Choice with addiction: accessories for the groom



(halstuch) in translation from German - a scarf, worn by Roman legionnaires. True, then, it was really a scarf tied around the neck in such a way that one end hung freely. In the form that we are all accustomed to, it appeared in the 19th century, when in Europe turn-down collars came into fashion.

Now their diversity is as great as the material from which they are made: fine wool, cashmere, cotton, linen, viscose, silk and synthetic fabric. How not to get confused when choosing a suitable tie - the main accessory for the groom?

First of all, a tie should be in harmony with the color of the suit and shirt, and, even, with shoes and socks. The length, width, shape of the tie has no restrictions today. These parameters will depend on the style of the chosen costume and the taste of its owner, since etiquette involves a certain type of tie for each type of costume. When choosing a tie, you should remember that it should be lighter than the jacket, but darker than the shirt.

If your wardrobe already has a suitable tie, then in no case should you wash and iron it. Dry clean if necessary. Only in a specialized store you can buy accessories for the groom of the appropriate quality. In the branded product on the inside there must be a loop into which the narrow end of the tie is tucked. Sometimes, its role is played by the tag on which the manufacturer is indicated. In length, the wide end of the tie tied should reach the belt buckle, the width of the tie is selected in proportion to the width of the lapel of the jacket and the size of the suit. Butterfly - evening version, especially suitable for tuxedo and tailcoat.

Tie clip

fastens its ends so that they do not peek out from under the other and do not flutter in the wind. So, this is a necessary accessory for the groom. It should not be evident and may not be visible at all with a buttoned jacket. If you are wearing a suit in calm colors, a tie is a discreet shade, then do not choose a shiny clip.

- this is something that should be combined with a clamp, and it is better to be objects of one set. There is an opinion that the more cufflinks, the bad taste.

When buying cufflinks, you should consider the color of the shirt, tie and style of the watch that will be worn on your hand. So, sports-type watches cannot be combined with cufflinks in which there are precious stones. This accessory for the groom can be a miniature oval shape made of gold. These cufflinks fit almost any costume..

The cufflink consists of two parts, and is fastened in a loop to the cuff of the shirt in which it is provided. The cuff should protrude from under the sleeve of the jacket for a couple of centimeters. Then graceful decorations will be visible when you raise your hand. Cufflinks fasteners are the most diverse: latches, screws, buttons, chains. When buying, check their reliability..

Cufflinks are symmetrical and asymmetric. In the first case, two sides are decorative, in the second - one, the other - fastening.


, also one of the accessories for the groom. He first appeared in ancient Rome and served for its intended purpose. After, in Europe, he became a popular accessory of clothing - a skillfully embroidered piece of the finest cambric of different sizes and shapes. The scarf came to Russia in the time of Peter.

To give the costume a particularly solemn appearance, place a triangle folded shawl in the breast pocket of your jacket. If there is no scarf, you can order a buttonhole for the groom and attach to the lapel.


It was originally a belt that protected the warrior’s stomach. The belt, like other accessories for the groom, should be of impeccable quality, leather and fit the color, style of shoes, watch strap and suit in general. For example, for black trousers - a black belt, for light trousers - half a ton lighter than the selected shoes. The belt buckle should not be artsy and bright. Do not wear a belt with suspenders at the same time..


every modern man is in use. When choosing those that are suitable for a wedding dress, pay attention to the combination of styles. So, a mechanical watch with a leather strap is suitable for a classic suit. If you decide to put on your existing watch, then pay attention to their appearance. Maybe you should change the strap so that the watch looks like a worthy accessory for the groom.

Other small accessories

equally important to create a holistic image.

  • a cigarette case will be more appropriate than a pack of cigarettes in your pocket;
  • a fountain pen, a lighter also attracts attention, so either bring something exclusive with you, or don’t take anything;
  • a mobile phone may come in handy at a wedding, but don't get carried away with conversations;
  • an umbrella may be needed at any moment, such is our weather.
  • the witness can take care of all these small accessories for the groom, and you must enjoy the holiday.