Autumn wedding bouquet - composition design ideas, photo


Autumn is a time of bright colors, a real riot of color: gold, orange, bronze, yellow, red, chocolate - this is her palette. This season, the wedding has a chance to become an unforgettable holiday, you just need to show a little imagination. Even the autumn rain will become the highlight of the celebration if you thoroughly prepare for it. Nature also took care of the wedding bouquet, which the resourceful bride will be able to collect on her own from fruits, ears, golden leaves..

Tips for choosing an autumn wedding bouquet

There is plenty to create an autumn bouquet from, because during this period the choice expands due to a wide range of autumn flowers:

  • dahlia;
  • asters;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • gerberas;
  • zinnia.

Think over the smallest details of your wedding arrangement before making a choice, and then it will be successful. Before buying a wedding bouquet, decide:

  • With shape. Popular fall songs are considered «waterfall» or circle. Round bouquet is more suitable for little girls, and it is better to order tall brides to order «waterfall», which visually removes a couple of centimeters of growth. If there is fantasy, then come up with an alternative form of your bouquet.
  • Composition. This is the most important point of the wedding arrangement. Stick to a certain color scheme so that the bouquet matches the style of the newlywed or a wedding celebration. Avoid too bright, flashy colors. It’s better when the bride stops at her favorite flowers, decorating them with autumn elements.
  • The smell should not be pronounced, otherwise the bride will have a headache. Even the most delicate aroma will cause discomfort during the day..
  • The meaning of the flowers is also important, therefore, before choosing certain flowers, ask if their symbolism suits you.
  • Original autumn bridal bouquet

    Color spectrum

    Florists say that for the autumn bouquet, the color scheme should be appropriate for the season. And the spectrum is very wide: terracotta, any shade of red, scarlet, bronze, orange, yellow, burgundy. The color scheme is selected in accordance with the outfit of the bride, and a bouquet is filled, depending on her preferences. The original color addition will be dried flowers, yellow sunflowers, oak golden leaves, small red ranetki, ripened rose hips or clusters of mountain ash.

    Let's look at several palettes that fit perfectly into the concept of a wedding bouquet. The favorites of the previous fall seasons are called saturated blue (electric) or purple. These shades go well with all pastel colors: cream, beige, pink, as well as orange or yellow. Fascinating autumn color combinations are yellow, orange, red. Such a versatile bouquet will complement the wedding with the atmosphere of a classic autumn. Florists in the autumn composition include orange chrysanthemums, bright dahlias and multi-colored zinnias.

    Orange and violet classic autumn combination

    The contrasting combination of red and green is based on symbols and metaphors. This color duo symbolizes the dynamic change of seasons. It coexists with a major summer ringing with a bewitching quiet autumn melody. Successful elements of this option will be anemones, aster, hydrangea. But authentic compositions look especially good in the fall: bouquets collected for ethnic reasons. Pumpkin, mountain ash, viburnum, sunflower - it is relevant and stylish.

    Flower size

    The shape of the bride’s autumn bouquet is no different from any other - it should not be too voluminous. If large flowers (gerberas, sunflowers) are used, then they need to be used in a small amount, complementing with stylish decor: viburnum branches or dried berries. Small flowers are often collected in the shape of a ball, and they are suitable for brides of short stature. It’s better for tall girls to order a falling autumn bouquet, which includes large and small flowers.

    There are many factors to choose the size of wedding flowers, and the main one is the shape of the wedding bouquet. In order to determine it, you need to know what forms are:

    • Round. Hemisphere composition with the correct lines. Large roses are often used for her.
    • Ball. It is based on a wire frame, to which the stems of the most different sizes of flowers are attached. A ribbon is passed through the entire structure, which the bride holds in her hand or hangs on her wrist.
    • Fan. Using a wire frame, a fan shape is created into which large flowers, rhinestones, lace, fabric, feathers, beads or any other decor are inserted.
    • Basket, coupling. They are braided on a wire frame in which buds of different sizes are fixed. This form is convenient to carry in hands, because the bride throws her hand inside the flower frame and wears it like a clutch.
    • Vegetative, in which there is a minimum of decor, and natural elements are included: ears of corn, dried berries, golden leaves, grains and even vegetables.
    • Structural. Florists add asymmetry to this form in order to obtain volume by successfully arranging small flowers, large leaves and stems of different sizes..
    • Glamelia. A fashionable form of a wedding bouquet that is created from a wire frame with rose petals, camellia or gladiolus.
    • Cascading. It is based on climbing plants or flowers with long stems. Compositions are in the form of an inverted drop, arc or waterfall.
    • A scepter in which long stems and flowers of different sizes are connected together.
    • Biedermeier. Composition with round shapes and closed loop, where the flowers are laid in rings that are located one in another.

