Clothes for champagne for the wedding with their hands


DIY champagne clothing for a wedding is a popular and relevant decor. Bottles in most cases are dressed in suits of the bride and groom. For decoration, all kinds of materials and methods of processing them can be used: lace, organza, velvet, satin, ribbons, tulle. This creative design of champagne attracts the attention of guests at a wedding ceremony.

How to make fabric champagne clothes

Wedding champagne clothes

Sewing real champagne clothes using a cloth with your own hands is an easy task that an inexperienced craftswoman will cope with. To do this, you should pick up rags of fabric, decor items that you will like. The color of the suit of the groom can be not only black, but also burgundy, dark blue, purple. It is better to make the bride in traditional colors: white, pale pink, sky blue, gold and other pastel colors.

Necessary materials

To make your own clothes for champagne for a wedding, you will need such materials:

  • 0.5 m satin and tulle for the bride;
  • beads, beads;
  • satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide, 1 m long;
  • scissors, threads, pins, needles;
  • candle;
  • ruler;
  • iron;
  • A4 sheet;
  • black satin 29x20 cm;
  • black satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide and 0.5 m long;
  • maroon ribbon 1.2 cm wide, 0.5 m long;
  • two white ribbons: one 5 cm wide, 0.3 m long, the other 1.2 cm wide, 0.3 m long.

Stages of creation

  • First, take on the clothes of champagne, symbolizing the bride. With our own hands we cut a piece of A4 satin fabric, we burn the edges with a candle.
    f0682c14c786d4396d31491e3a63815e.jpg? 971
  • We measure the girth of the bottle, measure it on the rectangle of the atlas, draw a line. Fold matter in half, sew.
  • We put champagne in the resulting case, mark the side seams with pins, where the bottle narrows, stitch it, cut off the excess, singe the edges.
    70563183fb31509ddc18e467d901e147.jpg? 372
  • We make a hem of the upper edge, sheathe beads or beads.
  • We draw a semicircle for the skirt, the hem length is 16 cm, and the inner semicircle is 26 cm, we cut out the pattern.
    212ea4cce28aacdcdd751741cf84ec46.jpg? 924
  • We attach the image of the contours of the skirt to the fabric, circle, giving allowances.
  • Cut out the skirt, singe the edges with a candle. Sew the inner circle.
    9965d8f606bb29a9a4700caf23b7b0d7.jpg? 830
  • For a loop, cut out a pattern on paper with the dimensions indicated in the photo.
  • We cut out the loop pattern on the fabric, giving allowances for the seams, singe the edges with a candle. We attach a train to the dress, make a fold.
    05b67191eacb5fbbb29b6f998807e6ab.jpg? 555
  • We cut out a rectangle from the fabric with a length of 2 sheets of A4, and a width of 4 cm more than a sheet.
  • We connect the train and the cut rectangle of matter from the wrong side with a seam.
    688_7.jpg? 45497692935168743
  • We distribute the rectangle along the length and width of the loop, stitch it, leaving a small area to turn the fabric.
    bebcb8171c4469655c23078ec07b3aa4.jpg? 689
  • We tuck the upper part to the size of the loop, forming folds, stitch.
    688_9.jpg? 370061065768823
  • For the petticoat, we cut 3 rectangles 7 cm wide, 40 cm long. The first rectangle will serve as the top: connect its edges on the bottle so that it fits tightly. We sew the remaining rectangles, make the resulting strip of ruffle. We attach it to the top, iron.
  • We connect the petticoat with the base of the dress.
    688_10.jpg? 2233328556176275
  • From above we put on a train and a skirt, we connect with a seam.
  • We make a belt and bow from braid.
    688_11.jpg? 26518241921439767
  • From a tulle, cut a square with a side of 50 cm, fold it, as shown in the photo and fix.
  • Sew tulle to the elastic band, decorate with beads, flowers. We put a veil on the head of the bottle.
    688_12.jpg? 8227399820461869
  • To create clothes for champagne, symbolizing the groom, we make a cover of 29x29 cm in size with our own hands.
  • For a shirt, wrap a wide white tape around the neck, stitch it from below.
    688_13.jpg? 14101450517773628
  • We remove the resulting shirt, turn it on the wrong side, put a narrower braid, sew on.
  • We turn it on the front, iron the resulting gate.
    688_14.jpg? 848732388811186
  • We put burgundy braid on the neck of champagne, like a tie.
  • We put on a black cover from the top, step back 0.5 cm from the edge up, repeat the contour with soap along the entire length.
    ebd7083e17f4b1235f346c8e48474799.jpg? 942
  • Cut off the excess, singe the edges. Sew the collar on the wrong side with black braid, iron.
    b657cc67fd24f45aef7fe25e87565c40.jpg? 507
  • We put on a jacket, sew it to the shirt under the collar.
  • Sew beads to the jacket instead of buttons.
    688_17.jpg? 15781825920566916

Organza and velvet champagne clothes

Outfit of the bride and groom for wedding champagne

Guided by the master class proposed below, you will be able to originally decorate champagne for a wedding with your own hands. The magnificent clothes of the bride and groom, made using velvet and organza, will certainly attract the attention of all guests to the bottles. Such work is within the power of any girl who can hold a needle in her hands. Do-it-yourself decor of champagne will not take much of your time.

