What is wedding tango?

A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of any girl. Since childhood, we have been dreaming about when this long-awaited day will come. A magnificent wedding dress, a long veil, a small bouquet of delicate roses, and next to the dearest person in the world - here it is, happiness the size of the universe. Last days or minutes in status «bride and groom» and there’s still a long road ahead called «married life». The road that you will walk together, hand in hand, in complete harmony, happiness and infinite love.

As has long been the case, family life begins with the first «Bitterly! » and, of course, from the first wedding dance. Most often, the newlyweds give their preference to the waltz. At first glance, it’s better not to find a dance for a wedding evening: light and smooth movements filled with tenderness, loving eyes - and all this against the background of a romantic melody. But what if you add a drop of fire and passion to your first family dance so that the future married life is not only calm and easy, but also turbulent, interesting? If you want this special day for you to become an equally bright event for your guests, surprise them with wedding tango.

What is tango?

Today at www.svadebka.ws we decided to find out what tango is. The answer to this question is known to all of us. This is a dance of passion and fire, a dance of unprecedented love. Probably each of us, watching how the heroes of the films dance, dreamed of learning to dance tango. As for wedding tango, this dance is very unusual, because not every couple chooses it as the first dance. The dance that they are ready to give to their loved ones, the dance in which all their feelings are enclosed. This is an amazing declaration of love, a declaration without words and special intonation, only movement, only looks and touch of hands. Perhaps there is no more beautiful sight than the dance of two lovers. And let the tango is not an easy choice, but it's worth it.

Wedding tango

Things to consider when choosing a tango?

If you have already decided to perform this amazing dance on your first family evening, you need to consider some features. And today, the site Wedding.ws share with you its secrets. So you should know:

  • Tango is technically a very complicated dance. That is why you should start studying it and staging the composition itself as early as possible so that you have time to prepare well. As a rule, these are 10-20 individual lessons.
  • When staging the dance itself and those or other elements, one should take into account what the bride’s wedding outfit will be. Of course, in a fluffy skirt it will be much more difficult to move, but, because you can choose a tango waltz. This is almost the same waltz, but with a lot of different movements and it looks much more modern.

Tango as the first dance of the young

  • And, of course, shoes. She should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable to dance her first tango easily and energetically. It will be best if you dance a couple of classes in wedding shoes.

Tango rehearsal

  • As for music, the choice here is not so small. You can choose both an energetic melody for the Argentine tango and a more melodic romantic song. You, of course, remember the melody from the movie «Woman smell». Most newlyweds choose it and it must be said that the melody is really amazing, because it has so much sophistication, so many feelings.

As one wise man said: «Tango is a secret that two people dance». Perhaps this is the most passionate dance, a dance that is filled with love to the brim, a dance in which you can «drown» and discover yourself in a new way, feel the love of your soulmate from your fingertips to the ends of your hair. And it must be the main dance of your entire love story. So let your wedding tango become a little family secret, filling your life with a wave of emotions, love and unlimited happiness!