Handbag of the bride: everything for an emergency


It takes months, sometimes even years, to plan a wedding. But no matter how ideally it was organized, unforeseen circumstances can sometimes not be avoided. Either the wedding dress will catch and tear for something, then the excitement of critical days will begin earlier, or in a fit of stormy emotions, the witness will pour red wine on the groom's shirt. Anything can happen, but nothing should overshadow the wedding day. That is why the bride should definitely stock up «emergency bag». The portal www.articlewedding.com in this article will tell about its contents..

Handbag bride

Everything you need for an emergency

It is unlikely that any event takes place perfectly smoothly, and even a wedding celebration is even more so. There are too many components in it that are impossible to predict: weather, guest behavior, the health of organizers / participants, etc. It is absolutely impossible to insure against some of them, but most of the details are quite amenable to preliminary planning..

Being prepared for unforeseen circumstances is the most likely way to ensure the most perfect wedding. For this, a bride’s handbag will serve.

The bag of the future wife is a kind of emergency kit that will replace the best girlfriend, and the doctor, and the seamstress, and many, many others. No wonder that in the English version it is called «survival kit», because even in the most unpleasant situation in it you can find everything you need.

But in order for such a kit to be at hand, efforts must be made to compile and assemble it, and this should be done not a couple of hours before the celebration, but in advance (2-3 weeks). Otherwise, for sure, something will not turn out and something will be forgotten, which means that the handbag will no longer be so «emergency», which should be.

What must be in the purse of the bride?

First aid kit

Bruises, sprains and cuts can hardly be avoided during walks in nature, dances and large-scale fun. Therefore, the patch, bandage and antiseptic should definitely be put in «life bag». Also, do not forget about your usual ailments and take standard medications with you: for pain in the head and stomach, for disorders, etc. After all, at the wedding everyone wants to feel good.

Cosmetic and manicure set

This section of the bride's handbag should be especially carefully prepared. After all, he is a guarantee of the magnificent appearance of the newlyweds. And he will be in demand among the guests: what kind of wedding is it without broken nails, leaking mascara from tears, etc. Colorless varnish is also useful: you never know who has an arrow on tights.

Cosmetics for the bride

Seamstress set

A sewing kit consists of threads, needles, pins, scissors, hooks, buttons, fasteners, etc. Variations depend on the outfits of the bride and groom. Also, such a set can be saving for guests, because for them the wedding is also a holiday and they want to have it fun and without any hassle.

Also, if possible, it is worth taking with you to the wedding:

  • mirror;
  • wipes (ordinary, wet);
  • comb and hair spray;
  • deodorant;
  • pads / tampons;
  • spare stockings / tights;
  • colorless sponge / shoe brush;
  • antistatic;
  • money;
  • scotch tape etc.

The list can be replenished endlessly, but in order not to have to drag a suitcase with you, try to figure out the possible situations and what you will definitely need if they arise. At the same time, you can ask guests to bring useful little things with them..

Suitcase for the bride

And most importantly, the wedding portal www.articlewedding.com expresses your opinion: before proceeding to the training camp, make sure that the handbag is quite roomy and comfortable. Even if she’s Bolshevat, it’s okay, because the main thing is that she’s just next to her: for example, she was standing in the next chair, she was with her bridesmaid, etc. This will ensure the beauty and confidence of the bride and the ideal wedding.