Cool wedding cards

Wedding cards, it would seem, a trifle, a purely symbolic gift, but he, his appearance, the quality of the paper plays an important role. Perhaps it is you who presented the card will become a family asset, who knows. Therefore, it is worth taking seriously enough the issue of choosing a postcard, but what if it is cool wedding cards? Something exclusive and extraordinary?

Perhaps, at any wedding, an integral part of the gift and flowers is a bright wedding card, with sincere wishes and congratulations on behalf of the guest.

Wedding cards are inherently divided into two types:


  • congratulatory (in addition to a gift, flowers);
  • postcard-envelope (used when money is a gift). The history of the appearance of postcards is directly related to the transfer of information, and for the most part they are one of the means of postal communication, which gradually disappears into oblivion. It is rapidly being superseded by the Internet. At present, postcards have become more an attribute of wedding greetings..

    Once in England, one gentleman, most likely not even knowing that he had become the inventor of postcards, ordered one of the artists familiar to make several cards with an image. Then the gentleman sent them to all his friends, and sold the rest to passers-by. This legend has become part of the history of postcards..

    But this does not apply to wedding cards. As a rule, they are voluminous, non-standard shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of images. Of course, manual work was always appreciated at all times, so you can always easily find cool wedding cards created by skillful hands of a professional designer.

    Recently, more widespread musical, talking, singing cards have become, such, actually, cool wedding cards are included in the category.

    To surprise and please the bride, you can work hard and order an edible postcard made by chocolate, vanilla and rice dough masters of confectionery.

    If for some reason you can’t personally attend the wedding, you can send a greeting card via the Internet, in this global network you can certainly find hundreds and thousands of cool wedding flash cards.