Groom accessories

When choosing men's accessories, complementing the groom’s wedding suit, it is advisable not to miss a single trifle. Everything in its appearance should be impeccable, as in principle the wedding itself. Men's accessories include a tie or bow tie, boutonniere, cufflinks, muffler or neckerchief. Most often, grooms prefer a butterfly, which, incidentally, is not relevant in any season. The groom, like his future wife, must take into account all the little things, because the wedding is a pretty serious and important event.

A classic tie will suit any groom’s wedding suit. It should be long enough to reach the trouser belt, although a specially shortened tie is now in fashion, which should be tied with a wide knot, and usually it is attached to the shirt collar with a tie pin.

When choosing a tie, keep in mind that its color should be the same tones as the jacket, only a little darker or lighter. And only in this case, the tie will perfectly complement the suit of the groom.

For a suit of black color with a white shirt, a tie of gray or bluish-gray shade is suitable. A tie in beige or green tones will work well with a brown suit. For a suit of gray color, a bright blue tie will undoubtedly fit, and a tie of bright shades should be selected for a wedding suit of a groom of light colors.

A boutonniere also belongs to men's wedding accessories. You must make sure that it matches the color of the bouquet of the bride.

When choosing men's accessories as clothing items, you may prefer a smart neck scarf or scarf, making sure that the neckline of the vest is not too low. Both the scarf and the scarf will suit both the frock coat and dress coat, and, plus everything else, will have a rather romantic look. You can also read about men's jewelry..