Unusual wedding bouquets for the bride: what to choose and how to do it yourself, photo


Modern young couples are increasingly abandoning the traditional wedding, preferring to create a thematic celebration, in which everything is subject to one style - room decoration, script, dress code, dress and costume of future spouses. Unusual wedding bouquets are no exception: a festive accessory for the bride, gifts for newlyweds from guests, bouquets decorating the tables of the banquet hall. There are many options for the original attribute for a wedding celebration, some of which will be discussed in detail below..

What bouquet can be presented as a gift to young?

Wanting to make a truly memorable, unusual gift, guests can turn to order a wedding bouquet. Many companies that create living floral arrangements, at the same time engaged in the compilation of attributes made using a variety of materials - sweets, toys, ribbons, artificial, fabric plants. The cost of this attribute of the wedding varies depending on the type of materials used, their quantity, the complexity of the work. If desired, guests can come up with an unusual bouquet and ask specialists to execute it.

The heroes of the occasion will be pleased to receive a bouquet that is made by themselves, so those invited can find the appropriate master classes with photos and videos, and then make a gift on their own. The advantage of such a wedding bouquet is that it’s possible to start creating an accessory long before the wedding, because it will not go bad. This unusual gift will please the newlyweds for a long time, decorating the interior of a new home, so you need to responsibly approach the composition.

When choosing an unusual wedding bouquet, it is important to consider the style of the celebration. If guests were invited to a classic event, which is held according to all the rules of etiquette, it is better to give preference to bouquets of light tones, without bright details. For a wedding in a steampunk style, guests can present a composition that was created with the help of gears, parts of mechanisms. If this «marine» triumph, an unusual bouquet with shells, starfish, corals will look great. A wedding in the style of childhood can be decorated with a gift arrangement of soft toys.

Fancy Wedding Accessories

From fabric

Fabric bouquets look incredibly elegant and solemn, so such an unusual gift is perfect for a magnificent wedding event, although much depends on the type of fabric that invited guests will choose - such an accessory may well be bright. What are the options for the execution of bouquets using various types of fabric:

  • Fully woven bouquets. This attribute looks simple, modest, and at the same time elegant - quite often brides choose this version of the composition for themselves. The bouquet can be decorated with beads, sparkles, and the flowers themselves are made using satin ribbons in the form of roses.

Wedding Fabric Attributes

  • Fabric brooch-bouquet. Unusual, festive, original wedding attribute, which is generously decorated with brooches - this version of the accessory looks rich, perfect for a gift for a magnificent celebration.

Fabric accessory with beautiful brooches

  • Fabric bouquet using unusual details. Depending on the wedding theme, guests can choose a bouquet that will be decorated with suitable elements - buttons, gears, animal figures, butterflies, daisies, shells.

Unusual details in a fabric composition

  • Bright wedding attribute. An unusual, bright bouquet invited can be presented to spouses who decided to create a truly colorful event. The colors of the fabric accessory need to be selected those that are present in the decoration of the room or dress code, guests can ask the newlyweds about this in advance.

Bright options for a bouquet with a fabric

From buttons and ribbons

A bright, interesting button bouquet will be an amazing wedding gift for future spouses who appreciate originality in everything. Western brides have long been using buttons to make their accessory, this version of the composition can simultaneously serve as a gift from guests. A variety of buttons perfectly blend with satin, lace, chintz and other types of ribbons, the main thing is to correctly combine the details of a wedding gift. The bouquet can be bright, elegant, solemn or modest - it all depends on the selection of elements.

Original bright button bouquet

Button compositions made using fabrics such as satin, silk, chiffon look beautiful. One of the most unusual options for an accessory is a felt bouquet with buttons - this fabric, along with colored details, looks cozy, unusual. Guests can choose the style of the bouquet according to the theme of the event or create a wedding attribute using the colors of the interior of the newlyweds, because for sure the heroes of the occasion will want to decorate their home with such an unusual gift.

Buttons with felt

From sweets and soft toys

Sweet bridal bouquets gained great popularity a few years ago, they are happy to receive adults and children - for birthdays, anniversaries, other holidays. The wedding was not an exception: not only the guests present such a composition as a gift, but the brides themselves are pleased to surprise those present with a delicate bouquet with coconut Raffaello or a more contrasting decoration. If the invited person wants to give the newlyweds an unusual candy bouquet, the first thing to think about is: what sweets are the heroes of the occasion?

