Wedding bouquet with his hands, the idea of making step-by-step master class with photo


DIY wedding bouquet

The tradition of giving the bride wedding flowers is very ancient: even in ancient Greece, the newlywed walked to the altar, holding in her hands the branches of an orange tree and ivy. It was a symbol of wealth and eternal love that awaited a new family. In ancient Egypt, the composition of the bride was made using sprigs of garlic and fragrant rosemary, which promised the newlyweds a happy and rich life together. The modern bride and groom is more fortunate, because she is not limited by the rigid framework of superstitions and can make wedding flowers with her own hands using anything.

How to make a bouquet of fresh flowers: step by step instructions

The happiest day in the life of a young couple should be impeccable in everything, and there are no trifles here. An important element of the ceremony is the bride’s wedding flower arrangement: she first holds her in her arms, and then throws her into the crowd for luck in her personal life, a lucky woman who will catch a bouquet. You can purchase this accessory, however it is much more pleasant to do it yourself. Do-it-yourself wedding bouquet with fresh flowers will be the most unique and inimitable.

Bouquet with fresh flowers for the bride

Necessary materials

To make your own wedding flowers you will need such materials:

Necessary materials for a wedding bouquet

  • 3 white chrysanthemums;
  • 7 white hydrangeas;
  • packaging of natural twine;
  • packing of brown wire for flowers;
  • a spool of brown organza ribbon with a width of 5 cm;
  • secateurs;
  • office buttons.

Stages of creation

  • We cut off all leaves closer to the stem with a secateurs. We make three hydrangeas together to make a triangle. We attach three more hydrangeas, placing them on the sides of the triangle a little lower. In the center there will be a small place for the last hydrangea flower. We place the last flower a little higher than the others so that the shape looks a little rounder.
  • Add three chrysanthemums closer to the center so that they make an open triangle, that is, not close to each other.

  • At the top we wind with a floristic wire. The ends of the stems equal secateurs.

  • Wrap tightly with organza, at the top we fasten the ribbon with a button.

  • Loose twine over organza.

  • Through the weave of twine we pass the remainder of the floristic wire.

DIY wedding brooch-bouquet

Do-it-yourself brooch wedding bouquets conquer many brides with its originality, beauty. It takes a lot of work and time to produce and design them, but the result will certainly make you happy. Such flowers look very festive, bright, spectacular and most importantly - unique. You can keep it as long as you like, because it will not lose its charms.

DIY brooch bouquet for the bride

Necessary materials

To make a bouquet with your own hands you will need the following:

  • pliers;
  • floristic wire;
  • about 80 brooches;
  • glue gun or glue;
  • artificial flowers;
  • tape or floristic tape;
  • safety pins;
  • satin ribbon.

Stages of creation

  • We clean brooches with soapy water and an old toothbrush, dry thoroughly.
  • For each brooch, we use a wire to make a stalk, while for each accessory you will have to come up with your own mount.
  • We wrap each stalk with teip tape so that the wire is hidden from the eyes.
  • We divide the artificial flowers into petals, with a glue gun attached two petals to the bottom of each brooch.
  • We collect 5 brooches, fasten together with a teyp tape, then fix them as they are added so that they hold firmly in place. Make sure you get a spherical shape. Insert some artificial colors to dilute the composition..
  • When the wedding bouquet is ready, trim the stems.
  • We wrap the stems with a satin ribbon, starting from the bottom. Add additional decor in the form of pendants or beads if desired.

Bouquet ball of satin ribbons

Do-it-yourself wedding balloon bouquet is a unique composition. It looks very stylish, and you can choose the size, color and components as you wish. With this composition, the bride will be extraordinary and unique. A bouquet made using satin ribbons will not dry out, will not fade and will delight you with its appearance for many years. The following step-by-step instructions will help you create a unique composition..

Necessary materials

To make a wedding bouquet with your own hands, you will need such materials:

  • dense fabric such as canvas or canvas;
  • satin ribbons of pink or other colors;
  • scissors;
  • threads
  • needles;
  • handle, base in the form of a foam ball;
  • beads, beads, lace, other decorative elements for decoration.

