Jewels worthy of kings

No matter how elegantly and elegantly the newlyweds are not dressed, their wedding dresses are not able to fully reveal all the beauty. There are lots of wedding accessories that help to make the image of the young holistic - these are, first of all, the bride’s veil, hair clips, handbag, and of course wedding jewelry. Only they are able to enrich the beauty of the bride.

Of course, every bride has beauty and charm. But only a professional jeweler is able to make a queen from a princess. No wonder they say that women's hands are a reflection of her character, so many parts of the body (head, hands, neck) are a reflection of the person’s inner qualities.

Wedding jewelry perfectly accentuate the tone of the bride’s dress, and more than ever give her charm.

Of course, in everything you need to know the measure, it is not necessary on the day of the wedding to hang yourself with gold chains and ring all your fingers. Do not forget that at the wedding the two most striking and precious are the bride and groom. Jewelry acts and plays a complementary role.

Before embellishing yourself with wedding jewelry, you need to identify several nuances: shape and size. The neck will be emphasized by a necklace and necklace combined with a high hairstyle, a beautiful neckline and an open back. The deep neckline is perfectly emphasized by long earrings and pendants..

Ornaments can also be used as auxiliary means, for example, hairpins for attaching a veil. Girls with graceful thin fingers should avoid large massive rings with stones.

It is best to tighten the bracelet, decorated with a composition of stones, so that it fits snugly on the hand, but does not squeeze it. Gold thin bracelets are worn on the brush without much fit.

Do not forget that wedding jewelry is also necessary for the groom, as well as the bride. A good decoration can serve as a watch, cufflinks, hairpin on a tie. The main thing is that jewelry should be in harmony and cause only joy and delight. Wedding inconvenience to anything.

By the way, do not forget that wedding rings are also wedding jewelry. Therefore, their choice should also be taken very carefully. They will accompany you all the upcoming married life.

It is worth noting that in the days of our ancestors, the Christian rite of engagement was a special symbol of unification. Having presented the bride with a wedding ring, the groom thereby provided evidence that his heart and property belong only to the chosen girl. In those days, having turned around, the couple actually had no right to disperse, they simply had to be faithful to each other.

Traditional wedding rings have long gone out of fashion, today the market for wedding jewelry provides a wide selection and assortment of wedding rings. At present, rings with an original design are in demand..

But be that as it may, the tradition of giving the girl a wedding ring as a sign of her devotion and love has remained and is actively practiced today.

As practice shows, modern couples are increasingly giving preference to rings in which several types of gold are combined.

If you want the memory of this significant day to remain forever with you, engrave on the engagement rings. You can order it in the same salon where the rings are purchased.

But no matter what is engraved on the ring: the date of the wedding, the words of love or something else important for both of you, it is necessary that the rings are worn for love, deliberately and decisively.

Happiness and love!