Bridal bouquet from lavender - combinations with other flowers, photos


Although the lavender theme at weddings is not new, newlyweds are increasingly choosing this color as the main color at their celebration. This shade is universal: it is often used at outdoor events and in the banquet hall, easily combining with all pastel or classic shades. A bride’s bouquet of fragrant lavender is either a monovariant or a composition involving roses, carnations, orchids, peonies, freesia or hydrangea.

The meaning and symbolism of lavender in a wedding bouquet

It is not surprising that the branches of this plant love the bride so much - the flower is unusually beautiful and has a unique aroma that never bothers. This plant is called in Latin «Lavare», which means «to clean». The ancient Egyptians used lavender for embalming, and the essential oil of the flower was an important element in the international trade of the ancient world..

There is a beautiful legend in which the Virgin Mary gave lavender an unusual smell, rewarding her for the fact that the clothes of little Jesus quickly dried on her bush. Now this flower is the hallmark of the French city of Provence, where lavender adorns every flower bed. Also, the plant grows in large numbers in the Crimea, Krasnodar Territory, India, on the Canary Islands. Lavender is used in many areas of health and beauty: cooking, medicine, the service sector. Newlyweds love to use this flower in the bridal bouquet for its beauty and versatility..

Lavender flowers get along well with other plants

Lavender is a symbol of wealth, nobleness, purity and love. This is the flower of Mercury, the winged god who mediates between gods and mortals. There is a belief that this plant brings happiness to newlyweds. Many people believe this sign, and therefore, lavender flowers not only adorn the bride’s outfit, but guests often present it to the young as a gift.

Options for bridal bouquets with lavender

This flower is used in the bride’s bouquet fresh, dry or lavender in harmony with other plants. In any case, she looks cute and gentle. The choice of the bride’s bouquet of lavender flowers should be done when the wedding dress is already ordered so that it harmonizes perfectly with the bride’s outfit. Shades of lavender color go well with pale pink, white, red, blue, blue, purple tones. Also this color is in harmony with pastel shades..

Lavender blends with blue-blue flowers

Lavender composition as a bride’s wedding bouquet is good because it will remain fresh until the end of the celebration. And to make a good choice, when buying a composition you need to follow these tips:

  • All flowers in the bouquet must be firmly fixed so that during the holiday it does not fall apart from one awkward movement.
  • You can’t make the composition cumbersome, the main thing for the bride at the wedding is convenience.
  • The bouquet should be suitable not only for the bride’s wedding dress, but also be combined with the groom’s boutonniere, which in this case is best done with a lavender branch.
  • If you like chic bouquets, add to the delicate flowers of this plant an aristocratic orchid with a juicy purple hue. An experienced florist will make such a combination a work of art.
  • The height of the bouquet depends on the height of the bride. Tall girls can purchase cascading compositions, and newlyweds of small stature are ideal for a hemisphere bouquet.
  • Groom's boutonniere with lavender

    Mono-bouquet of purple lavender

    Artistry of a violet hue with an elevation of white distinguishes lavender color from other combinations, which personifies intuition, creativity and spirituality. A bouquet with fresh plants will be filled with a deep purple color, and after a while after cutting, it will become more muffled, with a cool gray tint.

    The combination of fragrant lavender and peonies

    Sensitive and feminine will make the image of the bride a bouquet of lavender flowers and peonies. The second occupy a leading position in the ranking of the most romantic colors. This combination will be a worthy competition to classic roses and other popular flowers. Peonies with lilac lavender flowers look magnificent, delicate, compact, luxurious. The delicate petals of white peonies shimmer in the sun like silk.

    Lavender provence combined with satin peonies

    Composition with orchids and white roses

    A rose of any shade in a wedding bouquet looks wonderful. Florists use both large rosebuds on long stems and small bushy types of flowers with miniature heads for the wedding day. The combination in the composition for the bride of orchids, lavender and roses looks gorgeous. Such a bouquet will captivate anyone with an ideal range of harmoniously complementary shades.

    Lavender bouquet with orchids - a wonderful creation

    Photo of beautiful wedding bouquets from lavender

    The design of the flower arrangement for the bride should be in line with the style of the celebration. She must be:

    • luxurious for a lush wedding;
    • elegant for a modest celebration;
    • exquisite for a sophisticated celebration;
    • fun for the holiday in the folklore spirit;
    • creative for avant-garde style.

    Lavender is the only universal flower that will harmoniously combine with any of the above wedding style. In addition, it is practical. After the celebration, dry it, tie it with a ribbon and put it in a vase, where the bouquet will delight you with its extraordinary tenderness for many more years. The photos below will help you make the right choice for your wedding..