Bridal bouquet at portbuketnitsa, manufacturing options, step-by-step master class, photo


One of the main symbols of the wedding celebration is the bride’s bouquet. Modern girls take his choice very seriously. In organizing the holiday, the bride seeks to do everything in a special way to create her own fairy tale. And the flowers must match her desires and dreams. The bride’s bouquet at the portbuketnitsa is considered the most fashionable. It is lightweight, compact, and you can easily make such a composition with your own hands..

Beautiful bouquets for the bride and groom at portbuketnitsa

The benefits of a bouquet in portbuketnitsa

Flower arrangement for the bride in portbuketnitsa has many advantages. Here are the main advantages:

  • The ability to choose any flowers - small and large, buds and blossoms, field and greenhouse, even indoor potted options. Everything that the bride came up with is easy to place on the portbuketnitsa.
  • Compactness. Each bouquet received will not be very large, since the base itself is not large. Flowers are easy to hold with one hand, they will not interfere throughout the wedding day.
  • Durability. Since the portbuketnitsa has the opportunity to mount the oasis, the flowers will have a fresh, lively appearance for a long time and will decorate not only the first holiday, but also the following.
  • Easy to create. With a great desire, every bride can make a flower bouquet on her own, it’s not necessary to contact the masters.
  • Variation. Do not make a bouquet on a portbuketnitsa standard. Due to the fact that there is a special mount for each bud, the ability to trim the legs, your composition can get a completely unexpected design.
  • In what cases is it better to abandon it?

    There are times when, instead of a bouquet at a portbuketnitsa, brides prefer a different design for a floral arrangement. They have their own reasons for this, for example, the desire to hold flowers for their direct stems, and not for a plastic leg. Or when the bride and groom prepares several bouquets for the celebration: for painting or for a party. Then there is the opportunity to make different options for bouquets - let one be on the portbuketnitsa, and the second - without it.

    If you chose an artificial flower arrangement with rhinestones, stones, butterflies, then the base is simply not required. Often, these elements are mounted on a metal wire and tied at the bottom with fabric ribbons. If the bride selects several live stems, it is better to arrange them without using additional fastening. Just tie such a wedding bouquet with a satin ribbon, and don’t use a portbasket.

    DIY bridal bouquet

    How to make a bouquet in a portbuketnitsa do it yourself?

    When creating a bouquet for the bride and groom, it is important to take into account every moment: a young dress, a suit of the groom, jewelry, wedding decoration style. It’s not difficult to make a flower arrangement on your own; moreover, you can realize any of your wedding fantasies. All that is needed to create a classic bouquet at the portbuketnitsa is a great desire and a minimum amount of materials:

    DIY bouquets for the bride at portbuketnitsa

    • portbuketnitsa;
    • a little oasis (sponge to absorb water);
    • ribbon for decorating pens;
    • twisted lace;
    • decorative pins;
    • double adhesive tape;
    • glue gun;
    • secateurs (clippers);
    • pieces of copper wire.

    You are not limited in the colors for the wedding arrangement, but more often for this occasion are used: roses, peonies, ornithogalum arabicum, shepherd’s bag greens, Italian ruscus, aspidistra sheets. It is allowed to take any variants of beautiful plants that, in your opinion, will look good in a festive bouquet. Such flowers must be left for the groom’s boutonniere, which is also easy to perform..

    Bridal bouquet at portbuketnitsa: master class

  • Preparation of portbuketnitsa. We remove the protective grill and take out an oasis that must be immersed in a container of water so that it absorbs the liquid. A sponge should absorb a large amount of water to maintain moisture in plants and flowers in a bouquet. When the oasis sinks, it means that it is complete. The leg of the portbuketnitsa needs to be filled with material from the flow of water, for this paper towels are used. We take out the oasis and set it in its original place, fix it with wire.
  • Decoration of the legs of the bouquet. We cut the leaves of the aspidistra into several even parts and glue them with adhesive tape. You need to lay out sheets to each other and with an overlap. Wrap the leg with decorative tape, and fix the edge with a glue gun. If it seems to you that the pen looks simple, you can additionally decorate it with sparkles or beads. In the wedding flower arrangement of the bride, the main color scheme of the whole event should be used.
  • Making flowers is the most interesting work. Here you can fantasize, as you wish: they are allowed to lay out in a circle or push off from the center. You should not get carried away with greenery, it should not overshadow the flowers, but it should be a lot to create the effect of naturalness. You can decorate the wedding bouquet with sparkles and crystals, and use lacquer to create sparkle. To keep the flowers fresh for a long time, their stems need to be cut at an angle and leave the stem about 5-7 cm in size.

    Master class on creating a bouquet without portbuketnitsa

    If you prefer a wedding arrangement without portbuketnitsy, do it yourself. For the proper preparation of the bouquet, it is important to consider their symbolism. For a wedding event, you can use both natural and artificial flowers. They should fit dynamically into the style. If the flowers are natural, it is important to maintain their original fresh appearance for a longer time. Consider the sequence of creating a newlywed's floral arrangement.

    Necessary materials

    • white hydrangeas with long stems - 7 pcs.;
    • white chrysanthemums with long stems - 3 pcs.:
    • 1 pack of floristic wire;
    • 1 pack of fabric tape - its color should match the wire;
    • 1 pack of twine of the same color;
    • office buttons;
    • secateurs.

    Floral arrangements for the bride and groom in portbuketnitsa

    Stages of creation

  • Secateurs cut leaves from stems. Pick up three hydrangeas and put them in a bouquet in the form of a triangle.
  • Take a few more and attach them a little lower than the first.
  • Insert the last flower in the middle, make it higher than the rest, so you will give a roundness to the wedding bouquet.
  • Place chrysanthemums symmetrically between hydrangeas, preferably closer to the center. They will create a general background and saturation in the wedding composition..
  • In order for the stems to be collected in a bouquet, they need to be wrapped with wire in three places: bottom, top and center.
  • Trim flower legs with pruning shears.
  • Step back a couple of centimeters from the bud and wrap the stems with tape. Attach its edge with a button or a beautiful stone.
  • Wrap the stems with twine. Do not be afraid to use it all, turn on the fantasy. The more twine is wound, the thicker the base will be and the wedding bouquet will be easier to hold.
  • Photo of beautiful bouquets in portbuketnitsa and without it

    To determine exactly the desired wedding composition, look at already implemented ideas. The examples of bouquets in the photo below will lead you to the idea of ​​what your choice should be. It has everything - unexpected solutions, different color schemes, beautiful and unusual color options. When choosing a composition for a wedding, take note of the following florist tips:

    • The shape of the wedding bouquet can be any - square, rectangular, oval. The most commonly used round portbuketnitsa and the corresponding bouquet in the end.
    • Before you make a composition of flowers, you need to trim the ends at an angle so that the plant is well fed.
    • Combine the options for greens by color, and not by type. A bouquet of roses and peonies of the same shade looks beautiful.
    • Do not be afraid to use different decorations for the pen or for the flowers themselves. Satin bows, lace ruffles, brooches of gold and silver, rhinestones, stones look very good.

    Wedding bouquets on a portbuketnitsa