Stages of creation

  • On the canvas we draw a circle that will serve as the basis for the flowers.
  • Cut the circle, cut along the radius line, fold it at an angle of 30 degrees. Sew to make a wide cone.
  • Sew the edge of the satin ribbon on top of the cone, fasten on all sides.
  • Fold the tape with an angle, fix it again - the first petal is ready.
  • Again it is necessary to fold the tape with a corner, fasten with a thread.
  • We continue to form a rose in the same way, fold the ribbon with corners, fixing it.
  • When you reach the edge of the base, cut off the ribbon, bend it under a rose. We do another 5-11 buds.
  • We wrap the base with satin ribbons, fasten a foam ball. Glue the finished satin roses on it. Decorate with beads.

What wedding bouquets you can do yourself

DIY wedding bouquet is the main floral element of the bride. You can make completely different compositions using paper, artificial, natural flowers, beads, ribbons, other materials:

  • mini bouquet is a small composition;
  • round ball-shaped bouquet;
  • cascading composition that hangs down;
  • ball-shaped ribbon;
  • vertical composition, composed using flowers on long legs;
  • a bouquet of arbitrary shape;
  • a large flower, which is made manually from individual petals;
  • original forms in the form of a fan, a belt, a handbag, etc..

DIY bouquets for the bride

Bead and bead

If you want to impress everything with a beautiful, exclusive, unusual bouquet, pay attention to such material for its compilation as beads, beads. Compared with fresh flowers, this composition has several advantages:

  • he will withstand all weather tests;
  • the bouquet will be exclusive, composed according to your wishes;
  • he will stay with you for life as a memory of the happiest day.

DIY wedding bouquet with beaded flowers

Corrugated paper bride's bouquet

A variety of flowers made with corrugated paper can serve as the basis for a floral arrangement. This material allows you to create a variety of forms. They look very cute and relevant, suitable for the triumph of any style, direction. A wide selection of corrugated paper in different colors makes it possible to realize the most daring creative ideas.

Bridal bouquet made of paper flowers

Using artificial flowers

A bridal bouquet made using artificial flowers with your own hands is very durable. He will survive a many-hour walk, a photo shoot, a stuffy restaurant, any weather conditions. At the end of the celebration, the bouquet will not lose its splendor, and you do not have to worry about the flowers breaking or wilting. After the wedding, the bride will be able to keep the bouquet for a long memory. In addition, with different shapes and shades of artificial colors, you can safely experiment.

Bridal bouquet of artificial flowers

Artificial flowers in a bridal bouquet

Wedding bouquet of cones and sweets

Do-it-yourself wedding bouquets made using sweets are considered an original, interesting solution that will attract attention. It is suitable for those brides who are allergic to pollen. There are many options for composing such a composition: mono-bouquets with expensive sweets, with treats made to order, with funny candies. Such compositions can fit into a wedding of various subjects..

Cones are a symbol of winter, so they are great for making a bouquet for a winter wedding. In addition, such compositions successfully fit into the wedding of an ethnic or rustic style. They can be fir, deciduous, pine, cedar, spruce. Cones in combination with red berries, spruce branches look very beautiful and bright. Such compositions are conventionally divided into two categories:

  • Cones made with cones, decorated with a minimum of other elements.
  • Prefabricated compositions, where cones are not the only element. Such bouquets may include fern, flowers, spikelets, spruce branches, berries, artificial materials..

Bouquets with sweets and cones for the bride

Video: a drop-shaped bouquet master class

Drop-down bouquets in the shape of a drop - festive, solemn, look great with lush, silhouette dresses. Such compositions can be strict, classic, emphasizing the playfulness of the bride with their slightly disheveled appearance. The form itself originated in England and has become very popular among modern brides. The presented video clearly demonstrates the process of creating such a variant of the bouquet. It has a slightly loose structure, which makes it look graceful and airy..