is customary or someone likes them, the meaning of the composition loses all meaning. Such a composition will not give happiness to young people, no matter what characters they hide in themselves. The bride must remain true to herself and her preferences.

Design options for bridal bouquets in the summer

Warm weather and the sun pleases the eye with a wealth of colors, this is a great time to create the most unusual bridal bouquet. A lot of flowers, herbs, berries, fruits, which you dreamed about in the cold season, are becoming available. To create a chic wedding bouquet you only need desire and imagination, everything else is already at hand - donated by nature itself.

Of seasonal flowers

The highlight of seasonal compositions is the ability to create a certain mood, to convey the atmosphere of the season. Properly selected flowers, color and decoration will help to make a summer wedding bouquet. For such compositions, color is very important. Creating a summer bouquet, choose rich and pure tones, it is possible to dilute them slightly with pastel shades.

Flowers will do just about anything, just avoid plants blooming in early spring or late fall. Elements that symbolize summer will help emphasize the mood. It can be small inflorescences of a sunflower, mini-gerbera, chamomile, veronica, alstroemeria, rose, peony. Such bouquets are suitable for bright brides who are accustomed to always be in the spotlight.

Seasonal flowers in the composition of the bride

From wildflowers

At a country style wedding, the composition of wildflowers will harmoniously look. A bouquet full of charm and trepidation will easily emphasize the romance, tenderness, modesty of a girl. It is worth giving preference to such compositions if:

  • The bride considers wildflowers the most beautiful.
  • The image of a girl and a modest celebration style.
  • The bride knows well which wildflowers are suitable for a wedding bouquet.
  • There is time, the opportunity to create a composition on the day of marriage.

Field wedding bouquets look bewitching if you choose the right flowers. The most common are:

  • Poppies. They look spectacular, but quickly deteriorate, so it is recommended to cut them off on the morning of the wedding day.
  • Daisies These flowers look simple and innocent, but their modesty is mesmerizing. Chamomile bouquet looks very festive.
  • Cornflowers. Look exquisite, even if simply pulled by a ribbon. Bright terry inflorescences perfectly complement the tenderness and beauty of the girl. Cornflowers from ancient times are famous for their healing properties, the ability to scare away evil spirits.
  • Daisies They convey the atmosphere of femininity, romance.

Wildflowers for wedding summer bouquets

Unusual compositions with fruits of berries or fruits

Summertime is also good because bouquets for the bride and groom can contain not only flowers and greens. Originality will bring berries, fruits. Such compositions stand out for their exclusivity, palatability, juiciness. Both ripe and green fruits are suitable for creation. Nature gives us a lot of fruits and berries, which are easy to use in the bouquet of the bride and groom: raspberries, strawberries, currants, rose hips, blackberries. The main thing is not to overdo it and not overshadow the beauty of the flowers of the bouquet.

Flower arrangements of a newlywed with fruits and berries

How to decorate a bouquet

The decor of the bouquet is not the last question when creating. It depends on how much the flowers will look good. Feathers, precious stones, pearls will give a chic and sophisticated look. But such an expensive decoration of the bride’s summer bouquet is not for every couple in strength. Replace them with no less beautiful and elegant decorative elements: rhinestones, beads, lace, ribbons, bows.

How to keep flowers fresh

The bride’s summer bouquet is almost always in her hands, and on a hot sunny day it becomes difficult to keep it in its original form throughout the celebration. So that the composition does not lose its beauty and attractiveness, use some tips:

  • When traveling in a limousine, put flowers in a niche to cool the champagne, this will help them last longer.
  • If possible, store the composition more in the shade than in the sun. Avoid Drafts.
  • The bouquet should be collected in a floral sponge soaked in water.
  • Periodically put flowers in a vase of water.
  • Do not leave the composition near objects that cause fading..

How to make a bouquet of roses and freesias with your own hands

The bouquet that the bride created with her own hands will look really beautiful. He will harmoniously fit into her image. The bride and groom knows which flowers are best suited. Many girls refuse this idea, believing that creating such a composition is not easy.

Photo of beautiful wedding bouquets of summer flowers

Summer bouquets are full of their colors, revitalize the atmosphere, delight the eye. Bright compositions carry the energy of happiness, warmth and joy. The main thing in this riot of colors is not to get lost and find the combination of colors and shades that will be suitable for a particular celebration and image of the bride. But do not forget about the groom. Sometimes a bouquet is associated with it, focusing on an element of clothing (for example, a tie or bow tie).

Summer wedding bouquets of the bride