All newlyweds want an unforgettable wedding. The organization of such an event is not an easy task. But when it comes to decorating the hall, cars, many questions arise. In practice, everything comes down to a lack of original ideas. For this reason, wedding bears so quickly gained popularity. For all their irresistibility, it is very difficult to find two identical pairs, which is associated with the independent production of outfits for them. Where did the tradition of using bears at a wedding come from, where to get them and how to dress?

The symbolic tradition of giving bears at a wedding

According to legend, a rich girl ran away from her family and married a poor young man. In order to somehow support the newlyweds, friends brought them the things necessary for living together. This is where the tradition of giving wedding gifts originated. Over time, she came to us, changed, and as a gift give money, flowers, souvenirs, symbolic gifts.

A pair of teddy bears will compare favorably with other wedding gifts in the amount of positive emotions that it will evoke. The small size and cute faces will not leave anyone indifferent, and the colors and materials offered in stores offer a wide selection. Recently we got a tradition of giving bears «Teddy». This amusing toy will be remembered for a long time by the newlyweds as an original wedding gift..

Use cases for wedding bears

In wedding salons, a small number of multi-colored ribbons and several tulle bows, the price of which is sky-high, are offered for decorating a car or a table for the newlyweds. For this reason, the bride and groom began to use bears as an alternative to weddings, which they use to their taste. Guests like this solution..

Bears for the decor of the banquet hall

Many newlyweds make themed weddings in the style of Chicago of the 30s, a certain color. bear «Teddy» as a decor of a banquet hall, it will be appropriate to look at any of them. If desired, add balls, ribbons, other bright attributes to the toys that positively affect the atmosphere of the holiday. Using bears for decoration, their image is placed on all wedding attributes:

  • invitations for guests;
  • cushions for rings;
  • napkins;
  • wish album;
  • glasses
  • bonbonnieres;
  • like figurines on a cake.

Using Teddy Bears for Room Decor

Choosing a wedding theme using bears, the organizers of the event with their help decorate the table of the newlyweds. If desired and possible, smaller copies of the toys can be placed on each table in the hall. Because the «Teddy» high in price, with a limited budget, a good way out is to buy ordinary teddy bears or make them yourself.

To decorate a wedding car

Depending on the taste and material capabilities of the newlyweds, decorations for wedding cars can be very diverse. For example, compositions from ribbons, balls, bows and adorable teddy bears. The last option is an original decoration that looks both concise and festive. The composition looks elegant on cars of all brands. Bears, depending on the size, are mounted on the hood, grille, put on the roof or hung on the door.

Toys for decorating a wedding car

Hire bears for a wedding or bears for a wedding for rent

Independent organization of the celebration and its decoration is not an easy task, time-consuming, which is sorely lacking before the wedding day. But you can rent a lot for the ceremony, including bears for the wedding. There are ready-made decorations and outfits for them in the salon, which are made with the latest fashion. For wedding teddy bears, accessories are also selected there. The characters of your choice will be delivered at the appointed time and place, which will save time.

How to sew do-it-yourself dresses for wedding bears

The use of teddy bears as decorations is not only original, but also practical. These cute toys in the future will become the favorites of your unborn children. You can create your own unique wedding decorations by yourself, spending a minimum of money and getting an excellent result. When choosing costumes for bears, think over several design options, draw sketches on paper. After making a decision, choose the colors that should fit the general theme of the wedding.

How to sew an outfit for a wedding bear

Necessary materials

What you need in the process of creating outfits for wedding bears is not necessary to buy. Look, maybe you have some shreds of fabric, the remains of tulle, ribbons from a bachelorette party, beads, beads, bright accessories. Broken jewelry will also come in handy (earrings or a necklace will be an excellent decoration for a bear’s dress - the bride). Show maximum savvy, connect imagination. In addition, for work will be needed:

  • teddy bears or other toy animals (look at children's toy stores);
  • artificial flowers, for example, orchids;
  • tulle;
  • glue gun;
  • tissue trimming;
  • threads
  • sewing machine (optional);
  • scissors;
  • little things for decor.

Patterns and stages of creation

We cut off all the extra details on the bears that we don’t need. We make a tuxedo and a skirt for plush newlyweds on patterns. We cut out the details of clothing according to the attached patterns. Sleeves for the toy groom will be rectangles sewn along. Satin ribbon will become the material for creating the butterfly. We fasten all the details with pins, sew seams.

Preparation of bears for putting on wedding dresses

To create the groom’s cylinder, we cut cardboard parts according to the patterns, duplicate the same in the fabric version. Using a hot gun we connect the cut parts, and on the top of the hat over the field we glue a satin ribbon. Dress the groom-bear: we attach the jacket with pins to the toy. Sew it with his hands in several places, as well as buttons, a bow-hat, and a bow-hat. Glue the rose on the suit.

Groom Bear Decoration

We start making the bride’s outfit with a skirt. We cut out according to the patterns, sew and pull together, then we try on to the bride-bear. From the middle of the waist we sew 2 straps at an angle of 45 degrees, like a sundress. We sew and lace the lace ribbon, then attach it to the edge of the skirt. We put a dress on the toy, tie the straps and fix the product with a manual seam.

Tailoring a dress for a bear-bride

To make wedding accessories for the bride’s teddy bear, we cut a rectangle from tulle and, having gathered it, we sew the toys manually to the head. Fold a strip of fabric to make a rose. We repeat this process several times, form a bouquet, to which we will subsequently sew a veil. We use the old boutonniere as a bride’s bouquet. If there is none, make a few more roses and sew them together. Fix received «bouquet» to the foot.

Sewing wedding accessories for plush toys

Bears will be attached to the heart, for the manufacture of which we cut branches of artificial flowers into pieces, do not throw out long stems, they will be useful for the frame. We cover the work surface with something, so as not to smear it. A piece of old tulle will serve as material for the heart, and tulle - for frill. The last one is sewn around the perimeter in two lines, 1 cm apart from each other for a drawstring. Poke into it the stems that inside contain the wire. We try on chopped pieces of inflorescences to the shape of a heart, fix with glue-gun. We attach the bears and sew them manually.

Creating a frame for fixing wedding toys on a car

Video: bears for decorating a wedding

The newlywed bears symbolize the newlyweds and decorate with their presence any wedding ceremony, always attracting attention. Charming teddy bears, dressed in exclusive self-made outfits, diversify the wedding with their love story. Symbolically use these characters to tell how your couple met, how you fell in love.

Love story will decorate the wedding feast and amuse the guests: the bears holding hands, kiss and hug cute against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes, confessing to each other in love. Places can be taken from the real life of the bride and groom. The soundtrack for the clip can be a song that is significant for the newlyweds. If necessary, add subtitles to the video with a description of what is happening. See an example of such a video below..

Photo of wedding cars decorated with teddy bears

Popular stuffed toy «Teddy bear» won the hearts of children and adults. The tradition of decorating the wedding with such toys is obvious: they are very cute, symbolize the tenderness and tenderness of the groom in relation to the bride. Not surprisingly, many hang this couple on cars. An alternative is teddy bears of another company, made to order specifically for the newlyweds. Look at the photo below how wedding cars are decorated with these toys, use the ideas of combining them with other decorative elements.

Photo of wedding cars decorated with plush toys