Wedding bouquet of gerberas - combination options, how to do it yourself, photo


An increasing number of brides are departing from the traditional canons and familiar details of wedding accessories. In particular, this applies to the wedding bouquet, which the groom gives the bride, as a symbol of consent to go with him down the aisle. If you choose a wedding bouquet of gerberas for this occasion, then this means only one thing: you are an outstanding person who is used to stand out with his bright appearance among the general mass. Read more about this flower read on.

The meaning and symbolism of gerberas in the bride's bouquet

Gerbera symbolizes the modesty of the bride, who is endowed with some zest of mystery. Still this kind of flowers suggests that its owner is a very positive person, cheerful, cheerful and humorous. These are so positive flowers that, looking at them, an association is created with a bright warm sun. Gerberas attach particular importance to the solemn image of a young person, creating an atmosphere of happiness around her.

The symbol of the gerbera in the world of flowers is the symbol of the sun's disk surrounded by dense rays of petals. This value gives the gerbera creative creative energy, so the bride who chose her for the wedding arrangement will get an excellent amulet. He will help the girl create a positive aura around her person, set the right direction for the beginning of her family life..

The association of the sun in the bride's bouquet with gerberas

Options for wedding bouquets from gerberas - photo

A gerbera itself can combine several colors and its only use in creating a wedding composition will not spoil the original and beautiful image of a wedding girl. However, for those who like to compose and mix the color scheme, use several types of plants in one bouquet, it is important to know which gerbera flowers will ideally combine:

  • During the arrangement of different colors, use green twigs, decorate the bride’s bouquet with irises, add bright decorative elements.

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  • To make the composition look stylish and not to look bulky, use no more than three different types of colors.
  • Carefully make sure that the color scheme of the wedding composition is combined. Contrast bright colors, compose by combining dark colors with light. If the bouquet uses an orange hue, then dilute the color palette with bright blue iris.

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  • You can make a bouquet in the ombre style by applying different shades of the same color: from dark to light or vice versa.
  • According to the rules of floristry, when composing the composition, large bright buds are placed in the center, and smaller flowers with a light shade go into the design, as if framing a bouquet.
  • It looks beautiful if the attribute of the bride will be made in the form of a cascade or rounded shape.

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Combination with Chrysanthemums and Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is such an exotic flower that has an unusual bright color with a peculiar pattern. This flowering is wonderful combined with gerberas, chrysanthemums and other types of flowers during the preparation of the wedding composition. By choosing this option of the bride’s bouquet, you will become an irresistible wedding girl in whose hands a beautiful combination of flowers in bright colors is collected. You will be just a magnet of attention.

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Arrangement of gerberas and red roses

Rose is a traditional wedding flower that symbolizes love, loyalty of a couple in love. If you combine a red rose with white gerberas in your composition, this will leave an incredibly beautiful bouquet of the bride, who wants to catch every unmarried girlfriend at the wedding. Dilute these flowers with a green twig with leaves, and they will sparkle with lively colors that attract special attention.

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Bouquet of gerberas and lilies

Making a wedding bouquet of gerberas and lilies will be an incredibly successful choice for girls who like the memorable aroma of these beautiful flowers. But be careful: lilies are so fragrant that your head may hurt from such a sharp aroma. From the outside, such an attribute in the hands of the bride looks very gentle, beautiful and gives a special charm to the overall image of the culprit of the wedding.

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Mono-bouquet of white or pink gerberas

As everyone has long known, white is a symbol of purity, innocence and sincerity of a married girl. Choosing only this color scheme for the bride’s bouquet, you emphasize the peculiarity of your chaste image, show how sincerely you relate to this event. If your choice fell in the direction of pink, then this means that you are a romantic, fragile personality, your femininity conquers everyone. Delicate pink color goes well with the white wedding dress of the beautiful bride.

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Do-it-yourself workshop for creating a bouquet

Gerbera is a flower endowed with the ability to maintain its freshness for a long time after cutting it. Therefore, if you chose it for your wedding bouquet, then this option will be extremely correct and the flowers will not fade even the day after the wedding. But you can always create a beautiful composition with these wonderful flowers yourself, the main thing is to stock up on some attributes of floral tricks. Next, you will find a short master class on creating a wedding bouquet with your own hands..

  • Step one: preparing flowers for decoration. Before proceeding with the arrangement of the bouquet, each flower must be filled with fresh water for 6 hours so that it does not lose its appearance during the celebration. This is done in the following way:
  • Go to the flower shop for a purchase «Chrizal» (special floristic product). It will need to be added to the water tank.?Chrysalis for cut flowers
  • Take gerberas without removing the nets from the buds (if any), and insert them into the cardboard plate, stringing the stem to the inflorescence. To do this, you need to cut holes in the cardboard so as not to hurt the stems of the flowers.
  • As a result, it turns out that the gerbera heads comfortably lie on the cardboard, as if in limbo. In this position, putting cardboard on the walls of the tank, put flowers in water.
    • After filling the flowers with water, proceed to carefully placing the gerberas in a neat bouquet. A special technique is used for this: lay each stalk close to each other, make sure that all buds are on the same level. Give the bouquet a rounded shape. And for decor, add twigs of green inflorescences, various floristry accessories: nets, beads, lenses, etc..
    • To bond the stems, it is important to use a natural fabric to knit and beautifully design the flowers. This is necessary so that the bouquet does not suffocate. An alternative is a thin wire..

    The principle of binding stems in a bouquet

    • On top of such a natural tie, you can already use a bright ribbon to beautifully design the lower part.
    • Extra tip: you can mix gerberas with other flowers of various shades, for example, roses, lavender, freesia, tulips, callas, daisies.

    How to make a beautiful bouquet of gerberas brides

    Gerbera flowers are unpretentious, so their versatility allows you to perform original compositions without resorting to the services of a professional florist. Carefully study the tips and recommendations of florists, connect your imagination, use your favorite color scheme, additional types of flowers and enjoy the hand-made design of a bouquet for the bride.