Bridal bouquet from brooches - advantages, step-by-step master class with photo


Bouquets of brooches are considered a new trend in floristry and wedding fashion. This unusual and beautiful masterpiece of art perfectly complements the image of the bride, in harmony with her dress, veil, shoes and other accessories. Bouquets made of brooches can sparkle with incredible colors, attracting the attention of others and causing rave reviews. This attribute will accompany the bride throughout the wedding, and after it will become a family heirloom that you can give to children or grandchildren.

Wedding Brooch Bouquet

The benefits of a brooch bouquet at a wedding

An alternative to traditional wedding flowers is brooch bouquets. This accessory will make a bright accent on the bride’s style, adding a touch of mystery and originality to the image of the bride and groom. This bouquet has one main advantage - it will not fade on the wedding day and will for many years remind you of the joyful, happy event of your life. The brooches that adorn the wedding masterpiece will be able to complement the interior of the newlyweds apartment and create a romantic atmosphere. Also among the advantages of brooch bouquets are the following:

  • Brooch bouquets do not cause allergies to the bride.
  • Such a composition is suitable for a winter wedding, as jewelry flowers will not lose their appearance due to weather conditions.
  • Elements of this accessory will shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, surprising others.
  • The individual design of the brooch-bouquet provides the bride with a guarantee of receiving a unique masterpiece, an analogue of which does not exist.
  • The bouquet may consist of jewelry that belonged to mom or grandmother. Such an accessory will become a charm for the bride at the wedding.
  • You can take a brooch bouquet with you on your honeymoon for an original photo shoot.
  • Brooch bouquet for the bride

    A handmade accessory will become a subject of pride for the bride and an expression of her individuality. Throughout the celebration, the bride will be accompanied by a brooch-bouquet, which until the end of the evening will not lose its beauty. If the bride adheres to the tradition that unmarried girlfriends need to throw the bouquet at the end of the wedding, experts offer two options for this custom:

  • A brooch bouquet is significantly different in weight from a bunch of traditional flowers. Therefore, an abandoned bouquet can cause injuries to girls who are trying to catch it. To avoid such situations, the bride needs to have in stock a second small bouquet-understudy made of fresh flowers.
  • If the bride at the end of the wedding decided to leave the brooch-bouquet, then there is an alternative to the tradition of throwing an accessory. The new custom is also suitable for identifying an unmarried girlfriend who will soon be married. For this, the bride takes a brooch-bouquet and ribbons in her hand according to the number of friends. Each girl should take a ribbon and pull on herself. That girlfriend who got the bouquet should keep it at home.
  • Bride with a brooch bouquet

    Master class: how to make a DIY brooch bouquet

    Modern brides try to transform their wedding using unusual accessories. With the help of this master class, you will learn how to independently create an incredible bouquet that catches the eyes of invited guests. Before starting work, specialists in the manufacture of such wedding masterpieces recommend that you adhere to the following tips:

  • In order for a brooch bouquet to be combined with your wedding, choose the main color for crafts to match your celebration.
  • Before creating a bouquet of brooches, you need to decide how the final result will look. Think over the shape and size of the product, as well as determine the length of the legs.
  • The boutonniere for the groom needs to be stylized as a bride’s bouquet and also made of brooches.
  • The witness's bouquet should be in harmony with the accessories of the newlyweds.
  • White wedding brooch bouquet

    Each bride can make this work of art if she carefully follows all the steps of the master class. To get a high-quality and original masterpiece, you need to be patient. It will take you from several weeks to a month to create a bouquet of brooches. The duration of manufacture depends on the need for careful selection of materials that would be combined among themselves in style, color, shade.

