Important details of the wedding boutonniere


Boutonnieres are now integral wedding accessories. Their story dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. Then the bride chose a flower from her bouquet and pinned it to the groom's clothes. Time passed, the boutonniere changed. Her usual present image was introduced into use by Prince Albert. The main changes affected the form and content. If at first the boutonniere was a single flower, today we associate it no less than with an elegant floral arrangement, supplemented with twigs, ribbons, and sometimes even berries and fruits.

Miniature wedding bouquet

Groom and more

Many mistakenly consider the boutonniere to be an attribute of the groom and nothing more. But the flower arrangement can decorate not only the bride’s buttonhole. Quite often, wedding boutonnieres adorn the outfits of witnesses. Sometimes a miniature bouquet is present on the bride's dress. In addition, boutonnieres will be appropriate on guests' costumes. So to speak, an identification mark, for example, relatives of the bride.

Boutonnieres for guests


Where to attach the boutonniere? This question is quite capable of confusing many. The wedding portal will help you not to get confused. So, the groom’s boutonniere, traditionally, is attached either to the pocket of the wedding suit or to the left lapel. The bride can attach a floral arrangement anywhere. Be it the center part of the bodice, the belt and even the skirt of the dress. The witness, like the groom, decorates the pocket or lapel of the suit with a buttonhole. And the witness, usually, attaches the composition either to the bodice of the dress, or to the wrist.

Wedding boutonniere - a place of deployment

As for guests, the location of the boutonnieres depends on marital status. Married and married attach bouquets to the right, single - to the left.

Where to attach a wedding boutonniere

Marks of Excellence

Along the way, a logical question arises: should the boutonnieres of the groom and the witness or the bride and the witness be different. According to the mind, the newlyweds should be distinguished by more refined and magnificent boutonnieres. If you want to save «unity», you can withstand all the mini-bouquets in one color scheme, but with the obligatory difference in tones. In addition, flowers in the witness’s boutonniere can «cooperate» with the color of the dress of the witness.

Boutonnieres for witnesses - the right combination

The time has come

Usually boutonnieres are attached after the ransom of the bride. But, this applies solely to the groom. Witnesses can «to decorate» in advance. By the way, attaching a buttonhole to the groom can be interesting to beat. Traditionally, the groom’s boutonniere is a flower from the bride’s bouquet. Therefore, the boutonniere can be inserted in advance into the bride’s general wedding bouquet.

The Grace of a Wedding Boutonniere

Size matters

Usually «height» boutonnieres should not be more than 10 centimeters. This, by the way, taking into account the pedicel. However, length as well as volume may well vary. The main nuances are harmonies of color, say, the boutonniere of the groom and the dress, and maybe the bouquet, the bride.

Harmony of a wedding boutonniere

Also, do not forget about the beauty of the general appearance of the suit and the boutonniere. Agree, a huge sunflower will look, maybe original, but at the same time, it’s incredibly vulgar.

Without spots

It is logical that many people care about the question: will the boutonniere not spoil the suit. Let’s say if water or flower juice from cut stems leaves stains. The site is in a hurry to reassure especially scrupulous fans of appearance. As a rule, the stalks of the flowers of the boutonniere are wrapped with a special ribbon, or even fixed in a special capsule. Therefore, for the safety of clothes, you can not worry.

Essential Wedding Accessory

Further way boutonniere

A wedding boutonniere is not only an elegant decoration, but also a peculiar heirloom. Therefore, in no case do not dispose of a miniature bouquet immediately after the celebration. As for witnesses and guests, the original boutonniere may well become a souvenir and a pleasant reminder of the past celebration.