First wedding dance

A wedding is an exciting event that requires a good competent organization, solving a lot of important issues. So, the dresses and rings were bought, the restaurant for the wedding was ordered, the host at the start, but the question remains: the first dance of the young at the wedding.

More often the problem is not the choice of musical accompaniment, but the fact that one of the partners does not know how to dance. Also, sometimes this problem is faced by both, when the young ones want to perform a waltz at the wedding.

A waltz will require unprecedented skill from you, especially if before that you or your chosen one have not learned to dance. Of course, if in childhood you had to attend one of the many clubs, and among them there were dances, then the task is a little simplified, if not, you have to work hard and find a dance teacher.

In your search you will be helped by faithful friends who previously married, and they had a teacher, or use the notorious Internet and plunge into the world of wedding services.

In order not to get into trouble, initially you should solve several questions: firstly, how much time are you willing to spend on preparation; secondly, how much money are you willing to give for your lessons and, thirdly, decide how you want to study (in a group or separately with a teacher?) so that the first dance of the young at the wedding is successful. Even if you don’t have much time left, it’s worth a try - this will give you a little relaxation before a busy wedding day, and there’s a lot of fun.

So, before you is the parquet floor, huge mirrors, the teacher and the choice of occupation in a group or individually. Classes in the group will take a long time, do not expect a quick result, and besides, someone "like a giraffe on the third day", so you have to hold on to emotions, although this option is slightly more economical than individual lessons, and the classes in the group are more fun. Note also that you have to adapt to the schedule of classes, no one will wait for you if you linger in traffic.

Individual lessons are certainly more expensive, but the result, as they say: "on the face." You have to pay the rent of the hall and the time of the choreographer.

Of course, for the first dance of the young people at the wedding to be brilliant, you can practice at home, in the park, for example. Romantic and economical.

But if you still decide to learn from a professional, first ask how long he can teach you.

Also, as an option, you can invite the choreographer to your house, or visit yourself to visit him. This option is convenient because you yourself choose the time and place of employment. In addition, private choreographers are ready to make concessions in terms of cost of classes.

Also take an interest in what experience the choreographer has, how many pairs passed through him, and what he is able to teach. Do not forget to take wedding shoes for classes, and if you have a long skirt in a dress, then take it.

Be sure to specify the cost of classes, musical accompaniment in advance (the choreographer will help you find the right composition if you have not decided yet). The dance should not last more than three minutes so that you yourself are not tired and the guests are not bored. The dance should be well thought out, starting with the invitation of the bride to the first dance and, of course, the completion of the wedding dance.

If you opted for the most popular dance of weddings - waltz, you will need 1-2 lessons, more complex, as "latina" will require 5-6 lessons.

In principle, no matter what dance you choose, the main desire to practice and rehearse at home, then the first dance of the young at the wedding will please not only you, but also the guests.