    Wedding Biedermeier

    Decoration accessories

    An important element in creating the bride’s autumn bouquet is decor. Satin ribbons, plastic beads, lace or Swarovski crystals are used as decoration. However, the amount of jewelry should not distract attention from the bride herself, so make a bouquet so that it is moderate, creating only a frame for the girl. For a stylish autumn bouquet, florists advise taking natural decorations: twigs with berries, small apples or a small pumpkin.

    Autumn decor for the bride's bouquet

    Design options for bridal bouquets in the fall

    Often in the autumn we see the bride’s bouquet consisting of chrysanthemums, callas, gerberas and large dahlias. Roses of different shades, sizes, and flowers of sunflowers, which perfectly contrast with a white wedding dress, are also used in floral arrangements. The main difference between autumn palettes is the almost complete absence of greenery, but florists decorate wedding bouquets with dry ears, dry leaves of yellow or brown shades, as well as artificial leaves, beads, rhinestones, sparkles, if you want to give the bride a fabulous.

    The main thing to remember is that the autumn bouquet should not seem like a foreign object, but organically complement the style of the newlyweds. The groom’s boutonniere should also be a miniature copy of the bride’s wedding bouquet, so when ordering your composition from florists, do not forget about this important detail. An autumn bouquet is easy to create on your own if the bride has at least a drop of imagination.

    The combination of autumn flowers and leaves

    A wedding bouquet in the fall includes flowers that delight everyone with bright colors: calla lilies, dahlias, roses with orange-red-yellow leaves of trees. These shades serve as an emphasis on the background of a white wedding dress of the bride. Experiment with the texture and color of autumn leaves, combining what is considered incompatible - and you get an exclusive wedding bouquet.

    Autumn leaves for creative wedding composition

    Original notes in autumn floristry will be added with rosehip branches with fruits, bunches of grapes, physalis and acorns. They will become an autumn entourage, add special charm to flowers and dry bright leaves. Such compositions can be combined with satin ribbons of green, purple, gold or brown. A bride with a composition of a similar plan in wedding photos will look stunning!

    Mono-bouquet of different varieties of roses

    Among all the variety of flowers, brides prefer roses at any time of the year. These flowers are considered a luxurious decoration, so the floral catalogs of all florist shops will turn the head of any customer with a variety of their types. Monobouquets have become a real hit for weddings in recent years, combining seemingly incompatible shades of roses: red and lavender, cream and blue, purple and blue.

    Wedding mono-bouquet with luxurious roses

    Natural composition

    When choosing a floral arrangement for your wedding, take inspiration from nature. In the autumn, summer colors are replaced by bright colors, a game of contrasts and a riot of colors. Florists in autumn use a variety of herbs, twigs, berries and leaves of different colors in bouquets. Original look cereals that are complemented by colored beads or shiny rhinestones.

    Do not be afraid of saturated shades and rich colors, choose sunflowers, asters, chrysanthemums, decorating them with spikelets, berries, autumn leaves. Success will be guaranteed. Apples framed by autumn leaves and twigs of viburnum will not leave indifferent guests or passers-by. A bouquet of colorful autumn leaves, complemented by a miniature pumpkin, looks especially creative and bold..

    Natural materials for the bride's bouquet

    How to make an autumn bride bouquet with your own hands?

    It is not necessary to contact florists in the fall. Stylish autumn bouquet is easy to come up with and do it yourself. For this we need:

    • rose flower;
    • berries (mountain ash, rosehip, viburnum or St. John's wort);
    • white bovardia;
    • greenery;
    • frame;
    • ribbons: floristic, decorative;
    • twine.

    What do we do?

  • We collect in a bunch: rose, beauvardia, berries, greens. We wind it with a floral tape.
  • We put everything on the frame, wrap the handle with twine.
  • We decorate with a decorative ribbon and our autumn bouquet is ready!
  • Photos of beautiful wedding autumn bouquets of 2015

    This year's trend of wedding autumn compositions will be wildflowers. They will create an extremely tender duet with a wedding dress. Wild flowers are charming, natural and organically look together. Chamomiles, lilies, mallow, sunflowers, cornflowers, sweet peas are beautifully decorated with fern, ears of cereal or autumn grass, creating an idyllic nature for wedding floristics.

    Some flowers, which were undeservedly forgotten earlier, will again enter the wedding arena in the next fall season. These are many-faced dahlias - from luxurious pompons to simple chamomile, small-colored autumn asters that florists use as compositional filling. In our photo selection you will find several examples of floral arrangements for an autumn wedding in warm sand, burgundy, orange, yellow tones.