Turquoise wedding bouquets - tips for choosing and making with your own hands a photo


Turquoise Wedding Bouquets

Wedding in color is becoming more popular and brides, planning a celebration, choose some kind of central color. At the wedding, where the basic accessories and elements are made in the same color scheme, the rest of the attributes should be the same, starting from the outfits of the newlyweds, ending with the car and small details. Almost all accessories are presented in a wide assortment and in different shades, and only the choice of colors sometimes becomes a difficult task, especially if you select a non-standard central tone of the event, for example, purple, green or turquoise.

Tips for choosing a bouquet with turquoise flowers

The turquoise color is a combination of blue and green, symbolizes poise, calm, fidelity. The presence of elements of this shade in attributes or clothing promises the liberation of a person from negative thoughts, troubles and unnecessary worries. Therefore, this color is often chosen for a wedding celebration, using it only for small accessories (boutonnieres, jewelry, glasses, etc.) or used on a large scale (wedding procession, dresses of the newlyweds, bridesmaids).

Turquoise wedding

A significant attribute on the day of the wedding is the bride’s bouquet, so this element should be given special attention. Common flowers that are used for the bride’s wedding composition are roses, carnations, peonies, orchids, which are presented in standard shades - red, pink, cream, white. But if the wedding is in the juicy color of turquoise, then the accessory of the newlywed should be in tone, so that all the elements are in harmony and combined. Alas, in nature there are no plants of this shade, so you have to look for a choice and refine yourself.

A combination of a turquoise bouquet and wedding accessories

If the bride decided to organize a wedding in such an unusual color, then some tips will be useful:

  • Compositions of this shade look charming in summer and spring, as well as in winter against white snow.
  • In the spring and summer season, to compose a floral composition for the bride and groom, it is possible to use real flowers that are as close to turquoise as possible. It can be cornflowers, hyacinths, hydrangeas, lisianthus.
  • Various details of the decor will help to complement the bouquet and make it especially festive: satin, chiffon ribbons, beads, crystals, artificial pearls strung on a string, and more.
  • Since nature did not give us turquoise flowers, florists come to the rescue - they can make any white bud the way it is needed, so the choice is up to the variety.

Dyeing white flowers in turquoise color

  • For brides with blue eyes, an accessory of this shade will be especially advantageous, because it emphasizes this individual feature.

Options for turquoise wedding bouquets

There are many variations of wedding compositions in turquoise color:

  • For bouquets of this shade, the shape of a sphere or drop is ideal.
  • The combination of colors looks beautiful - turquoise, delicate blue with white, cream, diluted with greens, leaves.
  • If it is not possible to find natural flowers of a suitable shade, then it is worth making a bouquet with ribbons, sweets or beads.

Turquoise wedding arrangements with sweets and beads

  • A composition that includes ordinary white flowers, decorated with ribbons of the desired shade, the same beads and other decorative elements, is well suited.
  • The bride’s bouquets made using brooches of various shades (golden, silver) are becoming increasingly popular..

Arrangement of roses

Traditional flowers for a wedding bouquet are roses, which are usually chosen in red or white. But florists will be able to satisfy the most fastidious customers by creating a composition that includes turquoise, blue roses or close to these shades. In addition, these plants in their usual color scheme will perfectly dilute any color composition. Such an original, delicate accessory will perfectly combine with the snow-white dress of the bride or complement the image of a girl in a turquoise wedding dress.

Turquoise wedding arrangement with roses

Bouquet of Chrysanthemums

Many brides do not even consider the option of a wedding bouquet, the components of which are chrysanthemums, considering them not beautiful enough, original for such an important celebration. But this is a deeply erroneous opinion, especially when the question does not concern white, but multi-colored flowers. A composition that includes blue (painted) chrysanthemums, or with a combination of white ones, looks festive and unique, and small branches of greenery make it brighter. The combination of chrysanthemums is possible with other flowers, for example, with Ruscus, carnations or small roses.

Wedding arrangement with turquoise chrysanthemums

From wildflowers

Sometimes, ordinary wildflowers that have grown in a natural environment, have a natural shade, look much more beautiful than expensive, unique plants created by florists. A wedding accessory that includes these plants has a number of features:

  • Low cost attribute.
  • Natural shades, beauty of forms, originality.
  • The accessory looks amazing, in a special festive way, especially if it was composed by an experienced master decorator.
  • The only drawback of such a composition is the availability of wildflowers only in the summer, so in winter to order such «natural» a bouquet for brides will not be possible.

Turquoise wildflowers in a wedding arrangement

Bridal bouquet of orchids

The charm and fabulous beauty of orchids is striking at first sight. Wedding accessories, including them, look delightful, magical, so many brides dream of a bouquet of which these flowers will be components. To create a creation for a turquoise wedding, orchids of blue, greenish shades are suitable. Small branches of greenery or white small flowers can dilute it. The composition, which will be the result, will delight the bride all day, retaining its freshness, and guests will admire the eye-catching accessory.

Attributes of a bride with turquoise orchids

From fabric flowers or ribbons

An original bouquet will look made using satin ribbons or fabric flowers. This composition has undeniable advantages:

  • The cost is much lower than creations including fresh flowers.
  • It is durable - it will 100% retain its perfect look on the day of the wedding, will be stored for a long time, as a memory of a happy day.
  • The ability to make a composition of any color, and when using different shades of ribbons, you get an unusual, beautiful bouquet. Beads, a string of pearls, and lace are ideal as decorations..

Composition with flowers from turquoise ribbons

Turquoise brooch bouquet

Brooch flower arrangement is a new trend in wedding fashion. It looks exclusive, amazing, brilliant due to the presence of stones that shimmer and glow under the playful sunlight. To create an accessory, jewelry, hair clips, brooches of turquoise color and similar shades, golden, are useful. You can do it yourself, having a little imagination and experimenting with the placement of various elements or to order from professionals who are engaged in the creation of wedding accessories.

Wedding turquoise brooch bouquet

Photo of bridal bouquets in turquoise color

The bouquet is an integral bright accessory for the bride, which complements her image, giving a special zest and sophistication. In addition, many traditions are associated with him, so he must be perfect, delight the bride and match the general theme of the wedding. Although nature did not please us with the creation of turquoise flowers, wedding bouquets with buds of such shades are increasingly found at weddings and look charming.

Beautiful turquoise bouquets for the bride