Winter wedding bouquet - which one to choose and how to do it yourself, photo


The bride’s bouquet for the winter wedding should be seasonal. It is advisable for him to use plants that can withstand the test of frost, a cold wind and a long photo shoot on the street. Least of all, flowers of bright, warm and frankly cold shades react to low temperature. Therefore, in a winter wedding bouquet it is better to add gerberas, chrysanthemums, coneflowers, succulents or ferns. Gypsophila flowers similar to snowflakes, as well as orange blossom, physalis, astilba will give a special charm to the bouquet.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a wedding bouquet

In winter, everything is white: snow, the bride’s dress, the groom’s wedding suit, and if you choose white wedding flowers, only white will be visible in the photographs. A sensible choice would be bright flowers of some super stylish shape with winter decorations. Only those elements that do not deteriorate throughout the ceremony are added to the wedding bouquet.

Carnations have a lot of chances to endure frost

Color spectrum

Even if you are not a professional florist, you can still create the perfect winter wedding bouquet. To do this, you should adhere to the basic rules:

  • Contrasting combinations. You should use warm and cold shades in one bouquet, for example: combine orange gerbera and blue irises or soft pink small flowers with large lilac.
  • Similar combinations. Use the colors of the rainbow that are nearby, for example, red and yellow, green and blue, or blue and purple. It is not necessary to take each color in half, even if one dominates - it will be even more spectacular.
  • Monochromatic combinations. This means that flowers with different shades may predominate, for example, a bouquet will look great in which roses are selected with a smooth transition from dark pink to pale pink.
  • Polychromatic combinations. They are also called rainbow when all colors are used together, but here you need to observe some conditions:
  • combinations of lilac with red, violet with orange, yellow with blue may be too flashy, so it is advisable to choose pale shades of these colors;
  • you need to select several primary colors, and then add “subordinates” to avoid their even distribution.

Monochromatic combination of flowers in a bridal bouquet

The form

There are a huge number of forms of winter wedding bouquets, the main thing is that they blend perfectly with the bride's dress. Florists embody absolutely any fantasies of the newlyweds. Different forms are used on the stem or base, it is possible to choose any style: gentle, extravagant, mischievous or classic. The following forms are more demanded:

  • conical;
  • coupling;
  • bracelet;
  • oval;
  • round.

Bridal bouquet clutch is popular in the West

Decoration accessories

Silver threads, cones or coniferous branches will give a truly winter shade to any bouquet for a wedding. Professionals decorate flowers with mother-of-pearl beads, rhinestones, pink pepper berries, twigs, shiny balls. A popular version of a bouquet for a wedding is the complete absence of fresh flowers in it. For example, it is made up with cones, brooches, beads and twigs. This unusual, but stylish option will save the bride from the worries that during the ceremony or photo shoot her fresh flowers will fade..

Winter bridal bouquet of cones

DIY workshop for a winter wedding bouquet

A winter wedding bouquet of buttons has long taken root in the West, but with us he also managed to take root deeply. This is a bright, unfading version that perfectly replaces the traditional bouquet of the bride with fresh flowers. Such a bouquet will be an excellent choice for those who are open to everything new and not afraid to experiment. To make a similar wedding attribute, we need:

  • different colors and shapes of buttons;
  • teip tape floristic;
  • wire;
  • nippers, pliers;
  • glue gun;
  • portbuketnitsa;
  • flowers made of fabric, lace, beads, feather, ribbons, felt.

First, we determine the color scheme of our winter wedding bouquet. If it contains exclusively buttons, then we put all the lace and other decor aside. Then do it step by step, as shown in the photo:


  • We lay out the buttons in color and size, and then push them on the wire. We put through a hole on a straight wire, first a large button, and then - as the size decreases.
  • We bend the wire in the middle, threading it into another hole of all buttons, and then tighten the loop so that the buttons snug against each other.
  • To avoid hanging buttons on the rope, wrap the ends of the wire with pliers until they stop.
  • We wrap the resulting element with a teyp tape, giving each part a more attractive look. Further, a bouquet is formed from the totality of such elements.

Original bouquets for creative brides

How to make a bouquet of cones

For a wedding photo shoot, a bouquet is a must. But so that fresh flowers do not lose freshness, and photos turn out successful, it is better to add materials that do not respond to frost to the bride’s bouquet, for example, Christmas tree cones.

Options for the bride’s winter bouquets (photo)

When choosing the main wedding attribute for the bride, one should take into account the shades of the dress, the color of the skin and eyes, as well as the hair of the bride. The design is complemented by winter elements: decorative snowflakes, fur, lace, natural pearls or artificial flowers. Whichever option you choose, it is better if the flower design is entrusted to a professional florist who knows how to find the perfect combination of durability, shade, shape, and decor. Only in this case, the newlyweds can be sure that the flowers will not fade and will not fall apart in the middle of the wedding ceremony.

From carnations

The Russians did not use carnations at weddings before, but this tradition is rapidly gaining momentum. After all, cloves are a symbol of love, freedom, purity, fidelity. White carnation will look perfect in the hands of a cheerful bride. Yellow - suitable for a brave girl who loves eccentricity and does not believe in superstition. Red carnation will complement the character of the leader girl, but if you add a little the same white flowers to her, the bride’s image will be passionate and tender. A clove with an orchid emphasizes sophistication and luxury, because an orchid is an expensive pleasure.

Yellow carnation is a symbol of wisdom and friendship

With cotton and cones

Cotton is perfect for the bride’s winter bouquet. Its airy boxes will add an image of tenderness, and cones will remind of the time of year. When choosing cotton, it is important not to make a mistake with the degree of readiness of the boxes, because unripe cotton is brown lumps that will never become fluffy white clouds. Choose fully opened boxes that look like clumps of snow-white tangled cotton, and this bouquet will stand in your bedroom for many years, recalling the wedding day.

Cotton and cones are ideal materials for a bouquet

From peonies and branches of a Christmas tree

Florists often use peonies with spruce branches at weddings. Although these are summer flowers, in combination with sprigs of needles, they create a harmonious blow that symbolizes eternal love and material well-being. Winter peonies are brought from afar and they are smaller than their summer counterparts, but along with the New Year's decor in the hands of the bride, such a bouquet looks amazing.

Newlyweds winter bouquet: peonies and fir branches

From red gerbera, with berries of hypericum and mountain ash

Looking at the photo of wedding bouquets with gerberas, everyone understands why these flowers are the sales leaders for modern wedding days. They are expressive and absolutely do not need decor. But if you want to make a note of warmth in a winter cold wedding, attach a sprig of mountain ash and hypericum berries to the red gerberas. You will receive a real work of art that will have no analogues. This bouquet of the bride will be remembered by all for a long time..

Bridal bouquet: hyperinkum and gerbera