Brides garter with his own hands


Brides pay special attention to the choice of garter. Although this wardrobe item will be hidden from prying eyes all day, at the end of the evening it will be in the hands of one of the guests. Buying a finished wardrobe item is not difficult, because their choice in wedding shops is huge. But it’s much more pleasant to make wedding garters with your own hands, to sew them according to your wishes and taste preferences. Step-by-step master classes will help you with this..

How to make a lace garter: step by step instructions

Lace is a light and elegant material. Many bridesmaid dresses have lace inserts or details. Some girls want all the elements of their wedding wardrobe (even details of underwear) to be made in the same style. Therefore, if the bride’s outfit contains lace jewelry, it is recommended to sew a garter appropriate to the style. Lace for her is better to choose soft.

The lace garter is charming

Necessary materials and tools

  • Wide elastic lace meter.
  • A piece of narrow satin ribbon of any color for decoration.
  • Goose feathers (3 pcs.).
  • Scissors.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Tape measure.
  • Glue gun.
  • Thread.
  • Needle.

Materials and necessary tools for lace garter

Stages of creation

  1. Determine the front side of the lace.
  2. The length of the elastic tape depends on the volume of the bride’s legs. We measure the leg over its wide part. Cut the required length of the tape. We connect its edges, manually outline it, and then flash it with a sewing machine. Harvesting is ready, it remains to decorate it to your taste.
  3. Glue the feathers to the base with a glue gun or use other decorative elements as desired.
  4. At the base of the feathers, we use a hot glue to fix the bow from a small piece of satin ribbon. White color is an invariable attribute of a bride’s wedding attire. But it is believed that on the day of the wedding in the image of a woman, there must be some kind of detail of blue or blue. Therefore, a bow for a garter can make this color.


Lace garters are loved by girls and women from different countries. They perfectly reflect the romantic mood and are suitable for the role of a wedding accessory. The choice of material is not accidental, because lace combines incredible tenderness and strength. The beauty of the garter is not ostentatious, but there comes a time when everyone will appreciate it, including men at a wedding celebration. A selection of photos will show what lace garters are..

Lace garters for the bride

Satin Ribbon Wedding Garter

A wedding day is already unthinkable without certain rituals: throwing a bouquet, lighting a family hearth, etc. At the end of the celebration, unmarried men who dream of finding family happiness are in anticipation of drawing a bride's garter. It is believed that someone who gets an elegant wedding accessory will soon find mutual love. Most brides prefer satin products that are easy to sew, and on the leg they look very attractive.

How to sew a bride's satin garter

Necessary materials and tools

  • 65 cm piece of satin ribbon 5 cm wide.
  • Satin fabric that matches the color 20 cm x 20 cm.
  • Finished lace ribbon 7-10 cm wide, the length of which is equal to the length of the satin ribbon.
  • Narrow strip of thin lace (0.5 cm), length - about 10 cm.
  • Half a meter of linen elastic 1 cm wide.
  • Jewelry: beads, stones, pearls.
  • Pearl paper.
  • Stationery sheet.
  • Needle.
  • Threads in tone of fabric.
  • Safety pin.
  • Scissors.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Candle.

Satin Wedding Accessory Supplies

Stages of creation

  1. On a sheet of paper, we outline the outlines of the petals for future flowers. We transfer the pattern to the fabric and cut it along the outlined lines. Tip: petals should be cut long side diagonally bound fabric threads.
  2. We light a candle and process the edges of the petals above the flame. While the fabric is heated, we stretch the blanks with your fingers in different directions, giving the petals a wavy shape.
  3. We collect flowers from the prepared petals, connecting them with each other in small stitches. The middle of each flower is made out with a bead. Sew a small strip of narrow lace ribbon to several colors, in the future it will help to fix the flowers at different levels on the finished product.
  4. We fold the satin ribbon of the required length along in half. We smooth the fold line for convenience. In the middle of a tape folded in half, we insert lace. Manually draw them.
  5. Using a sewing machine, we sew lace to the satin, stepping back from the edge line a few millimeters, this will create a drawstring into which the elastic.
  6. We measure the girth of the bride’s legs, in accordance with the obtained indicators we measure the length of the linen gum. We fasten the end of the elastic to the safety pin and thread it inside the satin strip along the entire length. The ends must be sewn by hand.
  7. On the seam line that connects the lace, we sew flowers, some we fix above, others below. We fix small flowers to which a narrow lace ribbon was sewn so that they hang from the garter and playfully hang out when walking. At will we decorate a product with pearls, pastes, bows.


