The first dance of the newlyweds - touching moments of the wedding

Nowadays, most newlyweds want to revive the wedding with their first joint dance. Usually, young people dance something not entirely definite, trampling from one foot to another to a smooth melody, although in fact, such a touching moment of the wedding can be played up and decorated in interesting ways.

What really should be the wedding dance of the bride and groom? Mostly it is slow waltz, less often - tango or Latin dance, in which the newlyweds are able to convey to the guests the inexhaustible energy of their love.

When guests can clearly see the easily dancing couple, enchanting them with harmony and beauty of movements, those present are most often convinced that their success is the result of lengthy joint rehearsals. However, this opinion is also erroneous. After all, every person who has an irresistible desire to learn how to move in a dance has enough tenacity in learning, but he has every chance of becoming a professional dancer.

As a rule, the components of the dance are simple figures that anyone can learn to master. Undoubtedly, the variety of movement variations decorates the dance itself, although you should keep in mind that this is just an addition. It is better to dance the simplest figures, while submitting to the rhythm, rather than perform complex variations, without falling into it. After all, thanks to exclusively rhythm, a person gets truly indescribable pleasure from his dance.

To overcome congenital stiffness, it will be sufficient to master just a few simple exercises that develop the elasticity and flexibility of the body. This will help if you dance about two to three times a week. Many years of experience have proved that even a very timid person will have about a month to gain confidence in his movements.

To learn how to dance well, you need to not only feel the rhythm and know a few movements. First of all, you need to skillfully and easily lead your partner or relaxedly follow your partner. A good dancer can be called the one who correctly dances to the beat of the music.

Your first dance will certainly be a surprise for all guests, especially for your beloved parents. When your dance is full of exciting moments, parents will pay special attention to this and gain additional confidence that there is mutual understanding in your relationship. And how solemn and touching this moment of soul fusion is, and what important example can be captured on video first dance for your unborn children.