Wedding bouquets for ivory dresses, a combination of different shades, photo


Many girls prefer the more complex tones to the snow-white color of the wedding dress, choosing them according to their color type. Fine look on the bride exquisite ivory outfits that emphasize her naturalness and tenderness. Thanks to several shades in the palette, this color is suitable for almost all girls. To look great at a gala event, the girl needs to choose the appropriate accessories for the dress: photo collections with recommendations will help the bride find a wedding bouquet suitable for Ivory.

Choose a bouquet depending on the season

The season has a great influence on the choice of composition for the bride - some plants are available only in a certain season, and the cost varies depending on it. If the girl dreams of tulips in the winter or late autumn, she does not need to deny herself; the main thing is to make sure that they last all day. What flowers are available for a bouquet at different times of the year:

  • Winter. In the cold season, the bride can safely place bright accents - against the background of general grayness, I want so much colorful details. It can be red roses, contrasting amaryllis, hot pink anterium, holly twigs with red berries.
  • Spring. This time of year, when they become accessible, is beloved by girls - elegant tulips, delicate snowdrops, lush peonies, odorous hyacinths. For a short time, lilies of the valley appear, which can become the basis for a spring accessory, yellow Forsythia inflorescences.
  • Summer. Under the bright sun, many flowers bloom that can decorate the beautiful wedding attribute of the bride and groom. She can choose from hundreds of options - in the summer roses, irises, gladioli, delphiniums bloom, and the variety of touching field plants is amazing.
  • Fall. The bride is ready to make an interesting choice by creating a beautiful accessory with dry leaves and berries - the composition will look original and unusual. If you want live plants, this autumn time is easy to find: asters, dahlias, chrysanthemums.

Bridal bouquets for different seasons

We select flowers depending on the shade of ivory

Ivory color is popular when choosing wedding dresses, almost every girl can choose the right color according to her color type: beige, cream, brown, pink, peach or paper. Depending on the tone of the wedding dress, the colors of the bouquet and its components vary. It is important that not only the flower arrangement of the bride, but also all other details of the image are in harmony with ivory - the gamma will look bad if the shades are chosen incorrectly. Below we look at all the existing shades of ivory dresses and their matching palette of colors.

Ivory Beige

Strict, restrained, graceful beige ivory tone looks great on the wedding decoration. To emphasize this noble color, you must carefully consider the selection of elements of a floral arrangement. If the bride prefers a light accessory, you need to choose flowers that will be close in color to the dress, a little lighter or darker. Brown, sandy buds look good. Looks great with beige ivory gray, light blue, light orange, warm red, yellow green, purple.

Bridal bouquets for ivory dress

Cream ivory tint

Cream ivory looks gentle, sunny, romantic, emphasizes the naturalness of the image of the newlywed. To create a beautiful bouquet for this shade, you need to pay attention to the following cool colors: lavender, lilac, dark purple. The beige and white versions of light compositions perfectly match the cream color of ivory. Salmon pink, coral, flamingo goes well. Perfectly in harmony with cream, all yellow, burgundy palette, see photo below:

Bouquets for a cream wedding dress

Brown tint

The light brown color of ivory looks strict, elegant and business-like - it is suitable for a girl who knows how to set goals and achieve her goal. Accessories of cold colors will look harmoniously with this version of the wedding dress: purple, blue, lilac. The bride can safely include elements of gray (herbs, satin ribbons, brooches), pale pink in the flower arrangement. If you still want to add a little warm shades, they must be combined with cold ones. Visual examples in the photo below:

Wedding compositions to the shade of ivory

Pink tint

Pink ivory is a color that goes well with warm shades. As a rule, orange-pink, cream, peach buds harmonize with it best. Florists can «dilute» flower arrangement, adding several plants of cold tones, but in no case should you make a bouquet only with them. If you want bright colors, the bride can safely complement the attribute with a gamut of flamingos, saffron, coral, purple. Deep red tones can look good with pink ivory, see photo:

Pale pink flowers for the bride: a combination with a bouquet

Peach shade

Warm peach ivory requires the corresponding elements of a flower arrangement, using pale orange, peach, coral, saffron tones in it. Some plants of a cold tone in combination with a warm gamut will look good, for example, gray with yellow, white with coral. Blue and gray details adorning the bride’s accessory in an ivory dress also look great. Visual examples in the photo:

Composition for the image of a peach shade

Ivory paper

The paper color of the ivory dress harmonizes with cool tones. The bride should make a bouquet exclusively with them or in combination with some warm colors. Snow-white flowers, gray, gray-blue elements of the composition look wonderful with paper ivory. Pink, purple, violet tones are perfect for the cold shade of the outfit. Green, white-green plants such as orchids look elegant. Visual examples in the photo below:

Bouquets for Ivory Paper Dress

A photo of wedding bouquets under an ivory dress

Ivory is a color symbolizing the tenderness of the bride, her natural beauty, calm nature. Depending on the tones of the bouquet, its fullness with contrasting details or their absence, the feeling of the image of the hero of the occasion will change. In addition to plants, a variety of materials can complement the floral arrangement: lace, satin ribbons, berries, brooches and other decorations. See a selection of original bouquets for an ivory outfit:

Ivory bridesmaids bouquets