A selection of photographs depicting a variety of garters is intended to help in choosing the only one that fits the dress and the image of the bride. Satin and silk, chintz and lace - garters create a special mood, are considered an indispensable attribute of the bride and groom. The tradition to use them came to us from the West, however, it quickly took root and is used everywhere..

Satin garter for the bride

Crocheted garter without elastic

Satin and lace garters - it's beautiful. But when the bride knows how to knit, she will prefer to make a product on her own using this technique. Knitted garters look original and unusual, in addition, when making a knitted accessory, natural threads are used, so the risk of irritation from wearing wardrobe parts from synthetic materials (as in the case with lace or organza) is reduced to zero.

How to tie a wedding garter on the bride’s leg

Necessary materials and tools

  • Scheme.
  • Threads of two types: some are thicker (560 m / 100 g), others are thinner (400 m / 100 g) of white or another color.
  • Crochet hook for 0.6 and 0.9.
  • Beads with large holes so that the hook can freely penetrate into them.

Wedding garter knitting pattern

Essential materials for knitting a wedding garter

Stages of creation

  1. As shown in the diagram, the product pattern will consist of several colors interconnected. First you need to tie the required number of colors. To do this, with more dense threads and a hook at 0.9, we collect 4 air loops and connect them into a ring.
  2. We begin to make the first row: we collect three air loops. The ring that happened in the previous step is braided with 20 double crochets.
  3. Second row: we collect one air loop, after which we make another 7 loops and a single crochet, which we pass into the 4th loop of the chain of the first row. We braid the entire row in a similar way.
  4. Third row: after collecting three air loops, we make 10 double crochets over the arches, which turned out in the previous row. We braid the entire row, only in each next arch we collect not 10, but 11 double crochets.
  5. The fourth row consists of single crochet posts that alternate with air loops. The flower is ready, we knit as many blanks as needed for the garter of the bride (about 12 pcs.)
  6. We knit an openwork net with thin threads and another crochet: in the air loops of the previous row we make columns without a crochet, followed by 5 air loops, then again a single crochet. And so across the bride’s garter row.
  7. Tying the blanks with an openwork mesh, we connect the flowers in a continuous strip.
  8. We continue to weave an openwork net in the same way for three more rows.
  9. When weaving the fourth row, the number of air loops over the arches increases to 8 pieces, and over each arch in the air loops weaves along a bead or large beads. The bead must be centered in the arch.
  10. Weave pearls (beads, bead, etc.) around the entire perimeter of the bride’s garter from above and below. The product is ready.


Knitting is subject to many needlewomen. This is an excellent occasion to create a garter in the style you want, having invested your soul and your skill in a knitted product. Since the garter is small, then it will take a little time to knit it. However, you should not delay and leave everything for the last days, it is better to connect a couple of options, and before the wedding, choose which one is preferable. A selection of photos will help you choose a garter.

Knitted wedding garter for brides

Video workshops on making garters

Thanks to master classes and step-by-step instructions, you can independently make a garter of the bride at home. When creating this wedding element of the wardrobe, you will be able to show your imagination and skill. Use the instructions provided as the basis for making a garter, and then decorate the finished product as you wish.

Want to learn more about the technique of tailoring an accessory for a bride? It’s not so difficult, especially if you watch the video below. The videos talk in detail about creating different types of garters. And besides, it is very important that in them an experienced needlewoman will share secrets with you how to make original types of garters, as well as give practical advice on the decor of the finished product.

Photo of wedding garter

Pay due attention to the selection of every detail of the bride’s wardrobe. To make your look flawless, try to pick up a garter made in the same style and color scheme with a wedding dress. Inspired by the creation of original, intricate accessories and see unusual, elegant ways of decorating products, the selection of photos below will help you.

Original and unique wedding garter