Orange wedding bouquet - tips for choosing and combining flowers with photos


It is difficult to imagine a holiday without fresh flowers, properly designed, matched to the overall style of the event. An orange wedding bouquet is a stylish, original floral accessory for the bride. The picturesque composition adds naturalness, splendor, solemnity to the wedding. This attribute represents the bride as a soft, fragile, tender person with a bright character.

Orange color value

In a wedding ceremony, orange symbolizes earthly and heavenly love. Having absorbed the energy of two colors - red, yellow, this cheerful tone gives a feeling of warmth, energy. Orange is liked by people with intuition, passionate dreamers. In ancient Rome, at the wedding ceremony, this color was a symbol of a strong, large alliance. Combining the red, yellow, orange tone carries the intense energy of the first and sophisticated sophistication of the second.

Tips for choosing a bouquet with orange flowers

It is traditionally believed that the bride’s solar accessory is suitable for an autumn wedding. However, the palette of this tone is so diverse that you can use it at any time of the year. For a summer ceremony, choose a floral arrangement in coral, pomegranate tones; in autumn, give preference to amber, pumpkin shades; in winter, tangerine, carrot colors will look harmonious; spring stop at the apricot-salmon palette.

When choosing an orange wedding bouquet, focus on the general style of your celebration, the shape of the dress, colors, shades. A romantic accessory is perfect for a delicate accessory containing tulips, chrysanthemums, anemones, and for the magnificent a la Princess Diana - a cascading one (roses, lilies, orchids). A mono-bouquet (carnations, callas, peonies) will perfectly fit into the elegant and laconic image of the bride. Loose compositions with garden flowers look great in the hands of the bride in a rustic, vintage or bohemian style.

Options for Orange Wedding Bouquets

Exotic freesia flower with its velvet softness will give the composition a loveliness. Rose, calla lilies will be the accent of the wedding bouquet, and chrysanthemums, tulips will serve as a gentle sunny setting, creating a fashionable «disheveled» form. In texture, sunny flowers are perfectly combined with blue viburnum berries, burgundy leaves of fotinia, snow-white cotton bolls, creating an elegant contrast of velvet and silk.

To maintain the color palette of the wedding attribute, the leg of the composition is decorated with ribbons, lace, velvet. Do not forget about the boutonniere for the groom, it will serve not only as a stylish decoration, but also help to emphasize the integrity of the newlyweds. Complete your image with wreaths, bracelets from fresh flowers. They perfectly complement the style of the bride. Order mini bouquets to girlfriends, boutonnieres to friends of the groom They will unite the main participants of the celebration and will irresistibly look at wedding pictures.

Arrangement of roses

Floral accessories for the bride with roses

The wedding picturesque pink bouquet in the hands of the bride looks fabulous, charming. Large, fragrant and small, mischievous flowers - the embodiment of splendor, elegance. Bunches of viburnum, cute dahlias, marigolds support the general gamut of composition. Bright silver brunia, matte greenery of cineraria enhance the saturated color of roses. This accessory combines ice and flame, heat and cold.

Bouquet of Chrysanthemums

Flower arrangement for honeymoon with chrysanthemums

A composition with orange chrysanthemums emphasizes the elegance and sophistication of the bride. The bouquets look warm in color. The dusty blue foliage of tillandsia, the brown heads of echiveria make the transition of shades ideal, creating a holistic floral accessory. Spreading shape, asymmetry add charm to the compositions, and velvet ribbons give completeness.

From orange callas

Wedding bouquet with orange calla lilies

A wedding bouquet with callas of orange color is a hymn of reverie, fun. The combination of rich, soft shades of the composition conveys the solemnity of the event, adds a genuine charm. Dense petals give the accessory special density and softness. Ideal in such compositions are contrasting satin ribbons that support a fresh mood. The main accent in the composition is callas of orange shades - strict and bold, exalting, giving the bouquet its characteristic and tenderness.

Orange bouquet of tulips

Bright tulips in a bride's bouquet

If you want to add bright colors to the ceremony, the original bouquet with orange tulips is perfect for you. Terry velvet flowers emphasize delicate garden buttercups, freesia. Fragile, perfect tulips give the floral accessory an airy, slightly disheveled shape. The green color of the succulents will complete the decoration of the bouquet. Emphasize and complement the expressive color of the composition will help lace, satin ribbons, matched to match the accessory.

Photo of orange bridal bouquets

The golden, saturated tone of floral arrangements, coloring everything around in warm shades is an ideal option for newlyweds who want to avoid classic decisions. The warm world of orange creates a special atmosphere at the wedding, emphasizes the individuality, adventurism of the bride. Floral variety from classic hydrangeas, roses, tulips to extravagant callas, poppies, anemones, allows you to collect a bright accessory for any style of wedding celebration.

Bouquets for the bride of yellow flowers