Pink wedding bouquet - tips for choosing and combining with other flowers with a photo


Pink wedding bouquet

The flower arrangement of the bride is an integral part of the wedding ceremony, which gives the image of the newlywed solemnity. Choosing a floral accessory, girls pay attention to the components, size and color scheme. Pink is a popular shade of a bouquet. Emphasizing the femininity and tenderness of the newlywed, he captivates with his beauty, goes well with many other colors, thanks to a variety of shades - from light to saturated.

The meaning of pink

This shade is preferred by sophisticated dreamy natures, prone to idealism and romanticism. The pink color in the wedding flower arrangement symbolizes a long family happiness. Flowers with such a shade will blend perfectly with classic white and other outfits. Young girls are better off choosing a pale color that emphasizes youth and tenderness. Older brides go darker shades more: fuchsia, raspberry, purple.

In antiquity, the pink tone was a symbol of the goddess Aphrodite. People believed that it helps to calm down, giving vitality. In esoteric culture, it is the color of the heart chakra, which is the birthplace of love. Psychologists consider it the color of tranquility, able to calm even the most aggressive person. People who prefer this color scheme are very vulnerable, receptive, but at the same time talented and refined..

Bridal bouquet in pink shades

Tips for choosing a bouquet of pink flowers

Beautiful floral arrangements of peach, lavender, coral shade cannot be ignored by brides. The variety of pink color suggests the initial choice of the bride's dress, and then the bouquet. In order for the images of the bride and groom to harmonize, the elements and colors of the accessory should be found in the bride’s robe, hairstyle and dress of the girl. The style of the dress is important: if it is too lush, decorated with rhinestones, embroidery, then the composition for the bride and groom should be without any special contrasts.

The shape of the wedding bouquet is determined taking into account the external data of the bride. With small stature, girls are better off choosing a short, round accessory. In this case, avoid cascading compositions that are visually «cut off» figure. They are more suitable for tall brides. Modern compositions have a chaotic arrangement of colors, imitating the randomness of the assembly - this is their special charm and charm. This option is suitable for a bride of any height.

A variety of wedding bouquets in pink colors

Filling a bouquet also matters. When choosing a composition, build on seasonal materials and plants. Supplement autumn compositions with berries, leaves; winter - dried flowers, cotton, brunia berries; spring and summer - ranunculus, anemones, roses, tulips. Pink shades go well with blue, brown, green, white colors..

When choosing a shade of flowers, do not forget about the groom. Use the pink color when choosing any item of his clothing. It may be a suit, but in many cases are limited to a shirt or tie. The buttonhole on the lapel or pocket should also contain blotches of this color. To do this, use the types of flowers from the bride’s bouquet.

Options for pink wedding bouquets

Almost any kind of flower has a pink tint. This allows you to combine them in one bouquet: tulips, peonies, ranunculi, anemones, dahlias, hydrangeas. The compositions combine several varieties, decorating with greens, decor, or make mono-bouquets, while playing with the color scheme. Use flowers of one shade (for example, peach) or different: fuchsia, pale pink, raspberry.

Arrangement of pink roses

A classic selection of modern bride and groom are bouquets of roses. In delicate peach, pink shades, these flowers look both majestic and elegant. A good design option for the composition is glamelia decorated with rhinestones. A two-tone bouquet of flowers with small green leaves of fern will look great. Modern florists combine roses with peonies, orchids, ranunculi, creating compositions of different textures and shades.

Pink roses for the bride

Bridal bouquet of peonies

These large multi-layered flowers are frequent constituents in bridal bouquets. Pink peonies are luxurious and delicate. They are well combined with roses, ranunculi, lavender branches, berries, gypsophila. These plants are laconic, elegant in a mono-bouquet. The composition using peonies of the Coral charm variety looks exquisitely against a background of white flowers. Decorate a floral accessory with lace, satin ribbons with the addition of rhinestones, brooches, pearls.

Newlywed flower accessory with pink peonies

Delicate pink bouquet of tulips

This simple flower plays an important role in the compositions of the bride. The laconic bud of pink tulips with a fringe framed by branches of gypsophila is bright and delicate at the same time. Flowers of contrasting shades, for example black or blue, will suit light tulips, which will add elegance and chic to the composition. For more traditional brides, a combination with a calla lion, complemented by pearl thread, will be an excellent solution.

Pink tulips in a newlywed flower arrangement

Of pink lilies

As a symbol of faithful love, a lily is often used to create a wedding bouquet. She is considered a princess among flowers, which is prescribed even by magical abilities. Pale pink lilies of the varieties Lacemaker, Svetlana, Watercolor, Amalia emphasize the charm of the bride, her sophistication. These beautiful flowers look great in a mono-bouquet, but if desired, florists add blue and blue delphinium, platicodon, small bells, jasmine, gypsophila, a clerk. Often, lilies are added with herbs of asparagus, bergras, irises.

White and pink lilies in a newlywed bouquet

Bouquet of callas

Symbolizing female beauty, purity, calm, pink calla lilies are increasingly used to design a wedding bouquet. These stunning flowers should not be overloaded, so they are often used in mono-bouquets, simply bandaged with a satin ribbon decorated with pearl thread. However, some brides prefer to combine them with other species. The ideal solution would be to use roses, orchids and hydrangeas.

Pink callas for the bride

Photo of bridal bouquets in pink

Today, the bride faces a difficult choice in determining the variety and shade of flowers. A huge number of proposals can enter into a stupor. To prevent this from happening, get ready in advance, familiarize yourself with the various options and choose your favorite bouquet. Knowing approximately how it should turn out, you will save a lot of time. Entrust the decoration to the florist, relying on his taste and skill.

Pink Wedding Bouquets