Handbag bride

There are a lot of little things called wedding accessories, without which, perhaps, not a single bride can do. With their help, you can emphasize the dignity of the girl, her wedding image as a whole. Many of the wedding accessories are not only decoration, but also practical assistants, such as a bride’s handbag.

When choosing a wedding dress and accessories for it, many girls often ask the contentious question: "Do you need a handbag"? Of course, there are a lot of opinions on this subject. Someone believes that this is an integral part, which can not be done without, and someone believes that this accessory will only interfere with the bride.

Well, let's try to figure it out, consider all the pros and cons of a bride's handbag.

Let's start with the positive aspects of the accessory, with "pluses":

  • The bride’s handbag, like any other handbag (note, not a suitcase), is the most necessary item in which you can put everything you need on your wedding day: a cosmetic bag (without it anywhere), a mirror, rings, a mobile phone, napkins, scarf, etc. .P. Of course, the phone can be left, but in our century without it, as well as without a cosmetic bag, wherever;
  • If you planned a honeymoon trip to the islands immediately after the wedding, your bride’s handbag can be a good store for tickets and passports. The same applies to the registry office. At the very least, you will be sure that the passports are with you and they have not been forgotten;
  • everything you need will always be at your fingertips. Giving things to mom, witness, girlfriend, you risk not finding them at the right time;
  • a well-chosen bride’s handbag can serve you later in life, for example, at parties, or as an addition to an evening outfit;
  • acquiring a wedding dress and accessories for it, in one salon or store, you will be helped to choose exactly what you need, while the accessory will only emphasize your look, and will be a good addition.


  • a significant role can play the cost of your chosen accessory. Having bought a handbag at a time, you risk wasting money. If a wedding dress (of course you can’t do without it) is bought to wear it once in a lifetime, then a bride’s handbag is not the best option to spend money intended for a wedding.
  • Too many accessories, including a bride’s handbag, threaten to turn you into a hung Christmas tree. Therefore, choosing accessories, try to limit yourself only to the most necessary.
  • the bride’s handbag is an accessory with which one will have to spend almost the whole day, and all that “most necessary” put into it can become a considerable burden for you that you need to patiently carry with you.

Of course, there are still plenty of options for how to rid the bride of "everything you need" on the wedding day. You can give the same passports and rings to the groom, but then his bulging pockets and the risk of losing such important objects will not only spoil the look, but also the mood. The phone can be left at home, or given to a witness, then you doom your girlfriend not only to look after you, but also to act as secretary, answering all incoming calls.

Do you need a bride’s handbag or not, of course, you decide. The only advice is to think carefully before buying a wedding accessory and take a closer look at how this item will look in the background of your outfit. And let everything that you choose on your wedding day bring you only joy, positive emotions and comfort.