Book wishes for the wedding with their hands


A large number of innovations come to us from abroad. This is especially true for all sorts of customs. So, at weddings there are more often wish books. In them, guests write down all the most sincere and cordial words intended for the newlyweds. You can buy a ready-made such book, but it will look much more interesting if you do it yourself, by investing in it a piece of your happiness. We will help you in creating this unique commemorative item..
What is a wedding wishes book? In most cases, these are several dozens of beautiful pages, decorated with creativity and imagination. For their manufacture, either paper or cardboard is used, but in any case it must be in hardcover so that you can store it for a long time.
Pages for inscriptions from guests are not just white sheets of paper, but decorated in the same style with a book. All this must be taken into account when creating a do-it-yourself wish book for newlyweds for a wedding.

How to choose a design?

Before embarking on creativity, decide on color and style. There are several ways:

  • To the tone of the wedding. If the hall, tables, and balls are pink, a do-it-yourself book of wishes can be made in the same key. The same goes for blue and green tones..

  • On the theme of the wedding. If you decide to hold a wedding in the Greek style or retro, arrange a book of wishes for the wedding accordingly, using colors and decor. It is especially easy to emphasize the style, as well as emotions with the help of satin ribbons, fixing them with your own hands on the cover. But still the choice is left to the newlyweds.

  • In accordance with the image of the bride. If the bride’s dress is milky, you can make the cover of the book for wedding wishes exactly the same shade with a similar decor. She will be, as it were, one with the main culprit of the celebration, and will also be able to constantly remind guests of the beauty of the bride.

Do-it-yourself wedding book decoration

If the decor of the room and the wish book at the wedding are one, then we can assume that the organizer definitely has a taste and hands.

Scrapbooking technique

The best option is to create a wish book with your own hands using the scrapbooking technique. To do this, you can use our master class, just changing it a little to suit your tastes and wishes.

DIY step-by-step instructions for creating a book

Consider one of the options for creating a book with your own hands, on the basis of which all the others are built. We will need:

  • 2 pcs. white whatman paper or thick cardboard of the right size, but not less than 20 * 20 cm. Crumpled paper sheets, designer cardboard, paper for inner sheets.

  • Decorative elements - lace, ribbons, beads, buckles, metal rings, rhinestones, ribbons, pieces of fabric, decorative corners, crystals, artificial flowers, figures of plaster or clay.

  • Tools - figured hole punch, scissors, ruler, glue, adhesive tape.

Next, choose the size of the book and the style of its design. Use ready-made illustrations or improvised tools for improvisation when creating a book. It all depends on your desire. Having chosen colors and style, we begin work:

  • Cut out a sheet of cardboard of the right size.

  • From the squeezed paper, cut out a sheet with allowances, given the hem.

  • Wrap cardboard sheets with squeezed paper, fixing the edges with glue.

  • In the finished cover, we make holes for the rings with a hole punch. Due to them, it is much more convenient to turn pages.

  • We turn to the creation of the cover. Here you can give free rein to imagination. Slightly stepping away from the edge, glue pieces of ribbons, lace, beautiful fabric, beads, flowers or rhinestones.

  • For the base, special decorative paper is often used, which you can fix using double-sided tape. This will make the cover voluminous.

  • Using only light elements will make the book monophonic, so take dark ribbons to shade certain areas.

  • To make the back side neat, you can stick a sheet of plain paper to it.

Place for book title

Most often, the name of the book is written in the center, but you can experiment and create your own inscription in the corner. But for this you need to focus with the decor of the cover. It is not necessary to write standard entries «Wedding wish book». You can create something special, and then sign your creation «Heartfelt words from guests» or «Parting words to the newlyweds».

What is the name of the album?

Inner Pages

For the manufacture of internal pages, take one blank, on it make a whole stack of pages. The number of leaves depends on the number of invitees, plus a supply of 5-6 sheets. Cut out the rectangles, the size of which is slightly smaller than the cover.
All pages of the album will be decorated in the same style. Do not sign the names of guests or affix serial numbers. Some will not be able to formulate a short congratulation or someone will get carried away and write voluminous wishes.

First page layout

Immediately after the cover, make a cover page. The names of the newlyweds, the wedding date, thanks for the wishes of the guests and the signatures of the young are written on it. You can do this either with your own hands or with the help of a printer. The design should be in the same style as the cover..

We make the title page

Book assembly

After all the pages are ready, you can proceed with the assembly. Pull the rings through the pre-punched holes. On paper, it is not necessary to use special elements, but on the cover it is better to install eyelets. You can buy them in a store where everything is sold for creativity. With a press on hand to install them, you can do this job yourself. If you are not sure what will turn out carefully, it is better to contact specialists.

Wedding book with rings

Original alternatives

In addition to the book, you can make wedding wishes on pebbles. To do this, you will need a large amount of sea pebbles, as well as a special marker. Guests will take pebbles from one vase and, writing wishes of well-being and happiness, will shift to another. Subsequently, such a vase can become a worthy decoration for your family nest.

Pebble wishes

The idea looks great when guests write wishes on a large poster. You just have to fix a large sheet of paper, as well as put glasses with markers.
But a handmade bottle will be especially memorable. Prepare a few pieces of paper, as well as an empty bottle. Guests will write their wishes and invest them in it. In a few years it will be interesting for you to read these miniature notes. You can arrange the bottle itself in the same way as a wedding wish book or stick a photo of the newlyweds on it.

Bottle of wishes

Instead of a bottle, a chest or a vase is often used. It all depends on your desires and preferences..

Take a photo of your wish books made in our workshop or using other design options, and attach them in the comments at the bottom of the page.