Traditional wedding dance

A wedding, combining two hearts into one, gives the right to a new family. Those who, neglecting traditions, prefer a fascinating trip, instead of organizing a wedding event, are mistaken. Why?

Every day, presenting all kinds of surprises, convinces us of the accuracy of folk signs, customs, statements. For example, proverbs «Miser pays twice», «If I knew where you fell, I would lay straw», «Stir up to keep money», said hundreds of years ago by a simple person, and to this day are confirmed in everyday modern life.

Wedding tradition, as well as, undoubtedly, almost everything in this world, arose for a reason. For the first time, they decided to unite a man and a woman by legal marriage in Ancient Rome, decorating the process of marriage with interesting rites. Each rite carried a separate meaning, but all of them were united by a common goal - to make the life of young people rich, calm and fruitful..

The modern meaning of marriage, namely, the union of two loving hearts, as well as the admission of marriage with divorced, disheveled priests and even foreigners, appeared during the reign of Peter I in the XVIII century.

A wedding dance

Wedding dance is a special tradition of the whole wedding process. It can be safely called one of the most reverent, of course, after the immediate moment of the wedding and painting. The history of wedding dance has its roots in past centuries, where the story of their love was told by people of high rank - princes, counts, princes. They did this not only with the help of verbal means, but also with the help of an amazing and eloquent body language. With it, you can convey feelings and emotions, say out loud which is not easy.

What is it, wedding dance today??

The most diverse. As the first dance of young people are selected:

  • Viennese Waltz to the inimitable Strauss melody;
  • conveying tenderness and fullness of feelings, the hot Rumba, emphasizing the hot temperament of the young and promising a full, rich, passionate life together;
  • Exciting tango imagination;
  • works of modern performers for performing a simple slow dance;
  • extraordinary «mix», which is preferred by an increasing number of contemporary couples.

Staging a wedding dance

It is worth noting that any couple can perform their first marital dance really beautifully. Modern dance schools are happy to provide services for the production and training of dance, and, as a rule, it takes up to seven classes to stage one wedding dance. It all depends on the difficulty of setting and the level of preparedness of the young.

Wedding dance production is a wedding tradition, it is beautiful! Allow yourself this fabulous day, because this moment is worthy of many days of ordinary everyday life.

Beautiful wedding dance

And do not forget that dance is the most frank «language of the body», this is the only way to throw out emotions for real.

Let your first dance be meaningful, and life happy, and not because you have kept traditions, but because the hearts of the husband and wife, your hearts, beat in unison.