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Buttonhole for the bride

Translated from French boutonniere means «flower in buttonhole». Traditionally, she is considered a male small bouquet or a single flower, which matches the style and color of the bride’s bouquet. But now the bride’s boutonniere may look like a whole floral miniature composition with a rose, orchid or peony, complemented by various decorations in the form of beads, a net, berries, feathers. Modern girls do not lag behind fashion and, if desired, also adorn themselves with a small bouquet that is attached to the wrist or dress.

Does the bride need a buttonhole

Some brides are wondering if she needs a buttonhole. There is no single answer. Each bride and groom chooses whether such a floral accessory is suitable for her. The composition of the bouquet and boutonnieres must completely repeat each other. If the bride and groom wants to look extravagant and stylish at the wedding, she will definitely include a buttonhole in her jewelry list. Besides leaving her after the wedding celebration as a keepsake, for many years she will be a piece of pleasant memories.

Should the boutonniere of the bride and bridesmaids be combined

When a color wedding is planned, the floral arrangements of the bride, witnesses and girlfriends must be in the same style and the same shades. If the wedding is classical, then the palette of mini-bouquets of the culprit of the solemn day and guests may differ. But in any case, the flower arrangement of the bride and groom should look graceful, more elegant than the rest. It is possible to divide into three categories: the most beautiful accessory for the bride, a little more modest for the witness and simpler boutonnieres for girlfriends.

Options for hand boutonnieres

A small bouquet on the bride’s hand will even replace the decoration of precious metals. Nothing can give so much charm to the bride and groom like a miniature repetition of a bouquet on her wrist. The bride’s imagination and the florist’s experience with a joint collaboration can create a unique beauty. Taking into account all the rules for creating a boutonniere, the newlywed will look like a forest nymph on her wedding day.

Natural flower buttonhole bracelet

A bracelet with fresh flowers for the bride and groom becomes a full-fledged alternative to the bouquet throughout the entire part of the celebration. Putting a boutonniere on her wrist, the bride will realize that she has received many undeniable advantages. Her hands are free for other accessories, such as a wedding umbrella or clutch. She can accept gifts, dance without worrying about where to attach the bouquet. Fresh flowers in a bracelet, saturated with moisture and fixed in a certain way, will keep their freshness and beauty for a long time.

Fresh flowers in a wedding boutonniere

Made of artificial flowers

The progress of the wedding industry does not stand still. The proposed artificial flowers for the boutonniere of the bride can also be amazingly beautiful. Repeating the color shades, shape and size of fresh flowers, they can become a worthy replacement. Fastened to a satin ribbon or decorated with an elastic band, the mini-bouquet will be an elegant decoration for the bride. The undeniable advantage of artificial flowers is that you do not need to control the freshness of the mini-bouquet. After the wedding ceremony, it can be stored as a heirloom.

Artificial flowers in the bride's wedding bracelet

Polymer clay buttonhole

Half a century ago, people did not suspect the existence of polymer clay. With the advent of self-hardening masses, creative individuals quickly found application. For the wedding theme, this was the main direction of creativity. Stylish, unusual bouquets, hairpins with flowers made with polymer clay are sometimes very difficult to distinguish from the source. The hard work of the masters allows you to admire their work. Amazing rose, peony, delicate forget-me-nots or orchids created using polymer clay will not leave others indifferent.

Polymer clay newlywed boutonnieres

From beads

Boutonnieres or beaded bouquets combine beauty, versatility and a flight of fancy. After all, with the help of beads you can create not only a rose or a peony, but also outlandish delicate flowers, which do not even exist in nature. The color scheme can be limited only by the choice of source material. Such bouquets will not fade, do not crumble, and in the light of the evening lights will sparkle with new iridescent colors.

A drop of your favorite perfume on the ribbon will leave a chic trail of smell from beaded flowers, so there’s no reason to complain that artificial flowers don’t smell. A great advantage is the unpretentiousness of storage and resistance to weather vagaries. The weight of a small beaded bouquet is no heavier than a floral counterpart. Universal boutonniere will be a clear reminder of the wedding day.

Beads in the bride’s wedding boutonniere

Options for making flower boutonnieres

A compact, original floral arrangement, in the form of a bouquet, is made taking into account the tastes and privileges of the bride. She, by right of the first vote, must choose her favorite flowers that will be included in the bouquet and boutonniere. It can also be symbolic plants, possibly reminiscent of the first date or the day when the issue of combining fate was decided. The most common favorite options are roses, peonies, callas and orchids. Other inflorescences can be added to them for completeness..

Mini composition of roses

The last step in fashionable floristry was the transition from using a single rose bud in a mini bouquet to a whole flower arrangement. To do this, bush buds of small sizes are often used, surrounded by a fresh green twig. The color scheme can be bright, saturated or pastel shades. A classic bouquet with a rose will suit any style of the bride’s wedding dress, making her look even more tender and attractive.

Boutonniere for the bride with roses

Peony Buttonhole

Seasonal spring flower, perfectly conveys the mood of the wedding celebration. Peony, as a symbol of blossoming and fragrant love, will become a gentle addition to the wedding along with the bride and groom. A blossoming peony bud, similar to a smaller copy of the bride’s skirt, will give even more charm to the hero of the occasion. The boutonniere with peony buds looks just as good. A varied palette of colors will help to make a choice.

Lush peony at the base of the boutonniere

Orchid Buttonhole

A wonderful option for an exquisite wedding is a boutonniere with orchids. This amazing flower will emphasize the style, luxury and elegance of the decoration of the bride. An orchid is a self-contained flower, therefore, the created mono-bouquet of only one plant variety will decorate the bride’s hand or dress no worse than complex floral arrangements. The stem is placed in a capsule with a special solution to extend the viability of the flower. Bright or bright petals of a delicate orchid will equally become a wonderful decoration that attracts the eye.

Delicate orchids in wedding mini-bouquets

In recent years, there has been a tendency to return interest in hand-made products. Young people revive the long tradition of needlework in various fields of creativity. The wedding world of fashion has expanded its borders so much that even for the most selective bride and groom, it is possible to find a suitable option. Self-production of mini-bouquets is widely recognized among future spouses..

Future newlyweds can together independently make a flower arrangement for the bride. Based on this example, with a little hard work and imagination, you can make different types of jewelry with different colors on your wrist. It can be roses, peonies, which will become a worthy replacement for the purchased jewelry. They will live the warmth of the soul and the memory of preparation for a significant day.

Photos of wedding boutonnieres for the bride

When choosing a boutonniere, in the pre-wedding bustle it is important not to forget that it is in perfect harmony with the bouquet and the rest of the decoration of the bride. It is not so important whether it will be made with natural flowers or artificial, made with your own hands or bought, the main thing is that the jewelry brings joy. The wedding boutonniere has a semantic meaning and will become a symbol of unfading love. Save memorable floral attributes, they will become a talisman for a young family.

A variety of wedding boutonnieres for brides