Bright wedding bouquet for the bride: ideas for compiling and combining flowers with photos


Bright wedding bouquet

It is difficult to imagine the image of the bride without a beautiful wedding bouquet, this accessory has become an integral part of the holiday outfit. Each girl tries to choose a floral arrangement that will be in harmony with the dress, make-up, other details of the image, and is also able to talk about her character and relationships with her future spouse. A bright wedding bouquet will be a wonderful decoration of a bold, romantic nature, who is not afraid to demonstrate original taste to others. See below for ideas on designing these accessories and attribute shades..

Options for vivid bridal wedding bouquets

In recent years, girls have a tendency to conduct experiments with a wedding image - you can often find a colored veil in them, accents on the dress in the form of bright embroidery, ribbons, bows or rhinestones, the unusual colors of the dress itself - red, orange, blue and others. To emphasize the colorful details of the decoration, the hero of the occasion should choose a spectacular bouquet that will ideally harmonize with them in tone. The accessory can be the same color as the bright elements of the outfit, or a different shade that goes well with dazzling accents.

However, not always a bright bouquet is selected for the color details of the image. If the dress of the newlywed is snow-white, cream, light pink, sand or other light shade, the accessory will only emphasize the beauty of the outfit with its contrast. The newlywed should make a bouquet to the pastel colors of the decoration or add very few colors so that the flower arrangement is not the only accent, for example - make yourself the appropriate manicure, wear jewelry with stones of a suitable shade, choose colored shoes or decorate the wedding dress with a belt.

Bright multi-colored bouquets of the bride

To make the bouquet bright, the future wife does not need to use exceptionally catchy colors. Skillfully combining juicy shades with soft pastel colors, an experienced florist is able to make a real work of art that will attract the attention of guests and remain a colorful memory in photographs from the celebration. In this accessory, along with red, orange, purple, blue or yellow, white, light pink, pale blue, lilac, cream and other pale colors may be present.

Separately, the bride should think about the shape of the bouquet, because a bright accessory can both emphasize the beauty of the wedding dress and visually deform the figure. To avoid trouble, the future spouse should study the existing types of floral attributes and choose the one that is ideal for the dress and physique. What are the forms of bouquets of the bride and groom:

  • Biedermeier. Flowers in this attribute are arranged in rings, so the Biedermeier has a clear outline, looks elegant and restrained, this option is not too heavy and keeps fresh for a long time. The accessory is perfect for any dress, emphasizes the beauty of both low and high brides.
  • Scepter. Plants are selected exclusively with long legs, which are tightly tied with ribbons. Such an attribute is worn on the elbow, it looks refined, but differs in fragility. Fits tall girls with dresses with a relatively narrow cut.
  • Cascading or teardrop-shaped bouquet. There are several types of floral arrangements — long, medium, short, symmetrical and asymmetrical, lush and with clearly defined edges. Worn at waist level, held with both hands. Perfect for tall girls in long dresses, but short cascades can look good on low brides.
  • Glamelia. Florists make this composition with the help of petals of 15-20 plants, gluing them so that one large flower is obtained. Glamelia looks original, its weight is light, and the shape fits any wedding dress and any physique.
  • Structural. The same Biedermeier, only the plants are not stacked so smoothly, which makes the accessory more natural. Suitable for all girls.
  • Vegetative. Florists try to make such an attribute as natural and natural as possible, and therefore the flowers in it look as if they were only cut and hastily collected, but there is a lot of work behind visual simplicity. Its shape can be different, and therefore the bouquet will suit any image.
  • Round. Bright floral arrangement with densely spaced plants will emphasize and complement any outfit of the bride.
  • Spherical. The accessory is a ball that the hero of the occasion wears on a ribbon.
  • Bouquet fan. The original attribute with bright plants is perfect for the thematic image of the bride of any physique..
  • Bouquet coupling. Ideal for winter time, thanks to its special shape. Fits long classic and retro dresses.

Forms of bouquets for the bride

Bridal bouquet with orange flowers

The orange color radiates heat, symbolizes joy, energy, cheerfulness, courage and health, astrologers call this shade the color of the sun. Floral attribute in orange tones is perfect for an autumn wedding, emphasizes the surrounding colors. A possible option is to create a composition with autumn leaves, dried berries. Florists can make an orange accessory of callas, roses, orchids, lilies, gerberas, chrysanthemums, tulips. Such a bouquet is suitable for cream, blue, snow-white, yellow, orange or red attire of the bride and groom.

Bright and stylish orange wedding bouquet

Bright bouquet in blue and white

White color indicates the innocence, purity and tenderness of the bride, while blue symbolizes the divine principle, a cloudless life (like a blue sky on a sunny day), the pursuit of knowledge. The contrast of these two shades will look great in the floral attribute of the newlywed, will be an excellent decoration for a snow-white dress. Blue cornflowers, crocuses, hyacinths, dream grass, white roses, orchids, peonies, alstroemerias can be used in the composition.

Bright blue and white newlywed bouquet

Compositions with yellow flowers

The joyful yellow color will easily make the bride's accessory catchy. This sunny shade means fun, joy, celebration, immortality and happiness in marriage. Peonies, orchids, calla lilies, daffodils, buttercups, mimosas - all these plants can be found by the hero of the occasion in yellow to embody the idea of ​​a sunny, cheerful, colorful flower accessory. In this case, you should add contrasting green for balance..

Bright newlywed bouquet with yellow flowers

The combination of red and orange colors

The red tint indicates passionate love between the newlyweds, so it is ideal for a floral accessory. To a little «dilute» contrasting composition, the future wife can combine the scarlet color with orange. Such an attribute can be made up of roses, dahlias, buttercups, chrysanthemums, it will perfectly shade the outfit of the bride and groom in winter or autumn, and during the summer period it will emphasize the bright colors around.

Bridal bouquet in red-orange tones

Bridal bouquet in purple tones

The purple hue refers to the violet range, symbolizes the craving for new knowledge, adventures, creativity. The bride can find such flowers in this color: lilac, roses, buttercups, peonies, heather, clematis, iris and others. The hero of the occasion can safely combine purple with lilac, pink, blue, white, crimson, green to create a unique floral composition.

Bridal bouquet in bright purple colors

Rainbow bridal bouquet

For girls who want to add bright colors to the triumph, the option of a rainbow bouquet is perfect. The future spouse should entrust the creation of such an accessory to an experienced florist who will be able to beautifully combine yellow, orange, red, green, blue, blue and purple. To make the bouquet look catchy, multi-colored, it is not necessary to use all the colors of the rainbow gamut, but 4-5 will definitely have to.

Bridal bouquet in bright colors of the rainbow

Photo of bridal wedding bouquets in bright colors

Composing a floral attribute, the future spouse should think about the desired aroma of the composition, a combination of shades, and additional decoration with decorative elements. To understand, and then explain to the florist how the bride wants to see the accessory, you need to first study several ready-made options. See a photo selection with various types of bright bouquets that can decorate your image during a wedding event:

Bright bouquets for the bride