Important little things - accessories for the groom


Well-chosen accessories for the groom very enliven the suit and give it personality.


It is impossible to imagine a wedding suit without a tie or bow tie. More often grooms use a bow tie. They come in various tones and colors: from white to black. Now there are a huge number of them, you can tie a bow tie yourself, or you can buy already tied with a fastener around the neck.

An ordinary tie looks appropriate with any suit, in any style. If the groom knows how to tie a tie, then it will not be difficult for him to tie a beautiful knot. But it must be noted that the knot should not be too tight, as this does not look elegant. But too loose a node does not look neat. It is important to choose a tie width so that the collar of the shirt lies straight and does not frown under the too wide knot of this accessory for the groom. The top end of the tie should be much longer than the bottom. The length of the tie should reach the buckle of the belt, so that the tie lies neatly and does not go astray, it is fastened with a clip. Silk ties are preferable, they are easier to pick up and tie.

The eternal question: “Which tie suits which suit?” There are some rules, but they are only the basis, a successful deviation from which is welcome. A properly selected tie and other wedding accessories for the groom should revitalize the suit. As for the wedding, you should not choose too bright ties. If you are in a black suit and white shirt, then the tie may be in gray tones. If the suit is with a brown tint, then the tie is beige-greenish. For a blue suit and blue shirt, a dark blue tie or cherry will fit, supported by accessories for the groom in the same shade. Bright drawings on a tie look good with a gray suit. The rules for choosing a tie say that it should be darker than the shirt and match the suit. If the suit has a pattern, a strip, then the tie is monophonic, if the suit is monophonic, then the tie can be with a pattern.

According to etiquette, it is permissible to be at the celebration in one shirt, if the street is hot, but a tie is required.

Neck scarf

A very original solution is to complement the suit with a neck scarf. But such an accessory will not fit a traditional costume. A tailcoat or a frock coat is simply created in order to supplement them with a scarf or a neck scarf. At the wedding, a neck scarf is an accessory for the groom and only for him.


This is not a big flower arrangement complemented by a twig or something else.

It is attached to the lapel of the jacket and can serve as a decoration for the groom, the witness, and the parents. But the groom’s boutonniere should be different from those of other guests and have something in common with the bride’s bouquet. Use the language of flowers when creating a buttonhole - it's so symbolic!