Necessary materials

You will need the following materials to create champagne clothes with your own hands:

  • organza for a skirt 30x80 cm;
  • white satin;
  • velvet black paper;
  • velvet black fabric 30x40 cm;
  • lace 1.8 m;
  • duct tape;
  • instant glue;
  • organza for veils;
  • flesh-colored tape 40 cm;
  • white satin ribbon 2 cm wide, 0.5 m long;
  • white narrow tape 1m long;
  • rhinestones, beads, artificial flowers for decor;
  • wide ribbon organza for bow.

Pattern and stages of creation

  • In those places of champagne for the wedding, where there will be light fabric, wrap it with white mounting tape, paper, cardboard, or cover it with paint, tear off the label. On the bottle symbolizing the groom, we lay the mounting tape on the bottom of the shirt and collar.
    00f5883e56aea1a8a292a76b43df5e80.jpg? 536
  • For the bride’s corset, we wrap the front part of the champagne for the wedding with a piece of white satin 3-5 cm wide.
  • We put flesh braid on the neck, cross the ends and hide them.
    d68bff733cddcf2d8718f33fc3860c57.jpg? 443
  • To fix the corset on the champagne for the wedding, on the inside of it we put on the edges of the adhesive double-sided tape.
  • Fold the fabric for the skirt so that the bottom is one third more than the top.
    3ca3a428a13bdf449551395d6b90fc47.jpg? 179
  • Sew lace 2.5 cm wide on the top shuttlecock.
  • Sew narrow lace on the hem.
    688_22.jpg? 11312229023315012
  • Between the shuttlecocks, lay a ribbon, tighten the skirt in the place of the bottle where the waist is supposed.
  • Beautifully distribute the folds, sew the skirt to the corset. Sweep the edges behind.
    688_23.jpg? 40939771477133036
  • We decorate the corset with lace, sew a bow on the back.
    688_24.jpg? 022241383092477918
  • For a cape, cut a piece of fabric 5x28 cm, perish the edges.
    688_25.jpg? 9574636379256845
  • We intercept with a narrow braid in the middle, connect with a ring.
    688_26.jpg? 46298155933618546
  • We put it on the neck, behind it we fix with glue.
  • Cut off a piece of organza for a veil 30 cm long, 25 cm wide. We assemble, stepping back from the edge by 10 cm with a thread, tighten.
    688_27.jpg? 7042146467138082
  • We tie a braid to the head, or a low bead, attach a veil. The bride’s clothes are ready.
  • To make clothes for champagne for the groom, we wrap the bottle with paper with our own hands, then you need to draw the contours of the suit.
    688_28.jpg? 73334936844185
  • To make the pants we sew black velvet 8 cm wide, 27 cm long, add a seam allowance.
  • We hem the bottom edge, twist, put on pants on champagne. We lay white tape along the upper edge, sew it to the trousers.
    688_29.jpg? 12915003160014749
  • Lay a small piece of white fabric along the front of the neck, fix it with duct tape.
  • On the neck we attach a bodily tape. Below we wrap the neck of the champagne with a satin white ribbon, and hide the ends from the back. For the collar we throw a white ribbon 20 cm, cross it on the chest, fix the ends with glue.
    59ce5e0bb2d1774e7190950da10f96e1.jpg? 903
  • We cut a frock coat from velvet according to the pattern, connect its details, sew a white ribbon in front.
    688_31.jpg? 23347666743211448
  • At the top of the frock coat on the wrong side, we make four small tucks so that the clothes fit well.
  • Try on tailcoat.
  • We cut out the velvet collar and glue a white ribbon along its edges. Glue the collar to the champagne.
    688_32.jpg? 43970179953612387
  • We make a bow tie from a ribbon, a black cylinder from velvet paper and two buttons. Dress champagne in ready-made clothes.
    688_33.jpg? 38059954158961773

Champagne Clothing Video Tutorial

Making clothes for wedding champagne with your own hands is not as difficult as it might seem. There are a lot of original, creative ideas, techniques for decorating such an accessory as a bottle for a wedding, which you can easily master. The video provides step-by-step instructions for creating unique clothes for champagne in the form of a bride and groom. You will need only a couple of hours of free time, the indicated tools and materials, as well as a share of imagination, the desire to create an interesting decoration that will amaze all guests during the wedding.