First Wedding Dance - Rumba

The first dance at your wedding celebration should, without any doubt, make the most indelible impression on all invited friends and relatives. With such a responsible mission, choosing a wedding dance can be a very serious problem. However, it’s not worth thinking at all for so long, because one of the sexiest, passionate and exciting dances that you can safely include in the program of your wedding celebration is the rumba dance.

The first dance and vivid emotions

Why exactly rumba?

Rumba is more than a classic ballroom dance, which, at the very first melodic chords, will take you and your guests to the hot and exciting world of passion and then quickly swirl the young couple in a whirlwind of the sweetest and most delightful emotions. Among all types of dance, rumba is called the most emotional and sensual expression of the body. It should also be recalled that rumba has long been called the dance of love. And this characteristic is perfectly suited, by the way, suitable for the first dance of the newlyweds, which symbolizes the deep and vivid feelings of the newlyweds.

Rumba is a true dance of love

Many readers of the wedding site can confirm that when choosing this type of dance, the groom and the bride sparkle their eyes with happiness and pleasure. Among other things, it should be noted that a distinctive feature of the dance theme of rumba is smooth and graceful movements with an admixture of erotic and hot feelings. It is they who demonstrate to the assembled audience all the strength of a man, as well as the grace and tenderness of a woman dancing with him. It’s like a perfect couple in front of them that attracts the eye and causes admiration!

Preparing for the first wedding dance

Almost all visitors to the wedding portal will assure you that preparing for the first wedding dance should take a lot of time. Indeed, for the direct execution of this complex and dynamic dance, it is required that the newlyweds are simply in excellent physical shape.

Everyone at the wedding celebration should be surprised and admire when the bride and groom managed to learn how to dance. Here is the reaction you need. And you have to spend more than one day on such a reaction. That is why the setting of a wedding dance by a professional choreographer should be done at least three and a half months before the upcoming wedding event. Otherwise, you are unlikely to achieve a positive result..

Preparation is the most important part of a wedding dance

What else is important?

If the movements and music of the rumba touched your strings of the soul, and you are already ready to merge with your partner in a whirlwind of dance emotions, then you should talk about choosing the appropriate wedding dress. It should be recalled once again that rumba is a sexual, incendiary and more than frank dance composition. It is for this reason that it will be almost impossible to dance it in a long and magnificent dress. In this case, you should choose a shorter and fitted wedding dress in which you can move easily and quickly. And the groom will not be afraid to spoil your wedding dress by accidentally stepping on it.

Short wedding dress perfect for rumba

If you simply do not want to make such concessions, then you need to think about what kind of dress you will change for your first wedding dance. I think this alignment will suit absolutely everyone. Moreover, for such a case, you can choose even the brightest colors of the outfit.

In the end, I would like to add that rumba is one of the best options for wedding dance. Therefore, choosing it, you will definitely not regret it and leave indelible impressions in your memory and memory of the guests you invited..