Blue bridal bouquet - how to choose and combine wedding flowers, photos


Blue wedding bouquet

The blue color is the color of devotion, fidelity, a pure relationship between a man and a woman. Therefore, choosing such a color scheme for the overall concept of the wedding will be a great idea. It is possible to combine it wonderfully in the wedding dress of the bride, using various details and accessories. Special attention should be paid to the flowers that the girl will hold on the day of the wedding ceremony: size, choice of colors. If you decide to use a blue bridal bouquet, read about how to do it right. Just a couple of secrets - and it's done!

Tips for choosing a blue bridal bouquet

Only a brave girl can choose blue tones for a wedding composition, whose tastes are able to distinguish her from the general crowd of gray mass. However, in this matter, a careful approach to the design of flowers and colors is necessary, one should take into account many details and points that advantageously emphasize the blue emphasis on the overall white background of the wedding. Tips for choosing the right blue wedding bouquet for the bride:

General wedding concept with blue color

  • Be sure to think over a general wedding concept, which should include blue tones so that such a bouquet does not look like the only bright spot in the wedding image. You risk looking ridiculous, no one will understand such an idea.
  • The first thing you need to pay attention to is a wedding dress or some accessories: something must necessarily contain elements of blue color (garter, shoes, dress trim, hair elements, boutonniere of the groom and witnesses, etc.).
  • The restaurant interior should also be decorated in blue tones. Do not forget about the wedding floristry, which will accompany the decor of the wedding procession, boutonniere for guests, the design of the banquet table, etc..
  • Color spectrum

    Variety of colors in blue wedding colors

    A few tips to help you choose the right color scheme for your wedding composition:

    • White or yellow, and also pink, always goes well with blue. It is also beautiful to decorate a blue bouquet with golden details or light blue splashes.
    • Combine blue violets with red little roses in flowers for the bride, decorate it all with a string of white pearls.
    • To prevent blue flowers from merging with green buds, dilute the composition with white roses or branches with snow-white inflorescences.
    • If the wedding takes place in winter, then a blue bouquet on a background of snow-white snow is simply an ideal option. Add a few small details to the wedding dresses of the newlyweds - and you will get a simply unique romantic image.

    Flower size

    Florist experts say that in the total mass of the bouquet, the flowers of the blue palette visually look smaller compared to other flowers. Therefore, choose flowers so that the blue or blue buds are much larger both in size and in the number of those with which you are going to arrange the whole bouquet. So you emphasize not only the idea of ​​blue colors at the wedding, but also create a unique image of tenderness.

    The predominance of blue flowers in a bouquet

    The secret of blue flowers

    In fact, the secret of the blue flowers that florists sell to us is very simple: ordinary white roses are artificially painted with special blue paint. From this procedure, roses lose their freshness and may have a frayed appearance just a couple of hours after making a bouquet. If you decide to adhere to the concept of a blue bouquet at a wedding, then for these purposes it is better to choose other flowers, for example, violets, lavender, cornflowers, hydrangeas, hyacinths, chrysanthemums, etc..

    How to get blue roses

    What other colors will be appropriate in a blue bouquet?

    There are a lot of ideas on how to beautifully decorate and decorate a bride’s bouquet, decorated in blue colors. This color is wonderful combined with many types of color palette. Just imagine how white-blue gamma or red-blue looks beautiful, yellow or pink-blue colors will add brightness to your bouquet. Now consider in more detail.

    White and blue combination

    White and blue gamma is considered a classic combination. Therefore, such a bouquet will look beneficial in the winter against the background of white snow, a girl’s wedding dress. In addition, during compilation and selection, follow the advice of the florist and add white blotches of rose buds or other flowers to the blue inflorescences. So you get the perfect, and in addition incredibly beautiful bridal bouquet.

    A beautiful combination of white and blue

    Red blue

    Many people really like the combination of deep blue tones with rich red, so in this case, actively use red roses. They will serve as an excellent addition to the color scheme of blue violets, create a delicate, unique image, highlighting the figure of the bride from the total number of invited guests and other wedding girls in the registry office signing on the same day with you. Such a bouquet is suitable not only for a young girl, but also for a mature bride.

    Red-blue gamut of colors in a bouquet

    Yellow blue

    One of the brightest palettes, thanks to which you can create an original composition of beautiful flowers. Just imagine how strongly such an image will resemble a spring riot of colors, add your own romantic notes, add liveliness and richness to the colors of the total mass of any season. A wedding bouquet in this color scheme is able to attract attention to the bride, highlighting her from the crowd.

    Yellow and Blue Wedding Flowers

    Pink blue

    What could be more romantic than pink? This color scheme is most appropriate for a wedding celebration. Delicate pink tones will add glamor to your look and will not be too sugary due to the blue primary color. And in combination with blue, the future wife’s wedding bouquet will sparkle with interesting colors, emphasizing her delicate girlish nature.

    Pink and blue tones of wedding flowers

    How to make a bouquet in blue colors with your own hands?

    If all preparations for the upcoming wedding involve the absence of helpers, then the idea to make a bouquet in blue tones yourself will be a great idea. To do this, you will need some decor materials, several types of flowers and a little patience. Tips to help you create the perfect bridal bouquet in blue tones with your own:

  • First of all, decide on the flowers that you are going to combine in one bouquet. For the color scheme from the blue group, chrysanthemums, irises, hyacinths will come in handy; a beautiful blue shade will create a snowdrop. But here it all depends on the season in which you are going to hold a wedding celebration, so focus on the actual flowers of the corresponding time of the year.
  • Prepare in advance the decor and accessories that you will use to create a wedding bouquet for the bride: pearl strings, beads that you can stick to petals and inflorescences, sequins, tulle, satin, a plastic handle into which you will stick neatly trimmed stems. DIY wedding bouquet accessories
  • Try to create a compact form of a bouquet in the form of a ball, cut all the stems to the same length and carefully stack each flower to each other in tight order. Secure the design securely with wire, clamps so that the bouquet retains its perfect shape throughout the solemn day.
  • Do not load flowers with decorative elements, additional stems, because it will already look tasteless from the outside and hard for you: you simply won’t be able to carry a weighty composition in your hands all day.
  • There are additional tricks and secrets that experienced florists know to create a perfectly beautiful bouquet of flowers in blue shades with your own hand..
  • A bouquet for the bride, made in blue and blue tones, will be an unforgettable highlight in the image of a girl. He will not leave indifferent a single guest who even happened to be at your wedding. May he become a symbol of endless love, fidelity and devotion between the two lovers. Be original and unique, happiness to you in family life!