Wedding bouquet with peacock feathers: design options and combinations with flowers, ideas with photos


Wedding bouquet with peacock feathers

More recently, the bouquet for the bride was traditional white. Now it is a whole work of art. Fashionable trend is themed wedding. Why not make a celebration in an exotic style? During preparation, boldly experiment with the images of the bride and groom. For example, you can diversify the decoration of the hall, the bride’s hair, her accessories, even invitation cards, with peacock feathers. But the main emphasis is better to do on wedding flowers. Nowadays, the fantasy of florists knows no bounds.

Bouquet of feathers in the shape of a fan

What can be more elegant than the original fan of peacock feathers in the hands of the bride, whose image resembles a bird of paradise? Colors should be dominated by dark, saturated, mainly blue and green with a variety of iridescent shades. The originality of such an accessory is not in doubt. Many brides decide to experiment with a composition in the form of a fan.

Fans of peacock feathers for the bride

A rigid fastening of the frame, tied at the base with a satin ribbon, allows you not to worry about the fact that at the wrong time part of the fan will fly out. For decor, attach a bright brooch or large bead to the ribbon. You can use the bouquet in the form of a fan for its intended purpose. Light graceful hand swings will set in motion air overflowing «the petals». Such an attribute will retain the memory of the wedding celebration for a long time and will not fade like flowers.

Cascading bouquet with peacock feathers

Flowers of various lengths are formed in the form of a beautiful waterfall, where the name comes from. Cascading bouquet is considered one of the most interesting types. If you add a peacock feather to the flowers, which shimmers with bright spots in the sun, they will sparkle with new unusual colors. Against the background of a white dress, a floral waterfall will have an exotic look. The combination can be varied - from traditional roses to delicate orchids. Such a composition in itself is large, so its height must be measured with the growth of the bride. A cascade of flowers is always luxurious and elegant..

Cascading Flower Arrangements

Options for combining peacock feathers with flowers

The range of shades of peacock feathers gives room for imagination in terms of color composition. There are options when the choice falls on one main blue-green color or a palette is created with a combination of different tones. Feathered attributes are luxurious in themselves, amazing in beauty, and in combination with delicate flowers - the pinnacle of a work of art created by a florist.

Wedding bouquet with callas

Calla flower takes pride of place in wedding floristry. It is often used in the preparation of a bouquet for the bride. Callas have many colors and shades, although they often use white - a sign of purity and chastity. When combined with feathers, it is worth trying to take pink, yellow or greenish flower varieties as a basis. The originality of the work of the florist will be guaranteed. It is only necessary to visually compare the peacock feathers and delicate calla cups, and then translate the plan into reality. This combination will look great in cascading form..

Calla lilies and peacock feathers in a wedding bouquet

With feathers and roses

The shape of the flower arrangement for the bride and groom can be round, on a low leg, where short luxurious multi-colored fluff can be seen between luxurious roses instead of leaves. The color scheme is better to choose a contrast. For example, snow-white buds and feathers playing with rainbow colors. For a cascading attribute, roses on a high stalk are better suited. Flowers have steps, diluting them with long feathers, grass stems.

The combination of roses and feathers in a bouquet

The combination of peacock feathers and orchids

Orchids blend perfectly with feathers. The exoticism of such an attribute is just off scale. For decoration, you can use a decorative butterfly. A bold combination of peacock feathers and orchids in a cascading wedding bouquet gives a strikingly beautiful result. The tenderness and brightness of the color of such a composition against the background of a flowing wedding dress made of satin creates an unforgettable experience..

Orchids and feathers for wedding decor

Photo of wedding bouquets with peacock feathers

A flower arrangement is a must for a bride. What it will be, you need to think in advance, comparing with the style of the dress, the color scheme of the jewelry. Everything should be combined with each other and overlapping, avoiding excesses. Inimitable cascading floral arrangements gain more and more positive reviews from brides and guests of the celebration.

The wedding itself is a vibrant event. The combination of peacock ornaments in the bride’s floral arrangement, in the groom’s necktie, in the decor of the hall enhances the feeling of celebration. Trust an experienced florist and your wedding bouquet will exceed all expectations. Flowers should not only be beautiful, original, the bride should be comfortable with them throughout the solemn day.

Wedding floral arrangements with peacock feathers

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