    Purple bouquet for the bride

    The necessary materials for crafts

    To convey all the chic and sparkle of a brooch bouquet, use atlas, beads, beads, stones, crystals, guipure, lace, organza to make it. With the help of these materials you can add luxury to your unique floral masterpiece. A brooch bouquet can be monochrome or combine several shades. This season, experts recommend the use of turquoise, violet, red, purple, white. To make a bouquet of brooches you need to prepare the following tools and materials:

  • Thermal gun. This device will help to glue small and large details of the bouquet among themselves. Thermal adhesive has a transparent color, which allows connecting elements without visible traces. The result of this procedure is strong and durable..
  • Floristic wire. For one wedding bouquet, you will need to prepare a skein of green wire. This material will be used to secure brooches, flowers and beads..
  • Scissors. They must be durable so that you can cut floristic wire apart from fabric parts..
  • Tongs, nippers, pliers. These are necessary tools to help you secure a metal brooch or cut several layers of wire..
  • Beads, beads. Such small elements will complement the wedding composition and give a bouquet of tenderness. Pink or cream color is popular this season..
  • Jewelry. To make a bouquet luxurious, choose brooches with precious stones or metal.
  • Bijouterie. More economical, but no less beautiful, is considered the decor of a bouquet of jewelry. You can review the contents of your home casket and choose brooches, earrings, lockets, rings, pendants, cufflinks, pendants. For one bouquet you will need approximately 45-50 products. If you haven’t found so many accessories at home, visit a jewelry store and find the right items..
  • Materials for making a brooch bouquet

    Prepared tools and materials must be placed on the desktop, leaving all the necessary details in front of you. Get started after you decide on the color and shape of the bouquet. The whole process of creating a wedding masterpiece should take place in a good and positive mood. Your state of mind will transmit positive energy to a bouquet that will bring good luck on the day of the celebration..

    Brooches for the bride’s bouquet

    Making a flower of satin ribbons

    In order for the wedding bouquet to keep its shape and volume, you need to make satin flowers. Such elements can complement the composition, giving the masterpiece sentimentality. Roses of white, cream or scarlet color are suitable for a brooch bouquet. To make one flower, you will need a 75 cm satin ribbon 5 cm wide, a needle, thread and scissors. The execution technique includes several stages:

  • Take a satin ribbon and scorch the edges.
  • Then the upper left corner of the tape must be bent down and ironed by hand. The atlas lends itself well to such fixation, maintaining the desired shape.
  • Twist the bent corner gradually inward. Perform this step carefully so as not to damage the tape..
  • Fix the resulting tube with a thread.
  • Spin the remaining ribbon around this tube, gently forming rose petals.
  • Using the entire tape, fix the resulting bud with a thread.
  • It will take you about a minute to complete one satin rose. Then, similarly, create 30-40 flowers that you can place on the wedding bouquet.
  • For each rose you need to make a stem. Take the floristic wire and cut 15 cm.
  • Form a small loop at its end.
  • With a thermal gun, put a drop of glue on the loop, and then firmly press the base of the flower. After a minute, the rose dries, after which you can use it to form a bouquet.
  • Repeat this step with all prepared roses..
  • Satin rose for the bride's bouquet

    Bead Decor

    For the decor of brooch bouquets, you can use beads, beads of different sizes and shades. These elements blend well with satin roses and vintage brooches. If you decide to use beads for decoration, then choose gold or silver shades. With the help of such flowers you can create the illusion of small dew on the petals of satin roses. There are two options for decorating with beads:

  • Separate items. To do this, take a bead of large diameter and fix it on the floristic wire, forming a dense stem. Do the same with 20 beads..
  • Hanging beads. The decor of the bottom of the bouquet can be done with hanging beads. To do this, you need to take a dense fishing line and put on it 10 beads of the same color. Tie the ends of the fishing line together or fasten with a thermal gun.
  • Beads for a wedding bouquet of brooches

    We collect all the details

    The brooches that you prepared to create the bouquet must be thoroughly wiped with alcohol. This will help to remove all dirt, dust that could fall between the jewelery stones. Then take the floristic wire and glue it to the base of each brooch. After the details have dried, we begin to form a composition. To make the bouquet beautiful, adhere to the following tips:

  • All prepared elements are gradually assembled into a common composition. Place large parts around the edges, and small parts should be placed closer to the middle.
  • First, collect all the stems of satin roses in a bundle and fix them with a wire. Then place single beads and beads between the flowers.
  • After that, place the prepared brooches in random order throughout the shape of the bouquet.
  • Fasten the composition knob with a satin ribbon and wrap it with lace.
  • Store the finished brooch bouquet in a vase before the wedding.
  • Collection of brooch-bouquet of the bride

    Photo of beautiful wedding bouquets from brooches