There are no restrictions on the selection of sweets for an unusual accessory, it can be milk chocolates, truffle candies, Raffaello, Ferrero, even oriental sweets, if the future spouses are their ardent admirers. The sizes of candy bouquets are different - from very small to huge compositions, depending on the number of candies used, the price will vary greatly. The guest can arrange an independent purchase of sweets with the florist or make a DIY gift.

Unusual tasty holiday attributes

Another variant of an unusual wedding bouquet is very popular - a composition with soft toys. If the hero of the occasion loves plush animals, a bouquet with toy hares, bears or other animals - that’s what you need. Giving such an accessory, the guest can say: «I wish you had as many children as there are in this bouquet, and each got a toy!» This congratulation touches and will surprise the heroes of the occasion.

A soft bouquet is easy to make yourself. All that is needed is a few key rings with the same toys, wire, floral paper, scotch tape and a ribbon. A master class on making an original bouquet is easy to find on the Internet - there are a lot of interesting ideas.

Original bouquets with toys

DIY workshop for making a bouquet

Many guests will want to surprise the heroes of the occasion with an unusual, beautiful gift, for the purchase of which not everyone has the financial means. There is a way out - to create an economical, simple accessory that will definitely please the newlyweds with their own hands. The master class presents an easy way to make it yourself, using sweet treats.

Necessary materials

  • Sweets to taste wrapped with «bows» around the edges.
  • Plastic or ceramic small pot.
  • Color and transparent floral oilcloth.
  • Dense stalk wire.
  • Floral Ribbon.
  • Strong scissors.
  • Green tape or paper + glue.
  • A piece of foam is larger than the capacity of the pot.

Stages of creation

After all the necessary materials have been prepared, you should begin to work, according to the proposed master class. Choose a color palette in accordance with the gamut of the wedding celebration. The number of flowers in a bouquet may vary, their number is at your discretion. It is important that correctly selected sweets please the heroes of the occasion, and do not perform an exclusively decorative function. How to make an original wedding attribute:

Candy Gift Workshop

  • Insert a colored floral oilcloth into the pot, as shown in the photo, so that it rises 20-30 centimeters above the edges of the pot. Cut the polystyrene so that it is several millimeters larger than the container for future flowers, put it there, pressing it firmly. Polyfoam should not stagger, be unstable.
  • To hide the white material, put foil or colored paper on top of the foam.
  • Cut a dense wire to the size of future stems - the length should be different. The edges of the pot will have shorter stems, longer in the middle.
  • Take three candies - they will be needed to create flowers for a future unusual accessory. Fasten the first with adhesive tape to the very edge «the stalk», the second is a few centimeters lower, the third is even lower. Cover the entire wire with tape.
  • Cut a transparent or colored oilcloth in the shape of a square, pierce the middle with a stem, wrap it around the flowers, pressing the decoration of the future attribute to the wire.
  • When the previous step is ready, cut ten centimeters of a narrow floral tape, carefully tie the bows on the oilcloth.
  • To give the resulting decoration a festive mood, take scissors, lean one edge with the sharp side against the free edge of the ribbon, quickly swipe it, creating friction - so it twists.
  • The last step is to gently stick the resulting flower branches into the basis of an unusual bouquet, distributing throughout its area.
  • Wedding gift is ready for the newlyweds!
  • Photo selection of original wedding bouquets of 2015

    Wedding accessories made in an original style attract attention and help maintain the style of the celebration. These attributes of the holiday are made using non-perishable details, therefore, such compositions will for a long time please the eye of a newly-made husband and wife. Guests who presented an unusual gift will receive sincere gratitude from the main culprits of the holiday. To get ideas for unusual wedding accessories, see the photo selection of original compositions of 2015:

    Tips for creating a bouquet for the bride of green roses

    Creating a festive image for their own wedding, brides are increasingly refusing classic bouquets with fresh flowers, preferring more interesting decorations. Famous attributes of a wedding event include: bouquet-clutch, cascading, accessory fan. The compositions, assembled in their natural form, look unusual - they leave a long leg for the flowers, without pruning from below, giving to the upper «the ball» beautiful volume.