How to decorate a wedding dress


To make the wedding celebration unforgettable, the outfits of the bride and groom must be perfect and unusual. Recently, the use of accessories with a bright shade or small identical additions to the images of the bride and groom is very popular. We will analyze how best to decorate a wedding dress with beads, rhinestones, belts, lace or jewelry. Watch a master class on sewing a satin belt for a bride's dress with your own hands.

Ideas for the original decoration of wedding dresses

If the bride chose a classic plain dress for a wedding celebration, but I want to complement it with something unusual, then for this can be handy, long-unused accessories, and unusual purchased items. If the purchase of large brooches with stones is not planned, then it is allowed to decorate the wedding outfit with a satin belt, belt, beads or lace. Let's consider the most effective options.


Beaded Wedding Dresses

Small beads can complement both a corset and a skirt. Very popular options for wedding dresses, which are fully embroidered with beads, they look elegant and expensive. A lot of time is spent on such work, it is much easier to decorate only the contours of the dress, some layers of the skirt or the upper part. Gloves embroidered with beads and veils look original. Bright beads can easily freshen up, decorate the image of the bride, but they should be combined in some accessories from the groom.

Belt or belt

Wedding dresses with a belt

Wedding dresses with a satin belt became popular in 2013, when many designers presented similar dresses in their collections. Such a belt can be either small or very large, it all depends on the wishes of the bride. According to an ancient omen, in a wedding dress the bride and groom should not have any other colors than white. If the bride follows these rules, then it’s worth sewing a belt from such a satin ribbon or pastel-colored fabric.

Lace inserts

Wedding dresses with lace

If the dress does not look very rich, it is easy to decorate it with lace inserts that add sophistication and chic. Such additions can be both in front (in the neckline, shoulders, arms), and behind (on the back). Lace inserts are rarely made in the skirt of a dress, unless such an outfit is lush, but smoothly fits the waist (then this addition can emphasize the excesses of the figure). Lace on the sides is also extremely rare, since in these parts of the body it will be covered with hands..


Wedding dresses decorated with flowers

If in some part of the dress you want to emphasize, you can sew or buy an interesting flower. It can be a large white fabric rose, alstroemeria from ribbons or even natural varieties of chrysanthemums, violets, lilies. If fresh flowers are used for decoration, then they try to fix one end of them in a special tube with a nutrient liquid that will allow the plant to not fade. The shade of roses, lilies or others should be repeated in other elements of the wedding: hall decorations, invitations, bonbonnieres.

Jewelry inserts

Jewelery outfits

Jewelry items always look very gentle and elegant. For decoration of a white wedding dress, silver jewelry or options in light gold are suitable. Products of a yellow shade are well combined with beige, peach tones. If such an addition will be introduced into the dress, then the groom can have a similar decor (on a tie, bow-tie, jacket pocket). At the wedding, the more similar characters the bride and groom have, the more organic the couple looks..

Brooches and jewelry

Models decorated with brooches and jewelry

Small brooches can be the perfect complement to a corset. They are placed centered on the waist or sideways on the bust (if a strong corset is used). It is better not to take heavy brooches for decoration, since in dances they can easily fall away or make the bride’s movement difficult. It is desirable to combine jewelry in the outfit with earrings, a necklace and a hair clip. Ideally, if such additions will be from the same collection.

Workshop on making a belt for a wedding dress

If it was decided to create a belt as a decoration for a wedding dress, then this issue must be approached with all seriousness. The material you need to choose the highest quality: satin, silk, poplin. At the same time, a thick non-woven fabric or other lining adhesive fabric can be used to thicken the fabric. Consider a step-by-step master class creating the perfect belt for a wedding dress.

  1. To work, you need to prepare: 2-3 meters of high-quality fabric (up to 0.5 m wide), lining adhesive non-woven, sharp scissors, automatic or manual sewing machine, threads of the appropriate color and size, needles, steam iron, a small piece of gauze or transparent material stones or rhinestones.
  2. Cut a piece of fabric 40 cm wide in the center and about 60 cm at the edges. The length of such a cut should be 2-3 meters, if desired. The belt will be very long, it is allowed to form a bow from it, the ends of which go down to the floor.
  3. We glue with glue non-woven the inner part of the cut with an iron through a transparent gauze. It is worth considering that it is better to make the edges of the belt at an angle so that it looks more beautiful. And for this, the fabric needs to be folded in half face to face and cut obliquely (at an angle of 45 degrees). Similar actions should be done on the other hand..
  4. We fold the prepared belt face to face and sew along the edge, leaving a small hole in the center so that it is easy to turn the product.
  5. Iron the belt along the seam to iron it. We turn the product on the face, with hand stitches we sew in the hole that remains.
  6. Iron the resulting belt with an iron with a transparent cloth, leaving a seam on one side of the product (this will be the wrong side).
  7. We try on a belt on a dress and see if it fits perfectly to the product. We correct possible inaccuracies and errors..
  8. On the edges of the belt, which are decorated along the oblique, we lay glue rhinestones and glue them with gauze with iron.
  9. In the place of the belt where the bow will be, you need to attach a brooch that will be in the center of the future jewelry.
  10. The belt is allowed to be sewn to the dress with several stitches, so that it does not slip or leave so that the ends flutter in the wind.

Photos of decorated wedding dresses 2016

In order to keep abreast of all the novelties of 2016 and choose the perfect decoration for your wedding dress, you need to consider interesting photos of famous designers who conquer the world with their products. In the new season, decorated with lace train, thin straps made of stones, delicate gloves with small stones, belts with golden buckles are popular. There are also very colorful shades that are used to emphasize the waist and highlight wide hips..

Photos of decorated wedding dresses 2016