Wedding champagne decor


To decorate a couple of bottles of champagne for a wedding is to bring into the celebration an element of creativity and a bit of home warmth with which things made with love with one's own hands are filled. The original decor will demonstrate the individuality of the newlyweds and surprise guests. Let's figure out what the decor of champagne bottles for a wedding is like, and why decorate them?

Decor champagne in the style of the bride and groom

The tradition of decorating a bottle of champagne for a wedding appeared in Russian cities long before the October Revolution, and it came from villages. The peasants considered the bull and the cow to be the most expensive wedding present, which they tied with a ribbon and presented to the young. In the city, such an offering was replaced by expensive alcohol, but the tradition to tie the brought wine with a ribbon remained.

The ribbon gradually grew with all kinds of decorations, and now some champagne at the wedding looks like a real work of art. The most classic decor of wedding alcohol is made in the style of dresses of the bride and groom. Some bottles of carbonated drink completely repeat the style, fabric texture and color of the bride's dress and groom's suit. It not only decorates the festive table of the young, but also plays out at competitions or wedding auctions.

Champagne decor in the style of the newlyweds

Decoration of bottles with beads or rhinestones

The festive decor of champagne for a wedding looks great with rhinestones, beads, pearls or with Swarovski stones. But in order for the glue to hold all these decorations well, you need to qualitatively prepare the glass surface by correctly removing the label. First, the bottle is carefully placed in a pan with hot water for 30 minutes, and then the remnants of the adhesive with the label are easily washed off with a stiff dishcloth.

After that, the surface is wiped dry, and the bottle is completely covered with aerosol paint in several steps, so that the layers are applied evenly and the glass does not shine through. After the paint dries, a pattern is drawn on it with a simple pencil, then with tweezers and glue, rhinestones or beads are glued to the intended place. Brilliant champagne decor is ready!

Decor of bottles for the wedding with beads and rhinestones

Champagne decor with satin ribbons

The easiest way to decorate champagne for a celebration is to wrap it with satin ribbons, white lace, and fix artificial or natural flowers. To make the bottle look more festive, it is advisable to pre-paint it with a bright color, and wind an ordinary ribbon on top, decorate with beads or lush bows. Such a stylish accessory for a wedding can be made independently without any creative abilities..

Decor champagne for wedding ribbons

Glass engraving

The glass engraving technique is performed using a drill. The top layer is scratched out on the glass and a white strip remains, which can subsequently be painted with gold or silver waterproof paint. You can make any drawing and inscription on champagne by anyone, as a rule, this is a congratulation on your wedding day. Glasses of the newlyweds for the wedding are also made using a similar technique. Such decor is a delicate work that is performed by a professional.

Engraving champagne bottles decoration

Polymer clay decoration

Another popular wedding bottle decor option is with polymer clay. Any clay is taken as a basis, but it is better if it is of a light shade, since additional elements are better visible on it. Anything is molded of clay:

  • flowers
  • twigs;
  • leaves;
  • patterns;
  • birds;
  • animals;
  • bows and stuff.

Decoration of champagne with polymer clay

To create the desired element, paint is added to the clay, for example, red is added for the rose, and for the leaves, green and yellow are mixed to look natural. The bird can be fashioned from brown clay, and the outline of the head and wings can be applied with white paint. The bottle with the drink is carefully dried in the oven for about 20 minutes, and after drying it is covered with a special varnish for polymer clay.

Labels with photos of the newlyweds.

Champagne decorated with photos of the bride and groom

The stylish decor of champagne is a photo of the bride and groom glued to the glass. Such an accessory, left as a souvenir after the wedding, at any time will cheer up the newlyweds or allow you to plunge into pleasant memories. After all, only nostalgia for the past holiday, and not the sweet taste of champagne, will help relive wonderful moments, and the photos will remind you of how beautiful the couple was that day.

Wedding decoupage on champagne bottles

Decoupage champagne bottles for a wedding

Decoupage technique is gluing onto any surface of thin paper with a decorative pattern, which creates the illusion of hand painting. For this decor, you need to purchase special napkins for decoupage. The pattern can be cut from any paper medium: postcards, magazine and even wrapping paper. To make a decoupage of a bottle of champagne for a wedding, you will need white acrylic paint and varnish, alcohol, PVA glue, several postcards with selected patterns. A more illustrative example of creating decoupage on glass is presented in a master class:

Video: wedding champagne decor workshop

The decor of champagne has become as popular at modern weddings as the tossing of a bride’s bouquet. Beautiful traditions only strengthen family ties, and in order to remember them, you need to create relics, one look at which will bring a joyful smile to the spouses. A couple of bottles of champagne, which the newlyweds keep after the wedding, are a heirloom. By tradition, the first bottle should be drunk after the birth of the first child in the family, and the second - for the anniversary. What kind of anniversary will it be - the spouses choose for themselves.

Bottles of champagne are decorated in different ways: beads, fabric, openwork lace. Professionals will advise many options for fashionable decor. But if the wedding budget is limited, and does not allow young people to give champagne into the hands of specialists, then our decor master class will allow you to quickly and easily, with the help of ordinary things, decorate a bottle that will not be embarrassing to put in the center of the table at the wedding: