Wedding scrapbooking album


A wedding is one important and unforgettable event for a couple in love. The celebration passes quickly, and the memory of it remains for your whole life. The album will help you save a bit of triumph. Scrapbooking wedding album will be a bright, beautiful, impressive memory of the wedding day. Do it yourself is not so difficult, you need to be patient and have everything you need at hand.

DIY wedding album

Recently, a technique for performing a wedding album, called «scrapbooking». Manual design of books, albums using ribbons, beads, paper, other beautiful little things - all this is scrapbooking. To design compositions, you do not need special skills and extensive experience, it all depends on your ideas, preferences, fantasies, inspiration. Scrapbooking album will be a wonderful gift for newlyweds.

For manufacturing, pre-stock materials, tools. Think in advance how you want to create an album, and then go to where everything for scrapbooking is sold. Have you decided? Make a sketch or sketch, design it down to the smallest detail. Each page is a short story that conveys the emotions, mood, feelings of the wedding day.

Often, creative ideas come directly during the manufacturing process. In addition to pictures, use memorabilia from the wedding, for example, dried flowers that were dried after the solemn bouquet role, beads from the dress, a boutonniere from the groom’s outfit.

See an example of a handmade wedding album in this video:

Scrapbooking style albums are decorated with pastel materials (see the photo), for example, blue, pale purple, etc..

Scrapbooking: Pastel Wedding Album

Tip: when decorating pages with dried flowers, protect them with special packages, otherwise they will crumble.

Materials and Tools

For the style of scrapbooking, the choice of materials and tools is important. In addition to your shots, use the following items to choose from:

  • Basics, substrates. Cardstock (thick paper), designer paper, overlay (film with a picture), parchment, chipboard (cardboard with cut out figures), foil.
  • Jewelry. Choose ribbons, beads, napkins, bows, wedding garter, invitations for guests, elements of a wedding bouquet, cards. Also paper or fabric flowers, lace, illustrations, buttons, rhinestones, volumetric applications. To create drawings, there are stencils.

In addition to the materials proposed above, use others, preferably those that can be stored for many years. When performing, do not forget about the corners for pictures, it is better to buy them, but if you wish, you can do it yourself.

Tools that may be needed are glue, scissors, double-sided tape, a variety of composters and dies, a hole punch. All this is located on the shelves of shops specializing in fabrics, accessories, crafts, as well as in your home.

Album size and volume

Stores offer us stitched albums, blank sheets for scrapbooking. But before buying, you should decide on the size. There are three standard sizes:

  • Size 30 x 30 cm. Ideal if you want several photos to be placed on one page at once. It will look great if each spread is designed in its own way, such an album will be large and voluminous.
  • Size 20 x 20 cm. One sheet of standard size 10 x 15 cm is placed on such sheets. The album comes out convenient and small in volume and weight.
  • Size 25 x 25 cm. This album format, offering something in between the two previous ones, not only in size, but also in volume, weight. Large photographs will look good on such sheets, it is also possible to place several small ones (see the photo below).

Photos in the wedding scrapbooking album

Scrapbook album size depends not only on the number and size of pages, but also on the number of decorations and photos.

Cover Ideas

The cover will be the face of your album, it will create the first impression before viewing. Therefore, you should work hard on its design. Consider interesting cover ideas.

  • For the basis, several layers of thick paper or fabric decorated with lace on the sides are used. They issue a joint photo of the bride and groom as standard: it is placed in the center of the cover. Stick a frame around the photo itself, add a signature to it, or make a couple of slots for the corners. Instead of the picture, the original name is also used..
  • The cover will look good on one or more fabric, paper flowers, the middle of which is decorated with a bead (rhinestones). Instead, bows are suitable, they are still used as ties. The edge of the cover or a place near the edge is decorated with a strip of lace. Such a design option as a heart made of ribbon, tied with a bow at the bottom of the bow and placed in the center of the cover is also wonderful. Often in the role of a decorative complement on the cover there are two rings drawn or glued - a wedding symbol.

A scrapbooking cover art workshop will show the video:

original name

The highlight of the cover design is the original name of the wedding album, which will be associated directly with the newlyweds. The name can be drawn in pencil, made in the form of an engraving or made of paper..

Consider the options for names:

  • Standard - «our wedding», «Wedding», «Wedding day».
  • With names - name of the groom + name of the bride, first letter of the name of the bride + first letter of the name of the groom, surname of the spouses.
  • Other names - «Day of happiness», «Eternal love», «Together forever».

Under the name, the wedding date will look great. Use your imagination, don't be afraid to experiment.

Wedding scrapbooking album with original name

Timeline of Wedding Events

An ideal layout for the album in the style of scrapbooking on the internal pages would be a correctly arranged chronology of wedding events from the photo. Add photos that show how young, interesting moments from their life met, marriage proposal, joint planning of a wedding, the choice of dresses for marriage.

The chronology of events on the images on the wedding day looks good in the album: morning preparation, bride redemption, ceremony, reception, competitions, completion of the wedding. A great addition (another U-turn in the album) will be a photo from the trip that follows the marriage - a honeymoon. It’s very advantageous to attach to each photo from the trip something small that is associated with the place captured in the photo (leaflets from trees, flat souvenirs).

Sections for future anniversaries

A wedding album can be filled not only directly with wedding photos, but also continue an interesting lesson throughout the life of a couple. To do this, leave the anniversary pages in the wedding album. Great idea - write the name of the anniversary and add a photo of this day.

If the album is large, then to save space, place two photos on the page. With a small number of pages left, stick the picture taken on the day of every fifth anniversary.

How to store

A wedding album made using scrapbooking requires a special type of storage: since its cover has voluminous details, they can be accidentally damaged during storage. An excellent solution to this problem will be a cover sewn in size of the album, a package made of paper or a box (see the photo). They are also decorated a little: for example, it is recommended to sew flat patterns on the cover, and glue the box with cloth or paper.

Decorated Box for Scrapbooking Wedding Album

You can purchase or order a unique scrapbooking album. But it would be better to do it with your own hands, putting a piece of your soul there, because the wedding album is a bright story of the family from the moment of its inception. This lesson will take a lot of time, perseverance, but the result is worth it: there will be a memory for life.

If you have experience in creating such crafts, or interesting ideas on this subject, leave your comments, they will be useful to other readers.