Wedding bouquet for the bride from the groom

Let's begin with bridal bouquet Groom gives bride after the ransom ceremony, but even before the young go to the registry office.

The bride’s bouquet is made of fresh flowers. You can choose them for every taste and color, regardless of the season. As a rule, the bride’s wedding bouquet should correspond to the time of year. Flowers in such a bouquet may be colorful, or may be monophonic, but you need to keep in mind that a colorful bouquet will distract attention from the newlyweds. Most often, when preparing a wedding bouquet, light or white flowers are chosen, which are selected in the color of the dress or in tone with the flowers that adorn the bride's dress, veil or hairstyle. If desired, you can pick up a bouquet so that it harmoniously blends with the colors of the witnesses (you can read about the duties of witnesses here).

Today you can easily order a wedding bouquet for the bride in the store, where an experienced specialist will always offer you several options for its design. The most traditional in our time are miniature compositions made of small roses with closed buds. To protect the flowers from wilting at the beginning of the wedding ceremony, their stems are treated in a special way, then they are tied with a green ribbon. The bouquet should consist of large flowers. You can complete it by adding artificial or living small flowers and some decorations from greenery. In some cases, the flowers are placed separately in a lace funnel or bandaged with lace at the base of the stem. You can also decorate the bouquet with guipure stripes or tulle, which must first be collected in a socket. You can also use beads strung on a strong thread, from which you can then make many different lines or curls.

In more detail about which bouquet, which decorations will be "to face", a florist specialist will tell you and your imagination.