A wedding bouquet of cornflowers: combinations with daisies, roses and other flowers, photos


Wedding bouquet of cornflowers

Every dreamy girl wants her wedding to be tender, beautiful and stylish. Always the bride’s wishes are considered law, her mood at the holiday, and even throughout her married life, depends on this. An important addition to the wedding is a newlywed bouquet. Take a look at the composition of cornflowers. It can complement your image or add zest to it..

The meaning and symbolism of cornflowers in the bride's bouquet

The bride chooses flowers for her bouquet not only based on her own preferences, colors or appearance. The symbols that plants carry in themselves are also very influential. Cornflowers indicate tenderness, friendliness, fidelity. Their color is masculine, strong, therefore, the union should turn out with such characteristics. Cornflowers are chosen not only for field-themed weddings, even for the French style this flower will be a good addition.

History says that in the old days there was a boy who plucked all blue flowers with bells on each field. The strength of this guy settled in the plants, and since then they have found their name. Cornflowers are very friendly flowers, so they can be combined with other plants: roses, peonies, daisies, irises, poppies and even ears of wheat or barley (although such a supplement is used by very brave newlyweds).

Options for wedding bouquets with cornflowers

The bride’s wedding bouquet can be not only monotonous and consist of one type of greenery. A combination of different types of plants and decorations is allowed. The bouquet is performed both with portbuketnitsa and without it. Bouquets of fabric cornflowers, paper or other artificial ones come out very original. Their peculiarity is how small leaves-bells look..

The combination of cornflowers with roses

Since the rose is considered a universal flower for a wedding celebration, its presence in the bridal bouquet is very common. The combination with cornflowers will be ideal if the rose is chosen in white or milky shade. An interesting combination of blue roses and the same tone of cornflowers. In addition to these colors, any greens and various accessories can be used. Bouquets with a brooch in the center of the handle look very stylish.

To make the composition of cornflowers and roses organically fit into the interior of the wedding event, it is worth considering other elements using these colors. From the same combination you can make the boutonniere to the groom, the decor for the guest tables, decorate the bureau with it, invitation cards, and landing cards. If the tuple is decorated using fresh flowers, cornflowers can also be a good addition.

Roses with cornflowers for the bride

Composition of cornflowers and daisies

Wildflowers blend perfectly together, so the combination of cornflowers, daisies is so popular among brides. The combination of white plants and blue gives a feeling of freshness, freedom, which fits perfectly into the theme of the wedding celebration. In such a combination, there is a place for irises, poppies, any field plants, even cereal spikelets, for example, wheat.

When using fresh flowers, you should pay attention to their durability. Freedom-loving greens withstands very little time without water, so it is better to draw out such combinations using portbasket or other fasteners, into which the mass with water is inserted. Daisies with cornflowers can give a theme for the whole wedding, which will be done in a natural style..

Cornflowers with daisies in a bridal bouquet

Delicate bouquet of cornflowers and eustomas

At first glance, the combination of flowers of a field blue cornflower and a greenhouse, artificially grown eustoma is almost unrealistic. But this is not so. Eustoma has very different colors, and it is often possible to choose a combination that will drive crazy not only the newlyweds, but all the guests present. Fantasy flight, unusual solutions are allowed here..

A blue or purple eustoma with a white center looks very stylish. She will not only emphasize the beauty of cornflowers, but also create the effect of wealth. Cornflowers can be collected in the center of the bouquet or «scattered» throughout the combination, at the request of the bride. The main thing is that the size of the buds of the selected plants is contiguous, on average it will vary from 2 to 4 cm.

Bouquet of eustomas and cornflowers for the bride

Monochrome bouquet of cornflowers

If the bride gives preference only to cornflowers, a mono-bouquet will also look great. The composition will not have anything superfluous, cornflowers with their coloring will complement the image of the bride and groom. Mono-bouquet with them is complemented by any greenery, accessories. You can use rhinestones, stones, brooches, ribbons, lace or satin, the choice of a florist or your taste.

Style cornflower bouquet can give its design. It is worth taking bright paper under the bottom of the bouquet and the composition will turn into an incredible masterpiece before our eyes. Ears can become an original addition, they will add freshness. Think over all the details of the wedding so that they fit together. For example, with a cornflower bouquet, blue shoes of the bride or a bow of the same color on her dress will harmonize well.

Cornflower bridal bouquet for the wedding

What kind of wedding dress is a bouquet of cornflowers suitable for

Cornflowers are very friendly and suitable for any look. But if you want to create a very delicate format for the bride, then it is better to choose a modest dress, embroidered with small stones, beads. Satin ribbons, bows in blue and white colors are allowed. The outfit does not have to be lush, even if the skirt's fabric just falls off, a brooch and lace openwork will be a good addition to everything. She can be present both in the dress and in the leg of the bouquet.

Photo of wedding bouquets with cornflowers

Before creating your wedding masterpiece or ordering it, consider ready-made options for compositions. They can give you an idea of ​​what your ideal wedding bouquet should be. All wildflowers dry very well, so you can save the cornflower ornament for many years, show it to children and grandchildren. It is important that such a composition adds confidence to the bride, makes her happier.

Field cornflowers in a newlywed's floral accessory