Spring wedding bridal bouquets: tips for choosing how to do it yourself, photo


Spring Wedding Bouquets

It is impossible to imagine a wedding without flowers. The most striking decoration of the bride, with the exception of the wedding dress, is a bouquet. It is always a work of art that accompanies it into a new, family life. Have you chosen for your own wedding time of the awakening of nature - spring? Then you need to study different spring wedding bouquets in order to choose a composition that is in harmony with your image and style. Using these tips, you can easily make the most beautiful bouquet.

Options for spring wedding bridal bouquets

The image of the bride begins with the choice of attire. Then accessories, hairstyle, makeup are selected. A wedding bouquet is one of the last stages, however, it performs a very important function of combining all the elements into a single ensemble. The assortment of flower arrangements is huge, and in the spring it is easy to purchase the one that will fit in your image in size and color. The following forms of bouquets for brides are now popular:

  • Round. Suitable for lush or ball gowns.
  • Cascading. Decorate silhouette outfits and train models.
  • In the form of a fan. Such an unusual shape would be ideal for the bride in an extravagant dress.

When choosing a bouquet, special attention should be paid to the aromas of flowers. It happens that spring buds have a strong, overly intrusive smell. If the bride has an increased susceptibility to harsh aromas, it is better not to use these flowers. For example, in some cases, peony, lily, freesia, lilac, lily of the valley, rose can cause a headache or even allergies.

Spring bride bouquet in green and cream

A classic bouquet should be “persistent”, live in perfect shape until evening, so the use of such delicate plants as crocus, tulip or orchid in the composition is completely undesirable. They will fade in 1-2 hours without water. A good rule of a thoughtful bouquet for a celebration is the minimum amount of smell coming from it. The bride will have to spend more than one hour with him, a sharp or unusual odor can become an extra irritant.

From wildflowers

Nature has given us a variety of colors of different colors, from delicate pastel to bright saturated. Due to its cheerfulness, romance, the field bouquet will convey to the bride the mood of the first warm spring days. Plus compositions of wild flowers and herbs in their budget. This combination of colors comes out inexpensive in price, but in beauty and originality is not inferior to pink. Here are examples of wildflowers that blend harmoniously with each other:

  • Tanacetum - an interesting bush daisy with small flowers.
  • Bush carnation is an unusual variety of pink color, which is unusual for the eye, since we are used to seeing this flower in red - white tones..
  • Tlaspi - a plant that will give the bouquet volume and airiness.
  • Viburnum will give the flower arrangement a saturated bright color, refreshing it with a juicy green tint.
  • In any wedding bouquet of spring flowers, the feather grass looks like a win-win. This is a very interesting plant. It comes in different colors: gray, white, bright orange, even pink. The feather grass creates the effect of a cloud, gives airiness.
  • Unbroken and original look sunflowers, clematis.
  • White snowdrops in the composition of the bouquet will give it notes of romance and negligence.
  • Of seasonal flowers

    Bright spring flower arrangement for the bride

    You can buy most flowers for making a wedding bouquet throughout the year, so the issue of seasonality is not a big problem. But, using seasonal flowers, you significantly save on a wedding bouquet. Spring flowers are the most delicate, fragrant. Bouquets of plants, nourished by the first warm rays of the sun, carry a cheerfulness. Consider several options for seasonal flower arrangements:

  • Yellow and white daffodils, gathered together, tied with a satin ribbon, will fit the bride's dress in bright shades.
  • Hyacinths give the composition a relief and a rounded shape.
  • Thanks to peonies, your bouquet will be fragrant all evening, creating a festive atmosphere. This plant symbolizes love, prosperity, prosperity, honor..
  • Florists often use in flower arrangements such a flower as an iris, which has many shades, and its unusual shape emphasizes the harmony and femininity of the bride.
  • If you add sprigs of rosemary to the bouquet, you will enjoy the magic of aroma. This plant is originally wedding. It is used to emphasize the energy of love..
  • Bright compositions

    Tulips in a newlywed flower arrangement

    In wedding bouquets, vivid compositions are achieved using a combination of gentle pastel shades and rich dark colors. It is not recommended to use such an effect. «competing colors»:

  • Red - orange.
  • Cyan (Blue) - Purple.
  • Pink - Red.
  • These colors themselves are vibrant, but when combined with «competitors» fade, become inexpressive. there is «win-win» options for a bright combination of colors: yellow with white, blue or green; white with red. To create a truly juicy bouquet, you can not use more than three different shades of plants, otherwise instead of brightness you will achieve the opposite effect. The bouquet will lose its individuality, will not attract attention.

    Original bouquets

    Original bouquet for the bride

    If you are an extraordinary person, you want to be unique in everything, then at your own wedding you will most likely want to distinguish yourself. For this day to be remembered for a long time, the wedding bouquet should be unusual. Here are some original flower arrangements for the ceremony:

  • Of the beads. This composition can be created with your own hands, armed with a sufficient number of beads, wire, pliers, adhesive tape, patience. Such a bouquet will remain with you after the holiday and will remind you of a happy day for many years..
  • Button bouquet. Having shown imagination, create an unusual composition with the help of bright clay buttons of various shapes.
  • Bouquet of felt. Such flowers, gathered together, will complement your image, create an atmosphere of fabulousness and fantasticness..
  • Photo of beautiful wedding bouquets of spring flowers

    Florists all over the world, trying to create the perfect spring wedding bouquet for decoration of the celebration, use a wide variety of color palettes that please the eye. These bright plants will give you aesthetic pleasure, make the celebration unforgettable. Look at the photo below options for floral arrangements of spring plants, made by professionals. This will help you create your own masterpiece..