Purple Bridal Bouquet - how to choose flowers, composition options, photo


Around the violet color there is always a lot of controversy, some believe that this is a shade of strong and strong-willed people, others - on the contrary. But no one can say that a purple bouquet for a bride is a bad choice. On the contrary, such a composition is considered very bright, beautiful and unusual. If you decide that your wedding will be in such a tone, choose the perfect bouquet for the bride and the same boutonniere for the groom. You need to choose the style of flower arrangement for the dress, the gamut of shades of celebration and the theme of the party.

The meaning of purple

Christianity as a religion identifies symbols for every shade of the rainbow palette. Violet is considered to be dark; it is worn during mourning. On the other hand, the direction of Feng Shui worships such a shade. This tone is considered strong, giving confidence in oneself and creating success. A person who chooses a shade of lilac will be an ideal partner in the family. For these reasons, many couples of newlyweds prefer a wedding in purple tones..

The myth that this color is dark is debunked very simply - look at the natural buds of lilac, they are very different. So with the purple color, it has a lot of shades that are perfectly combined into a beautiful composition of flowers, jewelry, accessories, shoes, ties. If you choose a wedding in purple, you must definitely use this shade even in small things - bonbonnieres, invitations. You will need to plan where and how you will apply this tone..

The meaning of purple in a wedding bouquet

What to choose flowers for a bouquet

To correctly draw up a flower arrangement for the bride, you need not only to correctly determine the color. The type of greenery that will be used is very important. Analyze what all the flowers chosen for the wedding arrangement stand for and bear in themselves. Some options do not combine with other plants at all, only them will have to be composed. Consider what the different types of flowers that are used for celebrations mean:

Orchids Such flowers indicate sophistication, sophistication, splendor, wealth. A bride with elegant orchids will look great, such a plant can emphasize tenderness, add a twist to the image.
Irises. These plants are intended for courageous women. The flower expresses strength, valor, so its classic color is blue. Purple iris will ideally complement the main flowers, and may become the main.
Tulips signify love, fresh feelings, a new round of relationships, which is why this plant is so often presented by men on their first date. Such flowers will look great both independently and with the addition of other greens.
Chrysanthemums are a symbol of health, longevity, strength. So that the new family does not experience serious difficulties in the state of the body, these plants are chosen. Often, chrysanthemums are taken in small sizes so that they become an additional flower in the composition, and not the main.
Callas have long been considered the talisman of happiness for the whole family. And the groom can be the initiator of this plant in the wedding set, because it is a symbol of worship, respect.
Roses express passion, power. On the one hand, it is a very delicate flower, on the other - purple plants will symbolize the family’s resistance to various troubles.

Options for Purple Wedding Bouquets

In the flower arrangement for the bride can be found different types of beautiful plants. Choose both the main flower for the bouquet, and additional ones. It is allowed to combine the same buds in size or different, of the same color or the opposite, it all depends on the preferences, desires of the bride. Consider the wishes of the groom, if he is interested in the design of the upcoming wedding.

Arrangement of roses

The white color of these noble colors is considered the most popular, elegant and delicate. That is why roses of this tone are very often used in wedding compositions. But combining them with violet color will add nobility to the composition. This tone is formed by the combination of blue and red, and therefore is a great option for a wedding. Composition for the bride can be either exclusively from roses or using other plants.

A very interesting image will turn out if you use several shades. For example, pink and pale lilac, white and bright blue. Anemones or hydrangeas will be a great addition to the composition of roses. These flowers can decorate any celebration, and not just a bouquet of the bride and groom. And the groom should have a floral decoration in the form of a buttonhole. Roses for such an accessory can also be used, but it is better to combine them with greenery..

Purple roses in a bride's bouquet

Of purple tulips

If you want to maintain a tender relationship for a long time and soak up the whole wedding celebration, the bride can choose tulips for the bouquet. They look especially good if decorated without portbuketnitsa. This appearance of the composition will not last long, but it will look very impressive. Think of a second bouquet that might be involved in a photo shoot, wedding ceremony or party.

Purple tulips in a newlywed bouquet

Purple Orchid Bouquet

These plants have long been considered the most «long-playing» flowers, since their buds can remain unchanged for months, which is why such a flower is often recommended for a wedding. He will give a feeling of wealth, tenderness, superiority. An orchid cannot be alone in a large composition; it is complemented by other flowers - irises, roses, chrysanthemums, hyacinths.

Violet orchids for the bride

Of freesia

A very original bouquet will be for the bride with freesia. These flowers not only look beautiful, some of their species have a wonderful smell. An interesting combination of freesia with small shrub roses of violet color, as well as large green leaves. Such plants stand for a very long time, so throughout the celebration their appearance will be unchanged. Think over your idea to the smallest detail and realize it with your favorite colors..

Live purple freesia in a newlywed bouquet

Bridal bouquet of gladioli

If you want to use purple gladioli in a festive bouquet, this is a great choice. Strict, showy and very strong flowers combine in different ways. Since the gladiolus has a very long stem, it is permissible to take it whole or divide it into separate buds. The composition of purple color looks exclusively from flowers, without stems and additional greens. But the original version will be with leaves, the choice is only for the bride.

Violet gladioli in a bridal bouquet

The combination of purple with other colors

If the violet color is chosen for a big celebration, the bouquet may contain not only its shades. A suitable palette is pink, blue, white, green, yellow. Do not be afraid of experiments, combine completely unimaginable plant options and complement them with unusual accessories. Satin ribbons, rhinestones, stones and beads can be used in the flower decoration for the bride, this will add gloss and unusualness..

Photo of wedding bouquets in purple colors

When choosing a holiday bouquet, be sure to look through the already implemented ideas in the photo. There are many options for compositions for the bride - both with fresh flowers, and fabric, paper, plastic splashes. These instances can be very unusual, and will push you to unimaginable ideas. You can make an exact copy of the photo that you like, but often it comes out worse than the original.

When preparing a solemn bouquet in purple, note that it should be found not only in the composition of the bride. Table decorations, accessories, invitations, cakes and sweets - all this may also contain elements of the leading color at the wedding. And if you order a cake with decoration in the form of the main flower of the bride’s bouquet, all guests will be delighted with such beauty.

Photo of bouquets for the bride and groom in purple