Wedding dance: from waltz to hustle

In preparation for the wedding, it is important to consider every detail. At the celebration itself, everything should be impeccable, without flaws and unforeseen circumstances. Only when the holiday passes without complications, is it truly considered to be a memorable and joyful event. You can find the main points in the preparation and organization of the wedding on the website

The first dance of the newlyweds

All this fully applies to the tradition of the first wedding dance of the newlyweds. Almost all couples adhere to this beautiful and romantic wedding tradition. Indeed, it is difficult to find a more sincere and touching moment than a couple in love hovering in a wedding dance.

The wedding dance of the newlyweds is full of grandeur, ease of movement, beautiful feelings, tenderness and understanding. This unforgettable sight will surely remain in the memory of many guests..

Is wedding dance and staging required?

Naturally, no one forces anyone to include the first dance of the newlyweds in the wedding scenario. It is completely your choice based on your desire. However, deciding to demonstrate such a surprise to guests, it is necessary to devote a little time and effort to preparing it. After all, the dance should impress and inspire the audience.

Setting up a wedding dance together with professionals will help you gain confidence, calmness and bring a lot of bright and unforgettable impressions to your holiday. Useful tips on the proper preparation of the wedding dance can be found on the website

Tender dance of the young

Popular types of wedding dance of the newlyweds

Currently, many modern newlyweds choose different styles for their first wedding dance. And do not even think that everything is limited to classics. On the contrary, incendiary, passionate and exciting dances are in fashion.

Viennese Waltz

This traditional dance is in first place among the popular dances for young people. The Viennese Waltz is a beautiful romantic dance that conveys the ease and elegance of movements. One of the strict, sophisticated and at the same time gentle dances.

Passionate tango

This style of dance is given the second place. Argentinean tango is a great extraordinary way to impress gathered guests.

Slow waltz

No less popular at modern weddings is a slow waltz. This romantic wedding dance will create a unique holiday atmosphere..

Classical dance of young

Figured Waltz

Figured waltz, unlike the Viennese, is not so strict and spectacular, but no less gentle and lyrical.

Potpourri or show mix

This style of dance includes from three or more musical compositions that suddenly replace each other. Ringtones are selected only depending on your preferences.

Free dance

You can use any melody to stage the free dance of the newlyweds. Most often, the couple’s favorite melody is selected and the basic movements are invented for it. Free dance gives you the opportunity to create an original and unique dance, designed only for a particular married couple.

Incendiary dance of the newlyweds


Foxtrot is one of the light and elegant dances. Its other variety is a quick quick step. These styles are popular for their grace and ease of learning..


Another popular pair dance is hustle. The dance is based on improvisation. Hustle can dance to any music.


The wonderful dance style of bachata will give your first dance an extraordinary and spectacular appearance. This dance is also easy to perform. It is characterized by a fairly moderate pace and is designed to emphasize the close contact of partners.

The dance dedicated to the newlyweds will be appropriate at the wedding. This is a surprise dance from guests. In this original way, guests can express their gratitude to the newly made spouses for the invitation to the celebration..

Moreover, one should not forget that the dance of the wedding night is one of the main, albeit private dances of the whole solemn day. Do not miss the opportunity to give a few unforgettable minutes to your soulmate.

A beautiful couple, reunited with light movements and strong sincere feelings, soaring to the sounds of fairytale music - one of the happiest in the world. Give this sweet moment to each other. Be sure that the result of your efforts will be stunning..