Hanger for wedding dress with their hands


Every bride dreams that the wedding day will be perfect and bring a lot of pleasant experiences. An important role in creating a festive atmosphere is played by decorative elements that emphasize the style of the wedding. One of such details is a hanger with which the hero of the occasion will take off the wedding dress in the morning. It will not be difficult for a future wife to make a beautiful decorative element on their own - it will take very little time. A home-made attribute will take part in creating a special romantic mood, and after the celebration will become a useful part of the wardrobe.

Beautiful accessory for a wedding dress - a hanger

Workshops on the decoration of hangers for a wedding dress

The original dress hanger will be a wonderful decoration of the room during the wedding day. For the manufacture of this interior detail, the hero of the occasion can use improvised means - old fabrics, paper, scraps of materials and polystyrene (for stuffing), beads from an unnecessary necklace. Also, lace, ribbons, beads, wire, sparkles are suitable as decorative elements - they will become an excellent decoration of a wedding product. Decoupage or stylish painting will look good - it all depends on the girl’s preferences.

Two detailed master classes and a step-by-step video tutorial will help the bride and groom create a beautiful attribute for a wedding dress. This festive item should be made in accordance with the theme of the celebration - the bride can change the colors of the fabrics, use any suitable elements for decoration. It is important that the shades of the materials used are combined with the outfit of the girl.

Hanger with wire letters

A laconic version of a wedding dress hanger is a wooden product with an inscription or a word made of wire. This accessory looks simple, elegant, suitable for any type of celebration. As a cherished word that will decorate the attribute, the future spouse can choose something that will talk about her feelings about the event. On the stencil, you can write the following inscriptions: «love», «wedding», «happiness», «love», «story», «wedding».

Necessary materials

  • Wooden or plastic hanger with a removable bottom (it is advisable to choose a wooden one - it looks more elegant).
  • Gold, white or silver wire.
  • Stencil template.
  • Knife.
  • Nippers.
  • Round pliers.

Stages of creation

  1. Separate the bottom of the hanger from the top.
  2. Use a knife to clean the wire from the sheath.
  3. Print the selected word template or draw it yourself on paper. Using a pair of pliers, begin to twist the wire around the template. If there are no pliers, ordinary pliers will do, but working with them is not so convenient.
    Step-by-step instruction: hanger product with a wire word
  4. Attach the wire blank to the bottom of the product..
  5. Stylish accessory is ready! If you wish, you can additionally decorate the hanger with a bow, rhinestones, artificial flowers, beads, pearls - show your imagination by creating your own masterpiece.

Hanger made of satin ribbons or lace

Nothing emphasizes the romantic, touching atmosphere of a wedding like airy lace and shiny satin ribbons. These materials can be used as small details of product design or decorate it completely - it all depends on the tastes and wishes of the hero of the occasion. The next master class with detailed instructions will help the bride to create a beautiful detail of the interior using satin ribbons and any fabric suitable in color.

Necessary materials

  • Two wire hangers (their girl can create independently or buy).
  • Pink Satin Ribbon.
  • Two pieces of pink fabric larger than the hanger itself.
  • Scissors.
  • Thread needle.
  • Crayon for fabric or soap.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Glue.
  • Sintepon (for stuffing).

Stages of creation

  1. Cut two pieces of fabric larger than the edges of the hanger. Place them under the wire.
  2. Outline the accessory, leaving about two and a half centimeters from the edges (tolerance on the seams). Do not forget to note a small ledge in the place of fastening the wire. Do the same with the second piece of fabric. Cut excess with scissors.
  3. Wrap the hook fully with satin fabric - until the shoulders begin. Fix it with glue.
  4. Take two pieces of fabric, fold them with their front sides. Sew them to each other along the drawn line. Leave the unstitched part through which the fabric cover will be put on the hanger through the hook (the hole should be equal in width to the widest part of the hook). Sew the fabric at the bottom of the cover completely - only five centimeters from the edges. Fasten the seams so as not to disperse, put the resulting product on a hanger. First you need to put the hook through the top hole of the cover, then pull the stitched edges on the shoulders.
  5. Fill the required amount of padding polyester into the resulting hanger cover. Sew the hole carefully.
  6. Last step: make a small satin bow that will adorn the front of the hanger where the base of the hook is. Apply superglue with a toothpick, fix the bow. If desired, additionally decorate the resulting hanger with any decorations you like. The future spouse can create another accessory in blue so that her chosen one also has a beautiful product for a festive costume.

Creating a hanger with satin ribbons for a wedding

DIY video tutorial on decoupage hangers do-it-yourself

All the details of the wedding celebration are usually interconnected in style. A single theme is present in the design of the entire event - in the decor of the festive table, decoration of the motorcade, decoration of the ransom, registration of marriage. A special dress hanger, although it is not an obligatory element of the event, but confirms the idea: it is beautiful when each element of the wedding is subject to one style. Decoupage technique is widely used for decorating wedding events - it is visible when organizing events in the style of Provence, shabby chic, rustic, vintage and others..

Decoupage will be a wonderful decoration of the hanger for the dress of the hero of the occasion. For this technique, drawings are used that are cut out and then attached to the surface. The finished product is varnished to serve its mistress for many years. The future spouse can choose the drawings she likes and decorate the accessory according to the style of the wedding celebration. The video below shows a beautiful decoupage of a product with roses - the finished attribute is perfect for a romantic holiday:

Photo design ideas hangers for a wedding dress

Brides can safely experiment, creating a unique decor for a hanger. It will be possible to decorate a beautiful and useful interior detail with artificial plants, berries, all kinds of ribbons, silk fabrics, lace details, paper origami. The bride can buy a polymer clay wand to create beautiful flowers, hearts or figures of doves with her help. Examples of various handmade attributes will help a girl decide on her own decor style:

Ideas for decorating hangers for a wedding dress